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Warren man faces molestation charges

February 20, 2013

WARREN — A 29-year-old Warren man repeatedly molested a 10-year-old boy he was baby-sitting, often giving the boy a bath while exposing himself and groping the youth, according to an assistant......

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Feb-21-13 7:42 PM

Nmc, Usblues is an idiot among many other irritating and abrasive things but that is a very serious accusation. Id never accuse anybody of that without solid proof. Little out of line.

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Feb-21-13 7:27 PM

Exactly, you may not like someone's politics and philosophy but you should not accuse them of this type if thing without strong evidence. You need to man up and apologize!!

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Feb-21-13 5:59 PM

If you truly are that concerned with USBlues maybe you should voice your concerns to the webmaster. He in turn can monitor USB’s comments and report any concerns to the proper authorities.

But I think you are just trying to cover the fact that you made a completely unnecessary and childish comment. You’re not fooling anyone except yourself.

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Feb-21-13 4:53 PM

I would say you NMC have made comments about USB that are inappropriate and you need to stop. You have no basis for these comments and I would stop before you have legal action taken against you!!

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Feb-21-13 12:46 PM

I disagree AntDeb & GFG, racists and other hate mongers have always been at the top of the list for pedophilia, rape, molestation and other acts of anger & violent sexual behavior. I did'nt write that trying to be funny, I seriously believe we're dealing with a deviant in USB. I've been paying attention and assure you I'm not alone in my concerns.

As for anyone educated in my household working for anyone educated in yours USB, I find hilarious. You could'nt possibly know enough about me to make such claims. Furthermore you admitted to living with your mom so you don't have a household.

You and these imaginary children you raised live in a house owned & paid for by others. Which explains why you're so hateful towards President Obama & other blacks. You've already been diagnosed and found to be terminal in your ignorance...

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Feb-21-13 9:15 AM

NMC...that was a horrible accusation you need to apologize!!

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Feb-21-13 9:11 AM

Where's SNAPJudy? Oh, no money to be made here, so not a word from SNAPJudy.

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Feb-21-13 2:44 AM

NMC that comment was totally uncalled for. SMH

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Feb-20-13 1:42 PM

I hope everyone who allows their children or grandchildren to be watched by the loser of the family takes a closer look. It's unusual for an adult male to be watching, babysitting, or spending time with children that are'nt his own.

Did'nt you admit to being a babysitter for your sisters children USB? I suddenly fear for the safety of those children!

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Feb-20-13 12:03 PM

The perv's own mother and any other adult who knew his history and still let him be alone with the boy should be charged with child endangerment.

The only trustworthy pedo is a d__d molester.

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Feb-20-13 9:56 AM

The poor kid, having to go through all of this. Hopefully this pervert gets more than five years for what he's done. Doesn't surprise me if no one knew what he did in the Navy. String him up and keep him behind bars for many years to come.

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Feb-20-13 8:30 AM

So non of these people knew he was already a convicted perv? I would take a little more time before I trusted just anybody with my child. Not blaming the mother or others just wondering. This man should never see the light of day again, since this is his second offense. Time to through away the key. Hopefully Bubby will give him lesson in how it feels to be violated.

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Feb-20-13 8:26 AM

How sickening. We all know where he belongs, cause he was already a sex offender.

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Feb-20-13 6:37 AM

Just kill him. He will not molest again, period.

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Feb-20-13 2:25 AM

Another 'pervert' out among children..hope they put him away forever!!!

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