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Bristol stays perfect with win over Jackson-Milton

Boys basketball roundup

February 13, 2013

BRISTOLVILLE — The Panthers picked up their 20th win of the season as they breezed past Jackson-Milton, 75-36....

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Feb-16-13 3:45 PM

Name says it all "wayicit" should actually be spelled wayIcit, with the emphesis on the capital I... It's all a conspiracy!!

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Feb-16-13 10:34 AM

No victim here-- just someone who knows the truth about the character of these so called leaders

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Feb-16-13 9:49 AM

wayicit.... I believe your so called "villians" have better things to focus their energy on.... Really?!?! Always the victim... Phesh....

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Feb-15-13 3:37 PM

Winning causes people to over look the anonymous letters, threats, bullying and lies. Still going on . That's the kind of leadership Bristol wants?! This is the qualities that should be passed on to the kids? All because you have wins.

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Feb-15-13 2:20 PM

Those so called "villains" only wanted a chance for their kids to be a part of a winning program. Scooby-Doo lacked the work ethic, leadership skills and coaching ability required to produce a winning program.

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Feb-15-13 9:56 AM

NAC and D4 had competition then. Scooby Doo didn't know the villians he way up against in Bristol!

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Feb-14-13 10:21 PM

I beg to differ there wayicit. Scooby-Doo was given a shot at coaching before the current staff took over and they weren't winning.

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Feb-14-13 7:28 PM

Negative comments are not being said about the players. They work hard point is they would be getting wins if Scooby-Doo was coaching them. The NAC is down.

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Feb-14-13 12:17 PM

This is a comment for all of the "naysayers" and "wishful downers". The Bristol boys had to have the desire to play hard and give their all as a team and as individuals to achieve their accomplishment thus far ! They are succeeding in important life lessons. "DO YOUR BEST. GIVE IT YOUR ALL " To you solong, Observe them,Pay attention and you too can achieve goals instead of making excuses why you didn't.

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Feb-13-13 6:28 PM

What the Bristol boys have is heart. Something some of these haters seem to be missing. Oh well, think what you want because your opinion doesn't really matter to any of us Bristol fans. The boys have been dealing with jealous people all year long. They know how hard they have worked thru the summer and this season and that is all that really matters. They have earned what they have right now and that my friends is a 20-0 season. As far as the coaching goes, from what I have seen these young men are giving hours upon hours of their time to other peoples children. The boys play great for them because they have a respect for them as do the coaches respect these boys. Solong: go ahead and make your opinion of someone from hearsay and then put it in writing...apparently you are running with a crowd we don't need in our neighborhood. Leave our kids be and go watch the teams that you think are going to whoop us. We are just a community enjoying the success of their children.

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Feb-13-13 5:14 PM

Unreal that grown adults can't give credit where credit is due. Regardless of ANYTHING, these boys and coaches have spent COUNTLESS hours preparing for this season- and all you can do is criticize! solong, you've got to be kidding me, the starters have sat out more than half of MANY games so as to not run up the score. I suppose it's the coaches' fault that all of their players are well conditioned and can hang with every team? "Hearing" may have been where you went wrong, why don't you come and check them out yourself before making rude and ridiculous comments? Congratulations to EACH AND EVERY member of the Bristol Basketball team!

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Feb-13-13 5:00 PM

Haters are gonna hate.... Sounds to me like these Bristol Boys have a lot of people talking. All I'm gonna say is GREAT JOB BOYS!!!! Keep working hard! Sounds like a great coaching staff & a great bunch of kids to me!!

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Feb-13-13 1:43 PM

The easiest thing in the world to do is criticize. These coaches have a more important job than winning basketball games, they have the task of teaching resposiblity, work ethic & accountibility. Winning games is great but I'd bet they would rather see successful men in their community & people others can count on later in life. The reality is they are not coaching NBA talent, these are small town kids learning some skills & winning basketball games along the way! Sure beats sitting around doing nothing more productive than insulting people who are spending time away from their families to teach some pretty important life skills to young people.

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Feb-13-13 11:43 AM

Across all 4 divisions, they are the only local team ranked in the AP poll.

Congratulations to Bristol for all you have accomplished thus far and good luck going forward!!! You have a lot to be proud of!!

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Feb-13-13 11:37 AM

I thought I would just congratulate this good team but I am confused by the comments. As I understand, this is a group of boys that are 20-0, the coach rotates 10 or 11 players each game, and you are criticizing his style. How many parents sit and hope that their child gets into a game when he is the 9th or 10th man and he never does? Everyone is getting a chance to play. Are there any coaches who prefer to use their non-starters who have worked hard at practice and earned those spots during a game? I am very confused.

I have seen interviews of these young men and their comments consist of “we work hard at practice” and “we play one game at a time”. These are hardly the words of obnoxious, boastful individuals. They are a good team from a small school, with a great record and deserve respect for their record and their hard work. They won four games last week so they must be in pretty good shape which is a credit to the coaches and the boys. Across all 4 divisions, they are

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Feb-13-13 11:06 AM

20-0 record, The staff must be really pathetic....

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Feb-13-13 10:34 AM

I would be the last person to stick up for the staff but have seen a few of their games. They play 10 players in and out and the only reason they don't play 13 is because the JV kids only have 1 quarter. They aren't as good as their record indicates, but rather the level of talent they have played. They will have a rude awakening come tournament time. Windham and Mcdonald are far superior than the undisciplined Panthers. No fundamentals whatsoever.

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Feb-13-13 9:37 AM

Bristol's varsity coaching staff is pathetic.

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Feb-13-13 8:42 AM

Solong - I went to a couple of Bristol games this year, and did not see what you’re talking about. Their coach has a very deep bench and rotates them out continuously - that’s how his team keeps up such a fast pace. I’ve been around the game long enough to have seen more than once a 20 plus lead get erased in a heartbeat, so I don’t blame any coach for keeping his best players in until the outcome is in the bag. Nathan Kish of Maplewood is one of the classiest coaches I’ve seen in a while, and he has nothing but good things to say about Bristol’s coach. To me that says a lot.

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Feb-13-13 6:36 AM

Hard to root for Bristol after hearing their coach does not understand how to rotate his players after building big leads. I think it is great the year they are having and rooted for them all year until hearing this from other people. You have to respect your opponents for who they are. Paybacks can be he!!.

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