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Traffic cameras do save lives

February 3, 2013

DEAR EDITOR: Eleven years ago, our daughter was killed when a man disregarded a red light and broadsided her car at an intersectio....

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Feb-06-13 2:07 PM

I'm not it complete agreement with the statement "traffic cameras can save lives". I do believe that most people if aware of traffic cameras will slow down and obey traffic laws. These are the same people whom have always been traffic law minded. On the other hand there's the people who could care less about traffic laws or laws in general. I'm in complete agreement that traffic cameras are beneficial to police departments. They allow police officers to engage in stopping more serious crimes. I remember a number of years ago when Girard installed their traffic cameras. There was no questions about who was being cited for speeding. Everyone no matter what their status in the community was could be cited. That was a problem! These people were more concerned with themselves then the safety of other people. Traffic cameras or not, there is a speed limit, follow it.

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Feb-04-13 10:27 AM

Paul and Sue, my condolences, however, I see no argument what so ever in your letter to support your claim. In your example and claim all a camera would do is deem fault after the fact. I personally don't want a bunch of cameras watching my every move. I just don't think it is necessary or needed. Those that break the law tend to be not so bright anyhow. Cameras are not going to make them smarter.

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Feb-03-13 1:39 PM

i just dont know how a camera would be abls to stop someone from running a red light and slamming into anybody? i mean, exactly how does a camera save people from dying in traffic accidents.

i mean, mybe if the camera is set back about 40 yarsd from the intersection and when it sees a car going to fast towrd the intersection after the light turns red it sets off am alarm that raises a 6 foot iron wall thats 3 foot thick in a half second to keep the car from running the red light and instead smashes into the iron wall.

that idea is expensive though and would also cause a traffic accident.

so, i am left clueless about how cameras stop accidents.

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Feb-03-13 10:55 AM

Hello, I'm the guy impatient people beep at the split second the light turns green. I never assume just because my light turns green that no one is trying to beat the red light to my left, right, or turning left in front of me. Actually, I presume just the opposite, I fully expect some self absorbed idiot who is either in some big rush, or distracted, or impaired, or just plain old stupid, to come careening through my right of way at breakneck speed to get wherever it is that is so important to them. I don't need a camera to tell me that people run red lights. It's really very simple, when your light turns green take a sec. to look at the lanes where danger may be.

More Big-Brother is not the answer. Safety is a personal responsibility.

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Feb-03-13 10:07 AM

Since the above opinion on traffic cameras includes no statistics on just how many lives are saved, it is just an opinion. Though I grieve for the parents, all a camera would have done in their case was to catch the tragedy on film. Wouldn't have prevented a single thing.

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Feb-03-13 9:25 AM

Research the data before making a decision or passing legislation on the subject of traffic cameras.Take the time to read the study on line done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety,the special issue on "Red Light Running" then make an educated decision on the matter. If the City of Warren or any other community does indeed pass this legislation, it may just save one or more lives and it may be yours.Everyone with the authority to pass this legislation with the facts in hand,must search for the courage to consider the passage of it based on the facts and not by pressure applied by those that did not. It may even work out where drivers will slow down, obey basic traffic laws,see the beauty of downtown Warren and stop,shop and get a bite to eat. Just get the data and facts available to you then make your own informative decision.

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Feb-03-13 8:44 AM

Well, I suppose it can be realistically argued that at the least po(as in poor), people might more heed traffic lights . . . cause they really can't afford the tickets. But that more economically set citizens wouldn't need to worry much since it's only about money and no points on a person's license.

Actually, I think that most people who go through red lights(not all, just most), do so because they get caught in that no-mans land at the wrong time.

At least a camera might get more drivers to SLAM on their brakes.

You want to REALLY make intersections safer?

Get more . . . many more of those cross walk indicators that count down to the next red light. I love intersections with these type cross walk indicators.

BUT, of course, these cross walk indicators cost money and they don't generate money . . .

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Feb-03-13 8:38 AM

Well then. We need cameras in every car to catch every infraction. That is the only way to stop all those crazy drivers out there. Really? You people keep relinquishing your individual lives to those who find new ways to infringe on them. Stand up for yourselves! People run redlights! People rob stores! People drink and drive! Perhaps there is an endsocopic camera you'd like to subject yourself to? Ensuring that EVERYTHING you do is monitored to be a "good citizen". People, en masse, are stupid and indvidualistic and no camera will ever change that. In Raleigh, NC the cities are taking them out because they are being found to have improper timing relative to lights and the the cases are being challenged and defeated. The DON'T work!

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Feb-03-13 7:37 AM

I am in favor of traffic cameras. It is not extortion to enforce the laws. As for raising revenue I would much rather have law breakers pay more than have wages and other sources of income be taxed at higher rates.

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Feb-03-13 7:25 AM

Cortlandguy and warrenproud, you two need to wake up. Are you two of the ones who continually shoot through red lights. Rt.46 and 422 in Niles are two of the most dangerous roads around for people shooting through them. It is terrible. This past Friday a car shooting through the light in front of Home Depot went in front of a delivery truck out in front truck and*****near got smacked. It would have been nasty if had happened. There were vehicles everywhere and snowy roads. Camera would have nailed that jerk. You people need to get off your high horses. Wonder how you would feel if someone shot a red light and hit or caused an accident with you or a member of your family. Something has to stop these people before they do hurt someone.

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Feb-03-13 5:26 AM

Traffic cameras are only revenue raisers. They do not save any lives.

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Feb-03-13 2:32 AM

Traffic cameras are about revenue. Period. While the death of any motorist is always tragic, cameras do nothing to curb individuals who make mistakes, lack attention, etc. At the end if the day they simply are a means to extort money from drivers by municipalities that no longer have the staff to enforce traffic laws.

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