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Mullet gets 15 years

February 9, 2013

CLEVELAND — Denying he ran an Amish cult, the 67-year-old ringleader of hair- and beard-cutting attacks on fellow members of his faith in Ohio was sentenced Friday to 15 years in prison, while famil......

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Feb-09-13 1:57 AM

Another example of the waste of tax payers money....Whens the last time anyone heard of a black person going to prison for killing another black person as a hate crime or white on white.

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Feb-09-13 1:59 AM

Killing would be a bad example but the points the same.

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Feb-09-13 5:52 AM

If the mullet man would have hired a better lawyer he may have done a lot better but he did not so he saved a lot of cash but hes paying for it with a lot of time looking out from behind cold steel bars .In lucasville that beard will not serve him well.He will be the new toy on the cell block.

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Feb-09-13 6:32 AM

Most Amish are not what they claim to be. They are con artists that hide behind the bible, as good people. An I'm not talking about the young ones either. They will lie to you with a straight face, like they are telling you the truth. I personally know two that are high up in the Amish community, they hold church services for their sect. They are both liars and thieves, this I have seen many times. The think that their driver vehicle is theirs, and will thrash it and act like they didn't know. Their just down the road or just around the corner is usually 10 to 15 miles away, when they want a ride somewhere. That's their way of trying, to get a free ride somewhere. I would not want either of these two scum teaching my kids or preaching to me whats right.

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Feb-09-13 7:30 AM

If a woman can and will go to a land far away and fight and die WHY cant an amish MAN do the same?

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Feb-09-13 7:52 AM

The appellate court won't uphold this. This wasn't a federal issue or a hate crime, both of which are considerations in an appeal.

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Feb-09-13 8:05 AM

This guy will have this over ruled on an appeal. This just does not fit a Hate Crime description.

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Feb-09-13 8:51 AM

Mullet ran a religious cult. A cult is a hate crime organization, thus the hate crime convictions will stand.

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Feb-09-13 9:02 AM

He can cut my hair and save me a few bucks. THis is another example Government misconduct.

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Feb-09-13 9:04 AM

Churches can require you devote your life to their church(to God), as they practice religion and churches can excommunicate you if adhere to their doctorine.

The world made it through the Catholic inquisitions, America made it through the Puritans.

Churches(as I see it), are in the business of controlling people for their own good on their pathway to Heaven. I also think it's often a perverse partnership, as we've seen many times . . . the religious leader is like unto a god(not God) to the "flock".

Instead of popes(multiple), sending out armies to defeat other Popes in the name of God, here, we have a bishop waging war on other bishops by physical abuse of their "flock", intimidation or sufferage of one sort or another.

This can't stand in an America that believes in freedom of religion . . . true and complete freedom of religion.

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Feb-09-13 9:04 AM


In America, you don't have to agree with your religious leader . . . and your religious leader CAN'T DO A #@$%!#$ THING ABOUT IT . . . except to

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Feb-09-13 9:05 AM


In America, you don't have to agree with your religious leader . . . and your religious leader CAN'T DO A #@$%!#$ THING ABOUT IT . . . except to "SAY", he/she doesn't want you in "HIS" church.

But this isn't even about "HIS", church. Now, he wages war on other churches not even in "HIS" dominion.

And, forget the Amish for now . . . what if this involved Baptists attacking a Cathlolic church to destroy "statues" (not EVEN "touching" actual Catholic worshipers?

This incident(s) was an attempt to deprive American citizens of one of the most basic foundation of our constitution and it had to be addressed/prosecuted.

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Feb-09-13 9:53 AM

If anyone is guilty of a hate crime and violation of constitutional rights it is the feds. The Constitution protects us all from cruel and unusual punishment, some that the equivalent of a death sentence for doing nothing certainly is. The Constitution also provides for a fair trial by a jury of one's peers. How many Amish were on the jury? Polster should be impeached; Dettelbach fired; and the Amish freed.

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Feb-09-13 10:12 AM

.....additionally, anyone still wearing a mullet should get 15 years.

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Feb-09-13 10:43 AM

HAHAHAHAHA Purecountry, There is absolutly no difference between the Amish and every other religious organization, includeing yours. If Christians followed the teachings of Christ there wouldn't be any need for churches. It was organized religion that Jesus fought against. It was organized religion that had him crucified. It is organized religion that is createing all the tensions in the world. Christians vs. Muslums, Muslums vs Jews. It has never stopped since the first religious thought formed in mans mind.

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Feb-09-13 10:47 AM

The Amish have a cherished book called Martyrs Mirror which chronicles the bitter sacrifices thousands of Amish men and women made for their faith during their terrible persecution in medieval Europe at the hands of hate-filled government agents. The hate-filled federal judge and federal persecutor in this ugly persecution have just added Bishop Samuel Mullet and his devoted followers in Bergholz to that long list of Amish martyrs and placed the US Justice Department in the same category as these terrorist witch hunters. Polster should be impeached; Dettelbach fired; and the Amish freed.

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Feb-09-13 11:24 AM

All religion is man made and designed to pull the people in. I agree with really one hundred percent. Organized religion had it in for this man from the beginning.

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Feb-09-13 11:27 AM

15 yrs. is entirely too much.what kinds of stupid laws do we have in this upon law upon law.A -hole legislators get to the capitol and consider themselves great if they create some stupid law.layer upon layer of friends we live in a police state and do not even know it.welcome to orwells 1984,pass the soma

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Feb-09-13 11:59 AM

Warren proud. It's not illegal to run a cult! And if what your saying is true, then every domestic situation that involves violence is a Hate Crime, or two guys punching each other out over difference in opinion on a sports team. There is a certain amount of Hate in all crimes and even Legitimate organizations. What Miller did was wrong, but surely if He really HATED the victims worse I'm sure could and would have happened. I hate Crime, even Hate when the government abuses its power, as in this case.

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Feb-09-13 12:31 PM

This is simply a misapplication of the hate crimes statute. Another example would be hate crime charges when two guys of the same race are fighting and call each other racially offensive names. I saw it explained better but no two people of the same religion, sexual orientation or race attacking each other is a hate crime. A hate crime is attacking another because you hate their religion, sexual behavior or race. USB commits hate crimes almost daily on this site!

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Feb-09-13 1:25 PM

iam so angry with the justice system on this if he wants to cut hair then for god sake ive been needing a hair cut and beard trim for a wile and other people charge to darn much hmm i wonder if i could make a deal 15 years of free hair cuts sound pretty darn good to me... and before you all go jumping my case this was a funny post i wasnt serious thx

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Feb-09-13 3:06 PM

Who knew the penalties for Aggravated Barbery were so steep.

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Feb-09-13 3:13 PM

HE DID say he would take the rap for all of te rest so we will see if so.

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Feb-09-13 3:38 PM

Aren't most organized religions simply a form of a cult? You are told what you can do, not do, how you must believe, how you must worship, who you must worship, where you must worship, and even when you must worship. I know I will get slapped around for this comment. But think about it for a minute. In a smaller form, all organized religion has some sort of cult following and method of operation.

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Feb-09-13 4:29 PM

This is rediculous, 15 years for cutting a beard or beards?!? For god sake, Cassey Anthony killed her baby and please don't tell me she had nothing to do with it, and she got away with it! We got drug dealers that go in for a weekend, get a slap on the wrist and let back out, thieves that just get a slap on the wrist also. What's wrong with our government (justic system)? If they wanted to cut the peoples beards then so be it. It's their way of life! This is way out of line and I don't care what anyone says. All these people that get caught with stolen guns and have felonys already, what do they get? It's all about the money... Sorry!!

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