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Congress can fix postal service mess

February 17, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: I am writing about the residential and business customers of the Youngstown and surrounding areas in light of the recent announcement that the United States Postal Service will be going......

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Feb-17-13 6:42 AM

"Five-day delivery would delay the timely processing and delivery of the mail."

I can wait another day for that junk mail which goes right in the burning barrel anyway. Now days, people get and pay their bills the modern way "Internet" and do not use the postal service. Need to write a letter? use your email. The postal service is lucky to be delivering 5 days when in reality it could go down to 2-3 days. The postal service should strictly concentrate on package delivery and compete with FedEx and UPS.

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Feb-17-13 6:57 AM

Get with the reality of today. E-Mail & On-line billing / paying has eliminated the need for much of your business. Not having mail delivered on Saturday means one less trip to the trash can with junk mail for me each week. Your postal services are going the way of the horse & carriage as they say. Sorry for you, but face the facts.

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Feb-17-13 1:56 PM

"I can wait another day for that junk mail which goes right in the burning barrel anyway"

Apparently her welfare check is direct deposit.

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Feb-18-13 9:18 AM

The USPS is the Feds premier affirmative action program and we the taxpayer, will be forced to foot the bill for this mess! Want to fix the problem? Eliminate congressional control!

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Feb-18-13 12:27 PM

The post office of the past is obsolete. With the invent of the internet, online bill pay, email, and yes, even Facebook the letter has died. Cutting one day, Saturday, out of the delivery I don't believe will effect much but as many have state, less trash. It is sad for many that have have worked and depended on their job as a postal worker for decades to loose their job, but I guessing 2/3 of those can retire. Ever see how old some of these people are when going into the post office the one trip a year you do go to the post office? I'd hate to see it become a private business, but we do already have UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc... that probable could do it just as if not more efficiently.

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Feb-18-13 12:32 PM

I believe many of the comments here are not factoring whole generations that do not even own a computer, who rely heavily on the postal service for payment of bills etc. Please think outside of your own situations.......

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Feb-18-13 2:05 PM

dstabt, will closing it one of six days in a week make a difference in service to those you describe? Will it make that much of a difference where it is sorted? Hold on brother, the sky isn't falling.

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Feb-20-13 11:50 AM

@Billdog your the one that said it was obsolete. and Yes it can make a whole amount of difference for the elderly or disabled people on fixed incomes that rely on pension checks or other supplemental income checks so they can do banking and have groceries for the remainder of the weekend. So if a check would be delivered on Sat as compared to Monday with someone with no funds, wouldn't that make a difference to that person? You bet!!! I've worked in financial institutions for the majority of my life and have seen firsthand the need and importance of Sat delivery. Please look beyond yourself and situation!

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Feb-20-13 11:57 AM

also, your comments about the internet and access to it does eliminate a couple of generations that do not have a "need" or want for home computers.

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Feb-23-13 4:38 AM

Not sure the postal service is doing a good job.I mailed a box on Jan.15,2013 to a friend in Texas,was sent priority mail. Guess what...I received the SAME BOX on Feb.16,2013. Postal service marked it UNCLAIMED. I called my friend and asked her about it, she told me she didn't even know there was a box from me (I thought she had received it.) Forget the post time I will use UPS.

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Feb-25-13 8:38 AM

oh, and by the way I'm not a brother but a sister. LOL

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