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Some win, some lose

Enrollment numbers

February 14, 2013

Enrollment numbers at area colleges have been fluctuating. Youngstown State University has seen a recent decline in student enrollment, down 5.3 percent this spring from spring 2012....

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Feb-15-13 7:07 AM

Resistance and Georgejetson, doesn't your comments parallel what President Obama said in his State of the Union Address?

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Feb-14-13 7:05 PM

Lazy people on welfare win, good people that actually go to work everyday lose.

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Feb-14-13 2:00 PM

I absolutely disagree with CCaddy. I can think of at least two professors at Kent Trumbull who have won statewide awards for their teaching. I know of another who is also an excellent teacher,is internationally known in his field of study and won an national award for his scholarship. A fourth professor that I know is genius at coaxing out the best in his students and his students honor him with their work in the community. These are just the examples I can think of off the top of my head. Kent Trumbull is an excellent value and provides an excellent education.

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Feb-14-13 1:40 PM

I got an associates and bachelor's degree from ksu trumbull. Back in the day (when i got my associates) it was actually a really good school, just as good as the main branch. Lately their quality has really fallen. They resemble university of phoenix rather than an actual university, really focusing on making these mindless online classes rather than an actual person to person course. I'm glad i got my bachelor's, but i admit it was pretty easy, and i didnt really even learn anything.

If anyone is thinking of going there, i would recommend ysu or the ksu main branch.

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Feb-14-13 1:39 PM

If YSU was as interested in educating the students as they are in separating them from their money, they might not have their enrollment numbers dropping. Student advisors who tell students to take courses that they don't need while they neglect to tell them about classes that they do need. Professors who are not available to help students. It's all about money at YSU, not the student. YSU's enrollment number drop is self-inflicted.

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Feb-14-13 12:58 PM

I agree with resistance in that going to a trade school or 2 year college to learn a vocation such as nursing, phlebotomy, surveying, estimating, paralegal, HVAC repair,etc. is a viable option. Not everybody is college material. Free up the financial aid for those that truly belong there by going to a school where you learn a trade, get good at it and you can make a decent living.

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Feb-14-13 9:17 AM

Student loans was the best . . . and the worst thing to happen to students.

The loans meant a lot of kids could get into college, but it also made students viable targets for almost unabashed tuition increases by colleges.

This ends up leaving students with ever increasing loans to pay back for their education and an ever more likely chance that competition for good jobs increased dramatically.

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Feb-14-13 9:13 AM

The expense is only part of the problem. The real problem is that there is no guarantee of a job when you graduate.

When I was going to YSU, they changed the name of their "Job Placement" department to "Career Services," and I remember hearing all kinds of high and mighty proclamations from the ivory towers that "you students are not coming here for a job (such a dirty idea), you are coming here for an education!" Wrong. You go to college for one reason: to get the necessary education needed to get a good job, a good career.

Bottom line: If you want higher enrollment, raise the percentage of graduates who find full-time work in their field after graduation. Otherwise, these kids just spent four years and a boatload of money to get a piece of paper, and to end up with a part-time minimum wage no-benefit job at the Mall.

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Feb-14-13 7:55 AM

Student loans have to be paid first of all.

Second, keep raising tuition rates and see how enrollment continues to decline. I don't think YSU takes that into consideration with all the other educational institutions in the area. Yes, make college education affordable.

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Feb-14-13 6:09 AM

Yeah, YSU costs a FORTUNE to attend.

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Feb-14-13 3:48 AM

The cost of college has reached a point where young people wonder if it's worth it or not. They can't go ask to borrow the money from their parents as Romney suggested during his campaign and graduating with $100,000 or more of debt as you start your first post-college job is not good and makes college unaffordable. Make college affordable again and they will come.

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