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State should restore some local funds

February 13, 2013

Despite expectations the state will enjoy a budget surplus at the end of the current two-year fiscal cycle, Ohio legislators may not feel they can afford to reverse all the cuts made in state aid to......

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Feb-15-13 4:21 PM

You wouldn't remind anyone of anything. That explains why you're a FAILED "consultant" leeching off of eveyone. Bot on all you want, but you do not, have not, and will never contribute to society.

You're welcome.

Now, say thank you.

Like anyone wants analysis from a cyst.

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Feb-14-13 8:05 PM

I would remind the Tribune that they backed Kasich for Gov. Now he's playing a shell game with our money.

Every one of you who voted for Kasich and are now complaining about levies, or cuts in services, or bad roads, or not enough police, fire and EMS workers, need to remember that when you go vote the next time.

Yes, the "State" has balanced it's budget, but at what cost? Local Schools had their budgets drastically cut in the 2011/2012 budget and they're not getting that back in the 2013/2014 budget. Local communities see less revenue sharing of local taxes resulting in cuts to their budgets, and starting in 2013, have lost the estate tax revenue they've always enjoyed.

The latest ploy with the new budget for schools is nothing more than a vote buying bid by Kasich prior to the next election.

It's time to get this Wall Street SHILL out of office.

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Feb-13-13 4:59 PM

Oh Defeat, the ideas that the right keep pounding their drum to get the few, the stupid and the uneducated to to blow horns right behind them. It's amazing the same schmucks that cry they can't make a living are the same that keep backing the backdoor deal. It's like watching the insane rally around a post all day. They can't get anywhere, but blame their shoes.

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Feb-13-13 8:16 AM

The president said it in his speech last night -- corporate profits are at their highest levels ever, and capital is just sitting there, on the sidelines, because NOBODY wants to buy/build anything they can't sell.

There should be a MASSIVE investment ininfrastructure, creating guzzzzzilllions of jobs right now.

We squandered $10 Billion a month for years fighting two wasteful wars; when are we going to spend even a portion of that level on something productive?

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Feb-13-13 8:12 AM

If your goal is to "starve the beast," why would you prolong its misery by throwing it a bone?

Restoring money cut from local budgets is NOT what the Koch Brothers' game-plan ordered.

The idea is to make it harder for poor people, in particular, and the general public, in, well, general, to participate in our society -- insuring that the "have's" and "have-more's" in fact HAVE and HAVE MORE!

The thoroughly discredited notion that you can cut taxes to stimulate the growth of businesses (otherwise known as "trickle down" or "supply side" economics) continues to live its persistent little existence in spite of all the evidence that we see all around us, namely that DEMAND creates jobs.

AND, in times of weak demand, the GOVERNMENT is the consumer of last resort, priming the pump to get things going.

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Feb-13-13 5:02 AM

The Republicans care not about anyone or anything except getting that 20% income tax cut to the Richest Ohio taxpayers while using the regressive sales tax to hurt the poorer people in Ohio even more. On average, the Richest in Ohio will save over $10,000 a year in state income taxes while the average middle class person will pay $200 more in sales tax. This is just not right!

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