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Sewer help may be coming

Trumbull could offer loans for forced tie-ins

February 17, 2013

With septic and sewage-related complications mounting across Trumbull County, state and local officials want to take action....

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Feb-22-13 3:16 AM

They can't bring the prices down, how else are they supposed to get all of their kick backs????

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Feb-18-13 8:06 PM

Don't hate's simple. There's never an article written that these lame elected pigs can't be ripped for. Our county is empty, there's no industry, there's no infrastructure, the infrastructure that's left is crumbling, and they "happen to mention." They are complete idiots and couldn't manage a 50 cent piece... As for kasich...he is not my governor. Oh and fuda? Completely inept...

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Feb-18-13 10:56 AM

It is disgusting that the price of a tank has gone up with the forcing of people to change tanks as they buy or build a home in Trumbull County. I agree that sewer is the best way to deal with the issue, if sewer is feasible to run. Building or buying in some areas sewer is several miles away. The other issue is gooberments are broke due to lower wages, creating lower tax intake, high unemployment and the social leaches that just slurp the system dry. Upon buying a home in the country a few years ago, we found that sewer was a 1/4 mile away. Several of our neighbors and us got together and paid to have a half mile run of sewer put in place. It cost less then half of what the county said it would cost them. All in all most people paid 1/2 to 1/3 of what it would of cost for new tanks. Somebody inside the system is just lining their pockets.

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Feb-18-13 12:06 AM

No one understands why the cost has at least tripled over the last few years. Can someone explain why? It's a money maker for someone. People are forced to tie in or get new systems at a terrible price. It's an unfair practice especially in this economy. So political!!!!!

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Feb-17-13 8:24 PM

Cortlandguy, you related to Usblues/Marmel, forget the other usernames he has.

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Feb-17-13 8:23 PM

Problems since day one on this septic fiasco. A complicated and common problem. What I have to laugh at is people like cortland yuppy! No matter what the problem, who it effects what is or what isn't being done ... It's always an opportunity to sneak a jab in! Don't diasect every quote. So laugh away silly yuppy. Didn't see our governor, one of your heroes saying a word about the illegal brine dumping until AFTER LUPO was charged.

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Feb-17-13 10:55 AM

Yes what about the people like myself that live where there is no potential for sewer tie in , I live 200ft from the end of a city sewer and they won't even consider running it so we can tie in. The best part is I live about 1/2 mile in a straight line to the sewage treatment plant literally . I would rather pay a $2000.00 tie in fee then have to pay $25000 for a new septic ...... Which we do not need ours works fine and we cannot afford!!!!

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Feb-17-13 10:51 AM

This really drives me nuts! Here we have officials who have been in office long enough to know the issues and they still JUST DON'T GET IT! This is one of the singlemost largest stumbling blocks to home sales and home ownership in Trumbull County and the commissioner and representative act as though this was just brought to their attention! They are out of the loop. There are homes in nice neighborhoods that sit empty because of the septic and the sewer. IT'S BEEN THIS WAY FOR 5 YEARS!!!!! I don't care what your party affiliation is......if this is the best this county has to offer then we are in trouble!

Oh.........Nevermind. I forgot!

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Feb-17-13 10:41 AM

"Hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you. I've got good news and bad. The good news: The government is going to loan you money at zero interest, which is a stinkin' three percent below the market rate. The bad news: You're going have to use that borrowed money to spend thousands of dollars on a sewer tie in that you don't need or want. Have a nice day."

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Feb-17-13 10:11 AM

If you really want to help cut the costs of installing a new system.Why is it a sysytem that cost $3,000.00 a few years ago Now costs 15,000 and up>???Also you talk about interest free loans? What about the people who cant afford a system now matter the cost. This is just more goverment B/S.........................

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Feb-17-13 8:21 AM

The commissioners need to develop a plan to eliminate septic systems and run sewer liness all around the county. That would solve this stinky issue once and for all. Let the new sewer users pay for the new sewer lines in their bills over 30 years.

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Feb-17-13 7:47 AM

I don't believe a word Fuda says. He's a political chameleon and he's just riding whatever train he thinks will make him look good. I doubt he's had anything to do with this and if so, shame on him for JUST NOW getting around to it.

"I was in Columbus talking to officials ...I mentioned to them some of the problems we are having in our area with the septic tie-ins and OTHER ISSUES," O'Brien said." Considering the buzz around the state is all the corruption at the health department, I wonder if that was part of the "other issues" O'Brien discussed.

Whatever the case, let's hope that they come up with something better than the failed Link Deposit Loan program the health department's Frank Migliozzi likes to boast about.

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Feb-17-13 6:39 AM

I agree with both of you. This article is supposed to make Fuda and O'brien look good but anyone with just a little knowledge of this issue can see their lack there of. Nobody needs a loan! Everybody needs the costs to come down and the rip-offs to be discontinued!

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Feb-17-13 5:54 AM

Someone needs to be doing these tie-ins for a lot less $...(it ain't that big a deal)

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Feb-17-13 4:12 AM

Love that comment: "I mentioned some of the problems residents were having..." So obviously it's not a major concern of our elected "leadership!" County code/planning issue and the resident gets strapped with 100% of the costs... What forward thinking that shows! Just have to laugh...

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