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Restaurants, retailers and police put on game face

February 2, 2013

While football fans across the country recognize Super Bowl Sunday as the biggest sports day of the year, local retailers, restaurants and law enforcement are also anticipating a busy weekend....

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Feb-03-13 5:54 PM

Yep well said Pook, I think Zenith and Spectron are two fat losers who snarl and make negative comments whenever a handsome guy drives by in a nice car. Never seen 2 rdnecks so easily impressed, jealousy is a feminine trait bro, maybe they both need a beating from his dominate black wife, Ha-Ha-Ha

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Feb-03-13 5:37 PM

Oh Little Man..go away!!

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Feb-03-13 5:00 PM


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Feb-03-13 3:27 PM

This got to be the dumbest dispute in Trib blog history. A day later and still this is not over? Go watch the game, you people lives are so miserable you coming here to rant and argue the next day because somebody don't like sunrise food?

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Feb-03-13 2:49 PM

i don't think the restaurants mentioned here-hot dog shop,sunrise,etc...don't even pretend to be places for upscale cuisine.every food place has it's critics from the top on down.and from the venom that comes from some of your posts it sounds as if you have an axe to grind"nomorecrap"you must be a delightful person to be around sunrise should add a burger named after will be called the "full of yourself obnoxious burger" ..

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Feb-03-13 1:44 PM


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Feb-03-13 12:05 PM

I like the term food snobs dude but some of the other stuff is insane. Zen you reveal yourself as a poverty stricken low class bum when you described the Sunrise as "GREAT". Good maybe but not GREAT. Who said anything about a lizard being a insect, do you even see the comma or know it's purpose? Of course not cuz the Sunrise is the best you can do for yourself. Hey Spectron how dumb are you to marry ANY woman with 7 kids? and your ultimate dinner is the Hotdog shoppe? Nobody will believe you own anything with your ultimate dinners eating hotdogs. You're probably the idiot seen getting ordered around and head slapped by his black wife. Only submissive cuckold white dudes seem to marry black women, why even reveal so much about yourself defending Sunrise? You're the dumbest of all so go get spanked! And eyes2 did you start all this for a laugh or to see how many idiots you could rile? Antdeb don't take it personally cuz it's all just a bad joke gone bad.

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Feb-02-13 9:50 PM

Nor do I want to, lol.

Sunrise ain't what it used to be. Same thing with the Hot Dog Shoppe. This is due to this Currency thing, which isn't at all their fault.


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Feb-02-13 9:45 PM

That picture of Chico isn't the best but that is one hard working guy. He probably puts in more hours than anyone I know.You can't beat their meat.

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Feb-02-13 9:44 PM

Again eyes ..grow up LITTLE MAN!!

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Feb-02-13 9:36 PM

Silly me, I forgot something. You are NOT the only one with whimsical riches in life. Despite you rhetoric I have many attributes that bring mega pride!

My black wife is so wonderful in every aspect of life. We meet with online dating some fifteen years ago. Good thing I had a handle on it

I have seven step children of which six live in properties that "I" bought on a numbered street so they wouldn't have mortgages! It's all good as they NEVER complain ........ We sometimes indulge in the ultimate dinner at the Hot Dog Shoppe. You are a despicable human being with a severely demented mind with mind let alone cause! ! Kudoos Bro!

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Feb-02-13 9:27 PM

How can you talk about fine dining in Warren and not even mention the Hot Dog Shoppe?

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Feb-02-13 9:23 PM

@antDerp, growup....hahahahahhhahahahahaha

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Feb-02-13 9:23 PM

@antDerp, hahahahahahhahahahahahha

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Feb-02-13 9:06 PM

NMC is pretty much the same old same ole when it comes to encompassing a reliable reputation. For those who even take a matter or respect. NMC you remind me of an individual that has a bad case of diarrhea. YOU JUST GO WITH THE FLOW! On another point, a lizard is a reptile and not an insect. The varmint must have crawled off your acquaintance. Your right, you haven't big enough balls to criticize anything let alone your ability to bolster your own misfortunes. I have known many losers in life and you rank right up there in the top two! Mugga Fugga ...... your own words make you simply a POS, that too goes with your diarrhea penmanship form that you've accused me of infiltrating. I laugh at you because you are not worth laughing with! Koodos azzwhole ..........

