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Criminal probe under way (video)

Cleanup continues at sewer and river sites

February 6, 2013

YOUNGSTOWN — State agencies are conducting a criminal investigation into how more than 20,000 gallons of waste water containing crude oil products ended up in a Salt Springs Road storm sewer and......

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Feb-07-13 6:27 AM

The person/people who did this should be faced with the same end result by forcing them to swim in the waste disposal then get to take a big drink of that fresh water supply afterwords. Then make sure to take a hefty fine and force it to be applied to purifying the area to the best possible degree to the standard it was before or better. Do not allow any loopholes and please do not have a 5 year debate as to what should be done...make the first offense harsh enough to almost put them out of business with a wealth percentage fine not something easily paid then back to business as usual.

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Feb-06-13 7:34 PM

Any more Quakes near McDonald injection well since it was shut down? Seriously, anybody?

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Feb-06-13 6:27 PM

Make an example out of Mr. Lupo. Spill intentional or accidental was bound to happen eventually. This incident is inexcusable, to trendy for companies today, grab the cash dump the trash.

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Feb-06-13 5:58 PM

Yes, and their was also a song "Living in the Promised Land" by Willie Nelson. We are far from being anywhere close to that. People's health and safety must be the number one priority over everything else. Money is the driving force but our health will take a back seat to their priority. Wake up citizens as this will not fix it's self over night ...

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Feb-06-13 5:11 PM

This must have been caused by all that over regulation that the radical Republicans keep complaining about.

Kaysick was told that there was more inspectors and regulators needed and he said no. NO? Kaysick said NO? hard to believe a Republican would say no to this and say Yes to polluting our community. I am not against fracking but it must be managed in a responsible manner and Kaysick and his Republican Administration clearly have failed. Oh, how surprised we all are.

Welcome to the "Promised Land" was there not a movie made with this name?

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Feb-06-13 3:28 PM

He might be one of those folks that needs to see the inside of a jail cell to figure it out.

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Feb-06-13 2:58 PM

Causing earthquakes as D&L did and dumping some 40,000 gallons of toxic waste into fresh water supplies are acts of terrorism against the whole community and should be treated as such. Why is this criminal outfit still in business and why is its terrorist CEO still not behind bars?

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Feb-06-13 2:11 PM

Money before life? I agree with that one! The state has risked everyone's life for the money. What you don't see will eventually create yet another disposal of this toxic liquid. You can NOT watch over this on a minute to minute basis. What you don't know all ready is how many other events have happened and gone unnoticed? Not much that can be done .......... now. Your children will be the ones to suffer highly in their future. SAD - SAD - SAD

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Feb-06-13 1:52 PM

OK here’s a good idea, if you dump the waste water then your company is closed. No fines, no 2nd chances.

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Feb-06-13 1:36 PM

Ben will pay a small fine and do business as usual. He is all about the money. It's sad to think that some people have the ability to put money before life.

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Feb-06-13 1:13 PM

Ben is in a whole bunch of trouble for giving the go ahead to making the dump!!

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Feb-06-13 12:55 PM

If it is determined that this was done on purpose the people responsible should be given a death sentence!! I guarantee the rest of them will think twice before they do it!!

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Feb-06-13 11:13 AM

Why should we "trust" them. Maybe if our state legislature would pass laws that have significant jail time, not just fines, then I would feel more comfortable about this industry. For all you whackos who rip Hagan, and all the people that post that regulation need updated, here you go. OH! Jobs at all cost. Who cares if our kids, and grandchildren end up with cancer and blood diseases.

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Feb-06-13 10:51 AM

Fracking is safe and the payoff is great! You know, it took how many years to figure out that the area had higher cancer rates than other parts of the country? The steel industry polluted waterways with PCB's to the point that fish grew three eyes. This new found fame will be different from days of the past. What you can't see will hurt you in the end. Cincin is right. This is just the beginning to a much more dismal situation going forward .......

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Feb-06-13 9:25 AM

They're just getting started. Wait until the wildlife start mysteriously dying off and people are able to set their drinking water on fire.

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Feb-06-13 9:19 AM

Lupo's network of companies have shown they are not good corporate neighbors and are not to trusted. One must wonder how many times has Lupo thumbed his nose at the public and the State since the Youngstown SWIW (salt water injecdtion well) was closed. All existing Lupo projects and SWIW's should be inspected immediately by ODNR and all new permits applied and not granted as of yet should be summarily rejected under Lupo's management. Responsible drilling and proper disposal in non residental areas are welcomed in this region. Those who violate the State and public trust due to deliberate illegal action that threatens the environment and health of the public should not be permitted to continue to operate. All expense to clean up, fines and jail time would send a clear message.

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Feb-06-13 7:02 AM

Ben Ben Ben. This is a bad actor. I cannot imaging how/why he is allowed to keep doing business.

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Feb-06-13 6:52 AM

I just don’t get it. We all know that fracking will poison our water supply. And we know what fracking does to other towns. And if we have not learned this already, that politicians are corrupt and well take money to cover up things. What is it about fracking no one understands? Job today, kill people you love tomorrow. We have been proven time and time again that when we find something new it will not harm us. And then later we find out oooops it does harm us. But we as a people allow it time and time again. Even when we know it is not good for us. We always believe the powers that be to protect us and they don’t.

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Feb-06-13 6:32 AM

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Feb-06-13 5:41 AM

Frackers are again proven not to be trusted. Putting 20,000 gallons of this deadly waste down the drain for it to run into the river is exactly what you can expect them to do when they are out on your property. They don't care about our environment or following the rules. Again I say Fracking will be an environmental disaster because the only thing the Frackers care about is $$$$$$$$. I hope some ones including the owner go to jail for what they did here.

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Feb-06-13 5:28 AM

And this is why some of us are opposed to fracking. Not saying that I think this would be a regular occurrence, but that is pretty terrible--even if the Mahoning river is already dirty.

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