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Sat. 5:42pm: Budget cut warnings may prove harsher than reality

February 16, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Get ready for two weeks of intensifying warnings about how crucial government services are about to go away — including many threats that could eventually prove true....

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Feb-16-13 10:09 PM

"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday that she opposes a cut in congressional pay because it would diminish the dignity of lawmakers' jobs. "I don't think we should do it; I think we should respect the work we do," Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol. "I think it's necessary for us to have the dignity of the job that we have rewarded."---the hill

your politicians are more protective of their jobs and salaries than they are of yours.

who is the servant and who is the master here?

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Feb-16-13 10:11 PM

"It is the constant drop in the dollar's usage as a contract mechanism internationally. No one sees this but it is the Hammer of Thor on the head of the dollar."

The rejection of the USDollar in global trade will mean the end of the abused privilege in a currency turned toxic.

Its rejection is the marquee event in the financial world for 2013, following isolation.

It is unstoppable and all-encompassing, certain to have geopolitical consequences, as it alters the economic and financial landscape in harsh ways much like a band of violent marauders brandishing machetes alter the neckline of their victims. See the Tonton Macoute in Haiti. The greenback is cornered; it is done!

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Feb-16-13 10:14 PM

During a Google hangout Thursday night, President Barack Obama was asked about his administration deporting “record numbers” of illegal immigrations during his first term. His poorly phrased response sounded more like something you might expect from Vice President Joe Biden.

“This is something I’ve struggled with throughout my presidency,” Obama said. “The problem is that I’m the president of the United States, I’m not the emperor of the United States. My job is to execute laws that are passed.”---nowtheendbegins

obammy actually said that the problem we face is that he is the president. his solution would be to make him emperor. thats great. he's psycho.

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Feb-17-13 8:16 AM

President Obama has to deal with the NeoCon Republicans Congress and Faux News reports of the impending doom. In reality, you can not shutdown the federal government, and this is just another cry of wolf in the wind. This will be another victory for President Obama

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Feb-17-13 9:08 AM

Anything under the sun is possible. It S.U.C.K.S that lawmakers are not affected by their decisions. They should suffer furloughs and pay cuts as well as the public they serve.

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Feb-17-13 9:09 AM

And in the meantime, the divider and chief and the holy family are off on separate vacations this weekend.

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Feb-17-13 11:01 AM

We must heed Mr. Obama's warnings and not cut one dime from the federal government's 4 trillion dollar budget, otherwise.....

"...this city(nation) is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions... real wrath-of-God type stuff!...Fire and brimstone coming down from the sky! Rivers and seas boiling!...Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes!...The dead rising from the grave!...Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria!"

Who you gonna call?

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Feb-17-13 1:50 PM

Obama signed Off on this deal to start with to avoid coming up Once again with a Budget. He needed more time for re election then. Now the Holy Family is off Vacationing again on Our Money. Would like to see the Expense cost for this Week-End. You Poor people And Middle class which i am Don't Worry. obama is Looking Out For You NOT !! Mabey after he gets back from Vacation he may worry about YOU NOTTTT

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Feb-17-13 2:04 PM

"President Obama has to deal with the NeoCon Republicans "

Doesn't sound half as bad as dealing with retards.

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Feb-17-13 2:51 PM

Hows that price of gas feelimg to ya!


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Feb-17-13 3:37 PM

You stupid people. The president is on vacation because the Republicans took their ball and went home for 10 days. You didn't mention that fact.

Two words describe the problems in this country: Republican obstructionism.

