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Charter school opposition flawed

February 22, 2013

I found the recent article about the League of Women Voters forum on the costs of charter schools interesting but was disappointed that while the forum included those against charter schools, it did......

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Feb-27-13 9:42 AM

Please look into the actual charter school started by Geoffrey Canada in the film Waiting for Superman. Mr. Canada was financed by Wall St and gets paid a $500,000 salary to cherry-pick the best 500 students out of 30,000 from failing public schools.

Start any admnistrator in Trumbull county with Wall St support and let him/her cherry-pick local schools for the best 500 students and he/she will produce amazing charter school results too.

These films are pure propaganda!

"Won't back Down" was a work of pure fiction, but claimed to be "inspired by actual events" from the start. Really? And I suppose we could claim "Field of Dreams" was a baseball film inspired by actual events because baseball is a real sport and the ghost players who came back to life were once actual baseball legends!

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Feb-27-13 9:23 AM

The elephant in the room is unaddressed. It's the ocean-wide gap between Yoder's defense of "failing" charter schools and conservative America's love affair with charter schools, as a quick fix for America's education problems. Blockbuster films "Waiting for Superman" and "Won't Back Down" for examples.

In both films public schools, specifically teacher unions, are America's biggest problem, and if we could just break unions and start charter schools all across America...problem solved.

Yoder's weak defense is a far cry from conservative America's pollyanna portrayal of charter schools.

Therefore, it is disingenuous to suggest superintendents and public school teachers oppose a limited role for charter schools in light of varying needs for special children (bullying victims or medically home-bound students).

Public schools are mostly opposed to politicizing attacks from the right that use our children as pawns in a fight for America's soul.

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Feb-26-13 2:44 PM

Mr. Haberstroh It is hard to believe all the spewing you are doing when you criticize Martha that her facts are wrong and you present your opinion as fact.

There is only one set of facts and she got them from the Ohio Department of Education. Those are the facts.

Since you are choosing to rebutt the facts where is YOUR proof? You have not cited anything. For a man as involved in education as you are, you should know better than come to the gun fight with a water pistol.

I rebutt what you say about....all costs, teachers, buses, etc. be on a one to one ratio to be factual. Have you eve heard of WEIGHTED FUNDING and A.D.M.? In both of those scenerio's 1 to 1 ratio's do not apply. These programs determine how to fund individual students based on needs. They are not cookie cutter approaches to funding. Educate yourself then come back for an honest debate!

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Feb-23-13 10:00 AM

All numbers came directly from the Ohio Department of Education website.

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Feb-22-13 6:23 PM

is increase spending numbers for the students left. You would have to have all costs, teachers, buses, etc. be on a one to one ratio for that to be factual. As far as whom sponsors charter schools and who has a say or control over their operations are again two different things. Lucas County ESC does sponsor approximately seventy charter schools with control over none of them. If you did some research you might have also found that Trumbull County public schools have offered choices such as online schools, alternative schools and even enrichment schools under their control individually and in consortiums only to have Columbus*****the funding out them. We see this in our Governors funding bill and the past two years with defunding of ESC’s for future elimination of combined services. Educate yourself then come back for an honest debate. Al Haberstroh

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Feb-22-13 6:22 PM

This article is a typical problem with people, newspapers, and Governors who read something and instantly become an expert. First get your facts straight before offering your soap box opinion. Your numbers for type of schools don’t add up but you insinuate that dropout recovery is a major source of students. Just where did you find facts supporting this opinion. The best charters don’t take anyone close to being a dropout call one and ask them. Ones that do succeed resemble more of a private school with public monies. As far as “It is taxpayer money for educating the children in their districts and is being used to do just that” might be your opinion but I would bet the farm that most voters who voted to pass levies in their districts do not subscribe to your belief. If that was the case why aren’t Charter schools free standing and self-supporting. Maybe you could also enlighten the public on how a student who leaves lowers the cost associated with a student. All it does is increas

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Feb-22-13 10:25 AM

Thank you so much for this thoughtful and reasoned piece. Traditional schools work for traditional kids, but we ought to respect and support kids that need something different. Instead of railing against charter schools (and their parents), these Superintendents and these organizations should better understand that we are talking about children and their needs. The way data has been twisted to meet a political agenda has very discouraging. Hopefully, you have helped enlighten people. Thank you.

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