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Hagan fires off at EPA director

February 6, 2013

YOUNGSTOWN — State Rep. Robert Hagan on Tuesday reacted angrily to the environmental threat caused by the disposal of drilling brine into a storm sewe....

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Feb-08-13 9:46 AM

Somehow, if there is as much money to be made here as they say, I think if we chase out companies that lie, cheat, and steal, one that is ok with making a little less profit to do things the right way will come in.

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Feb-08-13 8:55 AM

What? I was being serious. Ban the fracking and let them do it somewhere else. The best thing to do is let Warren go in the direction it is, thing are getting better and doesn't need a new industry. The manufacturing will come back.

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Feb-07-13 12:37 PM

Can't beleive there aren't more comments on this dumping story. Then to top it off number of comment questioning Hagans involvement..

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Feb-07-13 8:23 AM

This is just the start of a long battle with fracking! I sure would like to see Hagen appointed as watchdog for every fracking in our state. Hold on folks - this is just a small beginning!

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Feb-06-13 8:38 PM

Ok. I'm wrong, guess Hagan doesn't care... But at least he's yelling and screaming getting attention to this problem! I would never trust EPA. by themselves to conduct a thorough and complete investigation.

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Feb-06-13 7:01 PM

I foud out that all parties concerned were notified on Friday, Fire Dept, Water Dept.and so on. Hagan is just Grandstanding on this. T EPA and ODNR are cleaning up the dump site. Hagan is just trying to get in on this and doesn't know the facts. He is always getting his facts wrong and it's time for him to do something in Columbus rather than stirring up people here.

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Feb-06-13 6:49 PM

Obviously someone punched you in the head factsonly! Next are you going to say special K, our retard governor will fly in to save the day? Hagen showed concern from day one on Buisnesses like these goons Taking a Dump in our back yard.

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Feb-06-13 4:18 PM

The epa has been addressing this since Friday, even "Shabloney" says the epa is doing their job, I guess Hagan needed some press time, maybe someone should punch him in the mouth, wait a minute, that already happened didn't it?

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Feb-06-13 2:15 PM

Okay, this guy's company got caught this time. What about other events that went unnoticed? This is a bit more problem-some than disposing of old tires ...... You'll be reading many more issues of law breaking events along with the long term fall out in the coming years. Don't kid yourself as to what the real consequences will be ..........

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Feb-06-13 1:48 PM

Although this situation makes me sick as well, there is nothing to report until they complete their investigation. What does Hagan want lies to fuel is hate and discontent of everything. I'm not a fan of the injection well business, but this has nothing to do with either injection wells or drilling. It is contempt for the laws that do not allow this. Dumping pollutants in the middle of the night under orders of the owner is criminal and he should be locked up first then fined of his entire wealth.

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Feb-06-13 12:46 PM

Hagan is an idiot! Why would the Ohio EPA have to keep him informed! It's a criminal investigation. They're not going to give information out for political propaganda.

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Feb-06-13 11:47 AM

Newton, your an idiot!!!Why don't we put some brine and oil in your drinking water maybe it will bring some sense to you!!!

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Feb-06-13 11:18 AM

Newton, you are a moron. Duh! As long as it means jobs, duh, I don't care.

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Feb-06-13 10:32 AM

We are surrounded by beautiful lakes and rivers. I would hate to see them trashed along with peoples drinking water.

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Feb-06-13 8:49 AM

Yeah, you get them! Just go ahead and ban fracking all together. You're getting paid, so it's ok. Keep all the people in the Mahoning Valley struggling when there is an opportunity to bring jobs and wealth to the area. But what's MOST important is that you get to grandstand and YOU'RE getting paid, so good job!

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