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Man killed in shooting

February 2, 2013

YOUNGSTOWN — A man was killed in an East Side public housing project late Friday morning and police are trying to find out what he was doing there....

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Feb-02-13 9:35 PM

I will give this one a shot. Agghumm. They were over there looking for drugs? Just a guess, maybe, could be a reason.

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Feb-02-13 5:15 PM

AND, I do not think the hide behind the no comment routine is limited to just poor of ghetto people. It goes clear up to the higher income and higher social status people as well. There are plenty of people on the higher end of life who would do that same thing,,, " I saw nothing " If anything, they may be MORE likely too. They have more to lose than the poor person living in the hood as you call it. It is not a poor or rich issue. It is a justice issue.

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Feb-02-13 5:10 PM

Hi nomore,

You are correct. There are indeed good people out there. Not all hide behind the " I saw nothing " procedure. I do not think it is a small percentage, i feel it is a fairly good sized group in my opinion. You and I can agree to disagree on that point.

As far as the cops protecting them. That is somewhat my point. The justice system has turned into a revolving wheel of thugs who play the system, plea bargains, paroles, probations, and they simply get away with crime over and over again. You are right, maybe the cops have some fault in not protecting the " snitches " But the system keep providing the thugs with a way to continue on, causing fear. Would oyu stand up and say. " yep that punk shot that guy with a 9 mm " KNOWING that punk may be out of a lesser charge or on parole while you still live where you do? Maybe you would, maybe I would, many would not. So yes nomore, I agree, the cops may be at fault, but the problem is bigger than tha

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Feb-02-13 3:27 PM

Artic while you're somewhat correct, that behavior is only indicative of a small percentage of folks in the hood. You can't seriously believe all poor folks are uncooperative or want ghetto foolishness.

This trait is mostly found among 20 somethings & criminal types. Folks I know prefer law & order to violence & mayhem. I also believe many who don't cooperate do so because cops won't protect them or protect their identities.

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Feb-02-13 1:16 PM

All these people who see no evil, hear no evil, and therefore never speak any evil - even anonymous tips - deserve the environment they help create.

We don't expect anyone to become vigilantes, but we do expect that they use their obama-phones to drop a dime on the hood rats destroying our towns.

If one is unwilling to become part of the solution, then one is a definite part of the problem.

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Feb-02-13 12:12 PM

I need new fingers or a new keyboard,,,,darn typos,,, LOL

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Feb-02-13 12:11 PM

I agree American, I wish it would go like oyu stated. If you look at the cooper thieves article, THAT is what the area needs. More people stepping up to report crimes and criminal activity. But it never fails, when it comes to drugs, shooting or whatever. The locals all say,,," Not me, I saw nothing." I understand they do that out of fear of revenge from the thugs. But the system does not help the citizens at all by letting the thugs pretty much play the justice system to thier advantages.

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Feb-02-13 11:32 AM

ArticWoof i guess it was wishful thinking!!

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Feb-02-13 10:01 AM

" Now hopefully police will catch the shooter and put him in jail. Be like a two for one deal."

I would like to agree with this comment, But reality will go more like this. All on the street will say, " I saw nothing " Anyone actually caught will say, " I did not do it " Then lawyers get involved, and the thug decides to plea bargain down to a lesser charge, then gets away with a serious crime. THEN, goes to court, the judge says you get a light sentence for plea dealing to a lesser charge. Oh, then they get probation, back on the street. Or, of they do go to jail, get out on parole within a year or so. Gets caught for parole violation after they get out,,, and the cycle starts over, and over, and over.

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Feb-02-13 9:24 AM

one out of three , not a good marksmanship rating.

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Feb-02-13 8:42 AM

'We're trying to put together how they ended up where they did,' Foley said.

Same reason all the other "out of towners" end up over there. Trying to score drugs. Go looking for trouble and you will find it.

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Feb-02-13 7:38 AM

Sadly, this news coming from Youngstown makes me ask myself..."so what's new?"

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Feb-02-13 6:32 AM

Get rid of the projects and you will get rid of most of the crime in Warren.Where there is low income housing there is trouble.

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Feb-02-13 5:10 AM

Yep, drug deal gone bad. Pity the police who have to figure out who done it.

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Feb-02-13 4:38 AM

you mean to tell me that warren beat youngstown in its first murder, just goes to show you warren is getting worse,but not worse then youngstown almost equal though

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Feb-02-13 1:50 AM

Title of the the article should have been "Druggy shot and killed". Now hopefully police will catch the shooter and put him in jail. Be like a two for one deal.

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