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Fiasco at Windham could cost JFK its season

February 8, 2013

John F. Kennedy could be facing further punishment after walking off of the court Tuesday night in a game at Windham High School....

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Feb-09-13 4:03 PM

Harding and in the stands by me they were putting their students down oh rich snobs blah blah, and on jjhuddle they were putting JFK people down. I dont count putting gville people down bc thats our rival and all that spouse to hate them. But most windham fans are quick to judge other fans. I mean dont need to put other people because they want to send their kids to a good school like JFK or whereever else. Because ill be honest right now, if my parents came to me in high school and said you want to go too JFK id say yea. Or even other schools harding,nf,labrae,howland.

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Feb-09-13 3:58 PM

Bomber: Actually I did go to windham graduated in 06, no our fans never threw anything. But where i was siting they were yelling stuff but noting extreme. I didn't trash windham in my last post; just stating the truth every game basketball game i go too. Windham fans not all of them but some are so fast boo the officials or yell. Just how i feel when i go to games, and traveling omg the other team in a windham fans mind travels every time they go to the basket. To me thats annoying, if they knew the game so good apply to be a coach or official. If they can call a better game apply to be a official. But i will say this about the game the officials let the game get out of hand they did lose control of it, because you could just feel something happening like it did. Im not putting down all windham fans, just some act like that. As to what Solong said about going to a game at windham or gville, yes windham fans are quick to judge other people. I remember when JFK beat us the one year at

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Feb-09-13 12:46 PM

Bomber u state: "Until JFK gets quality people to direct their kids". How the*****do u know anything about any of those people and the quality of people they are. U certainly don't know them so quit acting like u do and making blind, ignorant judgments. Give it up.

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Feb-09-13 11:39 AM

Yesterday what does my having talked to your coaches or AD have to do with their actions during that game? What does my stepping out of my community have to do with the actions of your coaches. Do you always stick to the facts? Lol.

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Feb-09-13 8:36 AM

Bomber. I would almost guarantee u have never even spoken a word to a JFK coach or any administrator/AD. Have u even stepped foot outside of your community? The world is a diverse place. U should join it sometime. Get over it.

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Feb-09-13 6:35 AM

Steeler fan you state your a Windham Grad. Nice try. Your no Windham Grad. You had me going for a minute. Lol. You forgot to say that you seen something thrown at the JFK kids.The coaching staff needs dismissed. The AD needs dismissed. Until JFK gets quality people to direct their kids there will be a black cloud hovering over their program. I can clearly see why JFK is black balled from joining a Trumbull county league.. Its too bad for their student athletes.

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Feb-08-13 10:41 PM

Reader: I was at the game sitting behind the JFK bench. Now i graduated from windham few years ago. I have to be honest i can see why the JFK coaches were mad im sorry im prly the only windham person that feels like this. Every time JFK just touched a windham player foul they were quick to call JFK, yea people will say well in the first quarter windham had 8 fouls JFK 9. But too me they were quick to call JFK, i mean how about the time when the windham player held the JFK kid from getting the rebound and they called JFK for holding. The JFK kid was boxing out and the windham player grabbed the JFK kid kept him from moving. But the one JFK fan that went on the court i dont know if i should say his name. His son plays on team tho, and he got hurt in the game. Oh yea another thing about fans, windham fans cant really talk yea they say oh we show class yea they do to a point. But they are the only fans i know that LOVE to complain about the officials if its not going windhams way LOOK OUt

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Feb-08-13 2:20 PM

Basketball is not Golf--There are no 'Quiet Please' signs at a Basketball game.

I have noticed that referee's today seem to be thin-skinned. The calls in basketball are not cut and dry. I have watched college games in person where one referee will see it different than the referee that made the call. EX:Ref: I clearly saw who last touched the ball, at that point the call should be changed.

It's difficult to be a referee and most States are in need.

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Feb-08-13 1:19 PM

Really, it doesn't appear that it was the kids on either team that was the problem. And that is the shame of it all. They came to play. And that they did. It was some fans and adults who don't know how to behave with dignity and respect to the players, the refs, and the sport itself.

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Feb-08-13 10:55 AM

After the dust settles, its the Referee's actions that was the reason the game was not completed.

This game could have easily been completed.

It's true that Windham and Warren JFK have had a great rivarly and it definitely should be continued.

