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Tue., 9:21am: U.S. home prices rose last year by most in 6.5 years

February 5, 2013

WASHINGTON -- U.S. home prices jumped by the most in 6-1/2 years in December, spurred by a low supply of available homes and rising demand. Home prices rose 8....

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Feb-06-13 2:28 AM

elusive bush was the president 6.5 years ago. in fact he was so bad, daffy duck could have gotten elected president in 2008.

i just cant believe you voted to reelect daffy in 2012.

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Feb-06-13 2:24 AM sorry, you're right, i forgot.....and im insane. my bad man.

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Feb-06-13 2:10 AM

when the bond market goes, the govt takes your retirement. its all has been set-up for quite some time.

of course, thats just my opinion. a crazy whack job like me really has no idea. im just a lunatic spewwing doom and gloom.

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Feb-06-13 2:07 AM

'Severe' Danger Looming In Corporate Bonds: BofA...cnbc

"A jump in interest rates could spark an unruly exit from the $12 trillion corporate bond market, according to a new analysis."

i've been warning for months and months on here about the bond market crashing when interest rates are forced up.

of course, im just a conspiracy theorist nut job who is looney tunes and takes wild guesses to be all doomie and gloomie.

must of got lucky on this one by more than a year before your tv financial network figured it out.

its all coming together....but im guessing.

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Feb-06-13 12:03 AM

The numbers are misleading, I paid 265K for ha house 5 years ago and put 30K in improvements into it. It has been on the market for almost a year now and I am only asking 240K and still cannot sale it.

Anyone interested?

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Feb-05-13 8:35 PM

"Who was president 6.5 years ago?"

Who is the idiot that doesn't understand Clinton caused the sub-prime housing bubble?

Oh.. Eldouchive.

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Feb-05-13 4:22 PM

United, at this pace I'll never be able to move out of the slums, oh well.. happy living in my Chrysler mini van. Still have my health and SANITY!

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Feb-05-13 2:46 PM

More great news! Who was president 6.5 years ago? Anyone?

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Feb-05-13 1:39 PM

United, if nothing else, I agree numbers are misleading. At least in this area there absolutely is no shortage of homes on the market, and price is up? Of course it is!! Real estate peaked years ago, then crashed. I don't honestly know about the rest of your theory united, guess we ll find out.

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Feb-05-13 12:11 PM probaably wrong. im probably just a nutball conspiracy theorist that has no clue. im just taken wild guesses here.

i mean, there is probably no chance the upstanding, honest, peaceful, middle class loving, American heroes like the ones we have in Washington would ever do anything that would hurt us like steal, lie, con, or manipulate us in anyway. after all....they're elected.

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Feb-05-13 12:06 PM

excuse me, 3.5 trillion IRAs.

The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was set up in 2010 in the Dodd-Frank Bill. They are going to be responsible for it.

I mean, why do you think they want to know who has the guns and want a ban on your bigger guns?

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Feb-05-13 12:04 PM

let me tell you all whats coming...

your govt is broke. they are selling bonds/t-bills, that nobody in their right mind will buy, to only the Federal Reserve. The Fed then prints a bunch of money for the govt to spend.....because THEY ARE BROKE!

the only thing left for the govt to steal is the the rooughly 18.5 trillion Americans have in savings accounts of which 35. trillion is IRAs and 5.1 trillion is 401(k)s.

they are going to take that money and replace it with T-Bills at 1 or 2%. its coming.

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Feb-05-13 11:54 AM

it too is roaring inflation.

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Feb-05-13 11:53 AM

"When housing began to simmer back in 2002, prices were rising around seven percent a year, then eight percent in 2004 and a stunning 12 percent in 2005. At the time, words like "bubble," and "unsustainable," were uttered with every monthly reading. No one had seen home prices soar like that since the mid 1970's. Historically, prices nationally rise about three to four percent a year. The market was clearly too hot, and by 2007 it had reversed dramatically, with prices falling nationally for the first time in history. Fast forward to today and the housing recovery.... Barely a year in, home prices rose over eight percent annually in December, according to a new report from CoreLogic."---cnbc, title Housing Already Shows Signs of a New Bubble

who couldnt tell? LOL! we just crashed from this bologna. the entire market is like this. there is no reason for any sector to be as high as it is. its all inflationary.

the DOW is going above 16,000. it too is r

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