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Judge denies Ziegler’s request

Former club owner wanted to shorten probation time

February 1, 2013

WARREN — A Trumbull County judge has denied convicted felon LaShawn Ziegler’s request to shorten his probation so he can pursue a career as an over-the-road truck driver without having to report to ......

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Feb-04-13 3:16 PM

Second chance third chance $25,000 for another chance and still in the news come on everyone how many chances does a person get, they should of let him eat the drugs thats what I think. This is rediculous to even think this city owes anyone more chances to hurt the law abiding citizens. If he wanted to go clean he would of. I think he thinks he is a celebrity of some sort. What makes him think after 9 convictions he would get off of anything. In the last 3 years his name has been in the paper numberous times and it was not for being the model citizen thats for sure

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Feb-04-13 8:44 AM

Ihateusblues, Mr. Z has had many chances and keeps Mucking up over and over again. How many chances should he get before enough is enough?

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Feb-03-13 4:18 PM

McCray and Becker are butt buddies!!! Duh!! We need new judges from out of state and a new police chief also from out of state with no ties to this community.

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Feb-02-13 2:27 PM

We have bigger wrong doers in city and County government, not to mention couple police depts. They are more dangerous than a man on probation trying to make a living. I love the conspiracy theory of Ziegler interstate drug trafficking!! I don't think he's that dumb, he knows everything he does is being monitored.

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Feb-02-13 2:22 PM

So, What is Mr. Ziegler suppose to do for a living? A lot of complaining of free loaders in society, and I agree. Like Crap said, Who did LaShawn kill? I don't know the man personally, did speak to him breifly once not knowing who he was.til afterwards, Have to say he was polite and pleasant. Hope this guy goes on straight and right path.

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Feb-02-13 8:51 AM

Wow! People REALLY do not support second chances on here. Typical republican ideology at it's best. NMC had some very valid points with ALL disagrees on them. I "AGREED" with him. It's not like the man is trying to sell drugs or commit another crime. He simply wants a job.

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Feb-01-13 6:34 PM

Check his record prior to club ownership, people wouldn't be surprised.

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Feb-01-13 3:47 PM

My point NMC is he deserves NO breaks. He should be locked up as many times as he has violated his probation. I really don't know of any self respecting companies that would hire him to transport million dollar loads with $100,000 worth of equipment with his record. These companies have to report to their insurance companies who is working for them operating the equipment that they insure. I believe Mr. Z is playing the game still. I think our community and society as a hole would be better served with him in state subsidized housing with armed security and fences. I don't see Mr. Z ever doing the things that what I was taught a GOOD person does to get ahead. He will remain in the media, his name coming up tied to criminal activity and burden to what ever community he is tied to. He has had to many chances. Time to make an example out of him and put him behind bars.

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Feb-01-13 2:15 PM

I respect what you say Bill and believe you say what you do without regard to race.

However do you want an unemployed Ziegler with criminal ties, or an employed Ziegler who might be a bit fearful of trying something?

Even the Kennedy's started their empire with questionable funding. Prohibition, insider trading? I'm a bit less concerned about the origin of a man's wealth than where he's at today. Just my opinion...

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Feb-01-13 1:42 PM

It's not rocket science to know a bad apple when they're track records speaks for its self. I couldn't agree more about being an honest individual earning an honest living with out being involved in dishonest activities.

When you cater to pack that knowingly kills people then yes, your NO better than them. When you wrongfully try to deceive the law then yes, your no better than any other criminal.

Unlike yourself, I post relevant responses to the MAIN story or what another poster respond on that is compliant to the story. Unlike yourself, I refrain from writing anything that is irrelevant to the story or thread.

No one who counts? Well, obviously you just ruled yourself out along with me! Necessary criteria? Gee, I had absolutely NO clue! No single posted would ever say that I am your style! Can't you do better than that?

At the end of the day your friend got what he deserved ........ period.

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Feb-01-13 1:39 PM

Mr. NMC I am one that likes your comments and agrees with you more often than not, however, Ziggy is menus. Poor businessman is an understatement. He has been a thug long before opening Soul77. Lets not forget were he got his investment money. Had he not been braking the law to start with he could not have sued the police department, because they would not have been trying to the drugs he was trying to swallow.

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Feb-01-13 1:05 PM

Are'nt you the same bozo who wrote "yeah right let him go to work so he can kill another human being" @7:32 on the BN/S news? Now you're in agreement?

First of all he NEVER killed anyone or even accused in a murder investigation. It's obvious you make comments out of boredom or a need to leave a comment no matter how meaningless or hypocritical.

Furthermore whatever my opinion is should not be misconstrued as an opening to engage me so as to let me know where you disagree with my opinion.

This is a message/opinion board, not a chat room. Chances are you could'nt afford 10min. of my time or qualify to chat about anything with me on the street. You recently popped up out of nowhere pretending to be a regular, nobody who counts knows you or seems to like you. So you failed the necessary criteria for acknowledgement, respect, or recognition as a serious minded writer. Scroll on ignore my words, and stop copying my style...

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Feb-01-13 12:24 PM

I agree, allow this man to make an honest living to support his dependents. Truck drivings jobs will still be available once he has completed his debt to society for being convicted of crimes. There are plenty other options available until his sentence has been completed.

Thank you but no thank for the guarantee ....... The man is a multiple convicted felon that must show an honest attempt at reforming himself from the past.

People usually take shape by what people they surround themselves with. I certainly hope that he chooses wisely and becomes successful at being an honest crime free individual.

I'm proud of the judge that stood up for the law and it's abiding citizens.

Hopefully we'll not hear anymore as it's time to move on to some of those other thugs .............

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Feb-01-13 9:44 AM

Why should'nt this man be allowed to earn a living? It's like you people would feel better if he were lazy, getting food stamps and using drugs. I would hire him without question, at least I could be sure he would'nt return as a disgruntled employee and kill his co-workers!

It's time to get off his case, allow him to live, support his dependents and exist just like any other American. No matter what took place in those clubs, he never fired a shot. Furthermore I would guaran-damn-tee you if he had any idea those idiots would cause so much trouble in his clubs they never would have been allowed in.

The very worst thing he's done is be naive about club ownership, security, and hood foolishness. If you really need to beat up on a guy there are worse people to be found, keep scrolling...

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Feb-01-13 9:25 AM

With all his probation violations he should be in doing his sentence anyhow. He should just go home close the door and forget the outside world exists until his time is up.

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Feb-01-13 9:02 AM

Over-the-Road truck driver, I wonder what he hauls??? Like giving a kid a loaded gun.

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Feb-01-13 4:53 AM

Good! Who would hire this guy with his poor resume anyway? He certainly has demonstrated that he is not to be trusted and is trouble wherever he goes.

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