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Feb-02-13 8:25 PM

Eyes said:"I love to grate people for the cattle they are." Well Eyes...At least others are are a pig. You are a poser you try to act like you have class but sadly you don't. Grow up put some big boys pants on and stay off the comment section. We don't care what you have to say..little man!!!

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Feb-02-13 8:17 PM

@eyes You are a person with no class or breeding.

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Feb-02-13 3:18 PM

I had no idea they were prize winners for their wine Eyes. I don't actually drink much but will sip from my wife's glass when we're out. I may take her there near Valentines day. With all this talk of fine dining I'm building up anticipation that may not wait till then :-)

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Feb-02-13 3:09 PM

Ok Savj1c, you're absolutely right. I suppose I'm so used to being falsely accused on this board that I'm too quick to declare & prove my innocence.

You're also correct the look of a place can be deceptive. There is such a place I recall in Key West. Very rustic looking, roosters walking around outside, a bright yellow dirty looking stone structure but the food was fantastic.

What's more bizarre we saw a strange insect about 4" long & fat slowly crawling down the wall. I went nuts until my wife reminded me in tropical climates lizards, beetles & bugs of all kind are as common as flies up north.

It was a great experience, we rented scooters to get around, was surprised to see a "hood" 3 blocks from the Hemingway House. Yet we rode our scooters unafraid, at night, with money, made friends (not in the hood) and never had problems anywhere, a really good time...

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Feb-02-13 3:08 PM

Hey NMC, if you like a quality bottle of wine, 5th season won a top wine rating for their cellar from Wine Magazine. Actually, one of the best cellars nationwide.

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Feb-02-13 2:44 PM

Judging by the level of anger here today several of you could do well with a good meal in a nice place. Unfortunately there are few choices for decent dining until you get to Cuyahoga County.

However The 5th Season is rated well, I believe they might even have a Zagat rating. Vernon's is usually great, especially their bruschetta & oil. The asparagus is cooked so well you can eat the entire stalk, a skill I've not seen much around Warren. Even Carrabbas in Boardman is decent dining if you're on a budget or fixed income...

Lastly, Sunrise did have decent rice pudding & apple pie in their dessert case but you can't be mad if folks dislike their food. Even the Mocha House has become a dump with their bad attitude waitresses and do nothing manager. All you need do is go dine in a really nice Zagat rated restaurant and you'll quit patronizing these places.. Go explore & enjoy the world, it's a fantastic place!

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Feb-02-13 2:37 PM


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Feb-02-13 2:26 PM

@nomore,simply put,You asked why eyes was under attack,I responded and told you it was because of his ridicule of the persons picture,not about the dining experience.On a lighter note,I once ate at a restaurant in Brookhaven,Mississippi called "Dirty Girtys' Grits and Gravy""The place looked like h3!!,but tasted heavenly.

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Feb-02-13 2:16 PM

@nomore,please re-read MY comment.I did not make any reference about you,except to point out that peoples outrage was against eyes derogatory comments towards the person,not a defense of the food or the establishment.I was pointing out that YOU have rightfully so,scolded people in the past for such childish behavior.I did not take offense with your words on either of your posts.I also meant no offense towards you,in mine.....Bon Appetite!!!

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Feb-02-13 2:01 PM

Yes Hoof I agree, KFC is also a dump I'd never patronize. Why so much anger about meal preferences? I call The 5th season a decent dining experience, even Vernon's has great food. I rarely dine at Alberini's because they've declined since the old man died. These places are no comparison to Sunrise Inn.

Correct Savjic, but I said nothing about the photo and challenge you to quote where I did. Yes I've reprimanded folks about appearance bashing, but you've falsely accused me on this. Read my post again!!!

I only criticized the food. Since the mention of things I've done is considered "bragging" by some of you I won't mention any of what I know to be real fine dining. Certainly a few of you have taken vacations and splurged on your families?

Or maybe I'm different but one of my favorite activities while vacationing is to indulge in ritzy meals with the family. Most of which I memorialize with photos & video.

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