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Mon., 7:49am: Q&A with Mike DeWine on Steubenville rape case

February 11, 2013

Editor's note: The rape trial of two Steubenville teens is set for March 13....

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Feb-12-13 9:56 AM

This is an adult crime and these rapists should be charged as adults. This juvenile court handling is still a kid glove slap on the wrist even if they are found guilty. The rule should be that if you commit an adult crime you do the adult time.

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Feb-12-13 6:45 AM

Was in wweirton last year just after this happened. Guy told me an incredible story of a rape and cover-up that I thought could not be true. Well as everything is coming out it seems he had the story dead on. What is missing now is the relationship between the prosecutor that recused herself from the case initially and one of the accused, it was her son. Many details and actual pictures and videos were said to be deleted while the police were refused access to the school. All these facts from a guy who said he knew and I thought at the time was nuts...we shall see....

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Feb-11-13 9:48 PM

Could you imagine the absolute agony this family would be going thru right now if the reason she was raped by multiple people was because shes white??? It would be terrible.

That wasnt the reason she was raped thank goodness its not as hard to deal with as it could have been ya know?

Plus, all the rapists should be feeling thankful they picked a reason to rape this girl outside tthe"hate" crime law so their sentence isnt too long.

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Feb-11-13 9:23 PM

I mean, admittedly I dont know details of the case, but its not like this girl was made to suffer thru multiple rapes because shes white in skin color. these guys just took advantage of a drunk lady who was unable to fight for herself from what it sounds like. Thats not as bad. Or the people who stood around, some actually filmimg it, thats not "hate" these things are more like honest mistakes...these are more like accidental crimes instead of "hate" crimes. So, we should all be thankful for that.

Since this isnt a hate crime, a year in jail or so and some probation should be good.

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Feb-11-13 9:06 PM

Too bad, if these people are found guilty, that this girl and her mom and dad arentsnt able to charge the these sick whackos who put her thru multiple rapes with a "hate" crime. They would get a longer sentence if guilty is the ruling

This is just a normal multiple rape though, so a lesser sentence would be warranted.

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Feb-11-13 5:36 PM

Did he answer any of the questions? And yes welfare proud we all know rape is rape.

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