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Feb-17-13 6:15 PM

Our good-for-nothing president deserves nothing except impeachment for being a traitor to the United States Constitution. Pelosi should have to pay for the jet that she did not need; and all raises and perks for the puffed up lawmakers should be revoked. ALL OF THEM SHOULD TAKE PAY CUTS IMMEDIATELY. These people are no better than you and I just because of their education or wealth or job description. They are suppose to put the good of the nation before themselves; yet they USE the tax payers for personal gain and power. What has happened to "We the People"? Still divided because of race. OMG Divided we fall...we must take back our country. Entitlements...those rich pricks on the hill think they are entitled to their raises and perks. THEY ARE NOT!! Even the sickening Obamas believe they are entitled to as many vacations as they want. THEY ARE NOT!! This is not a game. These people are ruining our lives, our freedoms, and our pursuit for happiness, while they live in extra

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Feb-17-13 6:18 PM

in extravagance.

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Feb-17-13 6:20 PM

May God grant the Obamas a miserable vacation!!

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Feb-17-13 6:22 PM

Sorry I just couldn't resist...I know we are suppose to pray for they..omg...I really don't want to...God help me I'd like to pray the president would disappear...

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Feb-17-13 6:23 PM

meant them not they How much I hate what is happening to the United States because of STUPITY but it's the stupid that are procreating along with the Muslims GREAT :{

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Feb-17-13 8:31 PM

I see you are out promoting Treason again unitedfortruth. You seem to relish and support the idea that the American dollar might be replaced as the worlds trading currency. Are you really so jaded as to want that to happen so that in your mind the American citizens will somehow be punished for not listening to your repeated hate posts. It truly is sad that you only have enough wisdom to be a P.I.T.A.

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Feb-18-13 6:49 AM

Im not promoting treason. I'm warning you of it occurring everyday. They even go on your tv and act like they are helping you.

About the dollar, I dont want it to collapse. It would be chaos on a scale unseen before. However, when one looks at history and sees why other fiat currencies have failed....we're doin all the whys my man.

I view everything as "we the people". thats just how I am, its how I was raised. the people and individual liberty come first...always!

i would gladly defend not only my individual liberty, but my neighbors as well, including yours. thats just the way it is.

however, what good does me defending your liberties do anybody, if you are too scared to defend your own?

politicians/lawyers are destroying the country. period.

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Feb-18-13 6:52 AM

the signs are all there my man. i am not relishing or supporting the destruction of our currency in anyway. never have i said that.

what have been doing is trying to get some of "we the people" to see that is the road we are being taken down.

im here yellin..."Hey! Americans! Let's get off this road!"

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Feb-18-13 7:07 AM

The sequester was what Obama wanted, now he acts like he never heard of it,

The politically challenged poster's to this article are best exemplified by reading "ihatetheblues" comments.

Need I say anymore.

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Feb-18-13 8:14 AM

The sequestration does not actually reduce government , it only reduces the RATE OF INCREASE in government spending.

Since the campaigner-in-chief won't stay in DC and govern, but instead, chooses a never ending series of road trips to promote his purposefully divisive transformational issues, the sequester is the only game in town to at least slow down the RATE of increase in federal spending.

It is apparent that no one inside the beltway has any interest in trying to live within any budget constraints.

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Feb-18-13 11:13 AM

There now see how easy that was for all of us from different political spheres to come together in agreement. LET THE SEQUESTER BEGIN. It is a GREAT BI-PARTISAN piece of legislation passed by the Democratic Senete and by the Republican House. Let's start with those 50%/50% budget cuts and move on to other areas of debate like immigration reform and gun show registration laws. Lets get Hagel confirmed and on the job over at Defense. He is for cutting the defense budget anyhow so this SEQUESTER thing will just make it easier for him to accomplish his goals. Kinda Cool how everything is coming together here.

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Feb-18-13 12:41 PM

Russia is buying gold up like there's no tomorrow. The Markets being at an all time high is a mirage. They are being falsely propped up. And when it's time the plug will be pulled on its own. Read up on your rights or lack of them in the occurrence of martial law.

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Feb-18-13 12:48 PM

First6 thing that needs cut is the cyber warrior program. That way we won't have to listen to DOS anymore. He will be forced to think for himself and as a result have absolutely nothing to say.

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Feb-18-13 12:51 PM

Cut the umbilical cord from Obama’s arse to Dos’s (reallytiredofit) mouth.

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