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We can’t just keep adding more debt

February 17, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: Why cut back on anything? I think everyone should forget there is such a thing as a credit ceiling, or a spending ceiling for that matter....

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Feb-21-13 7:11 PM

No money, but EVERY day there are 103 NEW FEDERAL employees hired, who ever said times are slow?

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Feb-18-13 1:22 PM

the leaches slurped the system dry. Both social and corporate took all they could get and gave nothing.

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Feb-18-13 1:21 PM

I said prior to the bank bailout, create a WPA with that money. The people would be able to pay the bank if they had a J.O.B. Instead money was given to banks to do as they wished. What a shame they used it to give themselves bonuses for bankrupting their vary own business and back to business as usual. Between the two bailout packages there could have been many jobs created that need to be filled. Our highways are littered, our cities are littered, our infrastructure is a shambles, our power grid is in need of upgrades, our schools need people to help monitor the halls and classrooms, our police need help on the streets, our firefighters could use help, vacant houses and properties across the country in disrepair and falling down, our parks need maintenance. The list is endless. Most (not all) now relieving public assistance would rather have something to do everyday, and even if they don't should have to earn their way. Instead we just gave and go no return on our investment while

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Feb-18-13 8:58 AM

I agree with samraree

Problem is will the economy improve enough to actually pay back the debt, or will the debt be forever on the backs of the future generations?

Government, in general doesn't know how to not be heavily in debt.

Even the "surplus", years of Clinton was as much to do with smoke and mirrors, as much as if a "realtime" surplus existed . . . but it was definitely a start.

No . . . I'm afraid the government doesn't have the will to go farther in debt and then to make needed cuts during the, hopefully to come . . . good times.

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Feb-17-13 4:30 PM

WHERE did Obama cut any debt? Cmon,,, be real here.

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Feb-17-13 1:54 PM

"Increase the contributions to social security"

Yea... the Racheal Madcows are out in full force.

Probably becaue they don't have a job or anything to do except collect a check.


Dey gerta pay der fairy share.

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Feb-17-13 7:03 AM

Yes, we can stop adding more debt. There are ways to fix the entitlement programs that require no more debt. Increase the contributions to social security and medicare for those making the six figure and higher salaries. Make the Richest 2% pay a little more in income tax. Stop fighting unfunded wars like Afghanistan & Iraq that Bush started. Make any war declaration include the tax increase to pay for it and watch the politicians duck for cover. Obamacare itself has cut the debt by $200 billion this year - less for those greedy insurance companies and hospitals. I am tired of hearing the Republicans, Tea Party, and Faux News tell talk about cutting the debt, blaming our great President Obama & the Democrats, and then supporting the know easy ways to fix the problem.

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Feb-17-13 6:33 AM

Invading and taking over Iraq for no reason did not help. Afghanistan was done all wrong up to 4 years ago and now it is winding down.

Also, spending more on defense than the next 10 countries combined does not help. This is were the problem mostly lies.

Also, The GOP Saying (drum roll please) "NO" to every job creating bill that would raise taxes and revenue also does not help the debt.

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