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Mother speaks out on abuse (video)

Says son’s suicide linked to actions by Brother Baker

February 5, 2013

AUSTINTOWN — An attorney for 11 former John ....

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Feb-18-13 6:41 PM

NO ACTUAL PROOF, yet we believe an adolescence 20+ memory. Has sensationalism turned into our oxygen. Please disengage all critical thinking while you bring your seats to an upright position and fasten your seatbelts

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Feb-15-13 9:12 AM

I am so close to this situation it is frustrating. First of all this all allegedly happened 20+ years ago??? If and I say IF this happened mercy and support from my heart goes out to the victims and their families. But, I truly don't believe all 40 or 60 coming forward were victims. Only God really knows. In this economy, one needs to use critical thinking here. Also, the ages of "victims" ranges between 14 and 18. Isn't 18 a consenting adult? No one questions the main victim, Munno. How old was he? His nephews currently attend JFK. Why do this now? With the details I know he had to have been a senior at the time. But I know its not proper to question details like that.

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Feb-05-13 10:07 PM

Ditto... to CrushedSoul

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Feb-05-13 4:15 PM

Our hearts are with this hurting mother.

For information about our monthly SNAP Support meetings in Youngstown, please contact our Youngstown Area SNAP Leader - Jerry Arnal, ph- 330-718-6226; jerryarnal@yahoo****, Our next meeting is Sat. Feb 16th. Victims, family members, and supporters are welcome to attend these confidential self help group support meetings. ***********youngstowntruth****/

Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, snapjudy@gmail****, 636-433-2511 SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)

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Feb-05-13 4:14 PM

This is so horrifically sad... Bro Baker was allowed to destroy so many innocent lives, including the extended family members of those he sexually abused. This mother is to be commended for speaking up about her son. Hopefully she knows that it was not her fault and she is not alone, it was the fault of Baker and those church officials who enabled, empowered and covered up his crimes.

Child sex abuse thrives in secrecy and secret systems that allow it to continue to this day, so hopefully anyone who has knowledge or may have been harmed by Brother Stephen Baker, will have the courage to come forward and contact the "police", not the church officials. They are not the proper officials to be investigating child sex crimes.. Also keep in mind your silence only hurts, and by speaking up there is a chance for healing, exposing the truth, and therefore protecting others.

Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, USA, 636-433-2511. snapjudy@gmail****,SNAPNetwork

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Feb-05-13 1:09 PM

It's sad that our media is so desperate for negative news that they would hold a press conference for this woman to make all these accusations with no prof, evidence or indication that the two are connected. Like I said when the first 11 were awarded money, "How many will be running for the pay out?" I agree with Bear, the family of Baker should be filing a slander suite. This woman looked completely ridiculous on the news last night. Grasping to blame somebody, anybody for something she can't understand why it happened. I sympathize with her pain, but blaming someone that can't defend themselves is pretty desperate. So is the media for allowing it to be circus.

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Feb-05-13 12:44 PM

As a victim of childhood abuse and a mother of four my heart goes out to this Mom. I can't think of anything worse including my abuse than losing a child. More than a dozen of victims of Brother Baker have come forward. I am thankful for the courage of these victims and I hope that this encourages any others who may have been harmed by Baker to come forward so that they can be begin to heal. Becky Ianni snapvirgini@cox****

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Feb-05-13 12:22 PM

question for zipcityboy: who covered up the crimes? every single one of the victims stated that they didnt tell any adults at school. just like this woman, you are making an accusation with nothing to back it up.

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Feb-05-13 12:20 PM

wow, no proof at all, nothing to suggest brother baker had anything to do with it, but she's telling everyone he did? i feel more than bad for the pain this poor woman went through, but if i was brother baker's family, i'd be asking a lawyer about a lawsuit for slander. to make charges like this woman did with nothing to back them up is the definition of slander.

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Feb-05-13 10:58 AM

While I have no way of knowing if Baker had anything to do with this particular family, she is right about one thing...victims extend beyond the young men. The impact that this situation has had on families is heartbreaking. While knowing the whole story has filled in a myriad of unanswered questions, mending broken relationships will be a long, if ever, process. Money cannot help that; I don't know what can.

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Feb-05-13 9:19 AM

While like any other rational person, I find what Baker did was horrible and monstrous, and I cannot even begin to imagine the pain a parent must feel who has lost a child to suicide, this woman has absolutely no proof whatsoever that Baker had anything to do with her son's suicide. Anyone can call a press conference for any reason, but for the Trib to publish her unfounded accusations, all based upon hunches and gut feelings, is edging towards sensationalism and irresponsible journalism.

I will never defend what Baker did, but this is turning into a free for all. Come on and all, line up, blame everything on a man who is no longer here to defend himself, sign here and get your money, no proof needed.

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Feb-05-13 8:25 AM

Baker abused this whole family, as he did scores of others who were working hard to pay the private tuition so that their sons could attend a catholic school, and get sexually assaulted and eventually commit suicide. How monstrous! And the monsters include all those who covered up these grave crimes against children and youth.

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Feb-05-13 7:45 AM

We all know Brother Steve was a guilty sick person, What happened to this young man ending his life is also tragic, but I am beginning to wonder is , since this preestine newspaper continues to run with this story of Brother Steve are more people coming out to exploit the possibility of obtaining some sort of a cash payout.

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