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Feb-08-13 10:23 AM

The Ref being restrined was the Ref that was grabbed by a JFK fan. I am not a JFK "hater". I really don't care what team was out on the court. The point is, this all could have been a non-issue if the JFK coaching staff acted with Class and dignity. Nothing was thrown at anyone at any point of the game. If that would have happened, I am sure the person throwing something would have been removed.

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Feb-08-13 9:25 AM

I would hate so see JFK's season come to an end. The kids on the JFK team will be punished for the coaching staffs actions. The kids on that team played hard, kept there poise and only followed the directions of their coaches and athletic director. If I was a players parent on that team I would be fuming over their actions. I do not want this rivalry to end. I hope JFK and Windham continue to play each other not only in basketball but other sports as well.

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Feb-08-13 8:56 AM

Solong: you "hate JFK"? What are you like 12 years old? You're talking about kids.

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Feb-08-13 8:43 AM

What I do not understand is how was the current Head Coach allowed to be the current Head Coach when he was let go years ago for his behavior! I believe the AD needs to do some explaining !

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Feb-08-13 8:41 AM

Solong: WOW! Hate is an awfully strong word. You are talking about kids. GROW UP!!

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Feb-08-13 8:39 AM

Reader: Any fan seen as a threat to players or officials should have been removed from the facility and the game resumed.

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Feb-08-13 8:35 AM

Where do you see the fan grab the ref in the video? I see the ref having to be restrained and pushed off the court by another official. There were many people on the court other than players. The players were already in the locker room. In the video you see the JV players following the varsity players into the locker room. It does not show what was occurring during the game to the players. What you saw or didn't see is clouded by the fact that you are obviously a Windham fan and JFK "hater".

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Feb-08-13 8:27 AM

You will also notice that nothing was being thrown at the players, nothing was being yelled at the players. The players were not running into the locker room as if they were scared. The JFK Coaches were frustrated and so angry at the referees, they did not want to play anymore. You can also see a female JFK fan talking to a Ref and a male JFK fan grab the arm of another Ref. So before you go ripping on the Windham fans, take a look at your JFK fans that went onto the court to complain. This all would have been a non-issue if the JFK Coaching staff, would have just sat there with the mouthes shut after the first Technical foul. Heck, before the Ref's called the first Technical, they warned the JFK bench twice! I was there and couldn't believe the Coaches would not stop complaining. There is no one else to blame for this escalating to this extreme except for the JFK Coaching Staff. I am sure after a review of the tape and talking with the Ref's the truth will come out.

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Feb-08-13 8:26 AM

Yes, a referee's well being is just as important. He is there to be a referee not be physically abused by anyone. Fans do not belong on the court. Why was anyone on that court besides the refs and the players. Were the refs roughed up or not? By whom? Once you put your hands on someone in this type of situation, it escalates the problem.

Like I said discipline is important. In high school and up, discipline means making grades, conditioning all year, attending practices, working on your skills, being a team member. And to have it all taken from you because some people do not know how to act at a game, go onto the court during a game, and rough up referees is not acceptable. You know who you are. Shame on all of you.

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Feb-08-13 8:02 AM

You can watch a video of this inceident on recordpub****. It begins within seconds of JFK's coaches having the players go into the locker room. A full timeout was called when JFK went to the bench (you see the timeout clock running in the video) before going to the locker room for the safety of the players. You can also see the refs leaving the court within seconds of JFK leaving the court. This whole incident happened in less than 90 seconds. Wish the video would have ran longer because you would have seen JFK players return to the court within about 10 seconds. It's amazing that the safety of referees is more important than the safety of kids. Thank you to the coaching staff for keeping our boys safe!

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Feb-08-13 7:32 AM

READER. The article says they were going over the officials reports. I hate JFK but I defend them in this situation. I have been told by several that going to Windham and Garrettsville is humiliation for everyone by the way opposing teams and fans are treated by the fans from both schools. Maybe it is time the league and OHSAA investigate this mess.

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Feb-08-13 6:02 AM

I know you talked with individuals from both schools from the two articles on the story. Did you talk to the referees or is that part of the OHSAA investigation? At least one fan came onto the court during the game from the previous article. Who was that and what school did he/she represent?

Perhaps it is just not board members/trustees in various communities who do not know the rules of the game.

One thought--discipline is remembering what you want.

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