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Forum: Districts losing money to charter schools

Educators say policy is harming public schools

January 31, 2013

CORTLAND — A total of $770 million in state funds is being taken annually throughout Ohio from public schools for charter schools, say public school officials who are deeply concerned as their......

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Jan-31-13 11:51 AM

This is a consumer-driven society. If you provide a product or service that consumers want, they will purchase it. I feel that the charter schools are successful because the parents--the consumers--feel that their children will get a better education and be in a safer environment.

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Jan-31-13 4:04 PM

No they are government funded private schools. The money from the public school goes to the private school. They are showing poor success as low or below the public schools. The standards are not checked as often as public schools and once they are discovered to be low performers they just close their doors and leave with the public funds. Vary comparable to government funded private counseling agencies. Somehow some people think this is better, until somebody they know needs the services that are private agency receiving public funds that put the county, city or state provider out of business. It's like slapping yourself so that you don't feel the pain somewhere else.

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Jan-31-13 4:24 PM

This is just what Republicans want. They want privately owned everything. Teachers are paid about $6,000 a year less in charter schools and they do not get benefits. Teachers in charter schools are always trying to get hired in public schools because they are not happy in their jobs.

Charter schools do not have extra circular activities either. And they are populated by children who are there because they were discipline problems in public shcools. Children do not benefit from this type of environment.

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Jan-31-13 6:31 PM

"Charter schools do not have extra circular activities either."


EVERY topic, you just HAVE to show you don't know what you're talking about.

Go buy a clue with one of the welfare dollars that you get from me and buy a clue.

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Jan-31-13 6:34 PM

Ohh... that and how illiterate you are.

Shinning example of public schools with 'extra circular activities.'

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Jan-31-13 7:52 PM

Another education article that isn't about education, lol.


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Jan-31-13 8:49 PM

Charter schools are working fine in every other state in the country, but they won't work here. I just don't understand why people keep moving away.

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Jan-31-13 8:57 PM

Is the Ohio's Coalition for Equity and Adequacy of School Funding a union funded group? Just wondered.

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Jan-31-13 10:51 PM

Charter schools are not working everywhere else. charter schools are a for profit business.

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Jan-31-13 11:36 PM

Nobody is "taking" anything from public schools - the money belongs to the taxpayers to begin with, and taxpayers are choosing to spend the money at the places that they believe provide them the best value. When the union mentality gets out of the public school systems in Ohio, maybe they can have a chance to succeed. Right now, the union mentality has Ohio schools on a thirty-year long spiral of death.

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Feb-01-13 7:34 AM

Facts are facts. Charter schools don't work and the the existing scores indicate a lower success rate. Why would anyone think these charter schools are providing a better education to their children?

Yes they are using taxpayer money and the taxpayers are not getting the services expected from Charter schools. They have no unions so what exactly is their excuse for not succeeding? Hold them accountable and if they don't or aren't succeeding, then the state needs to take them over too and close them down.

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Feb-01-13 4:49 PM

What ever happened to DooWhoopToKidRock, he would have all the answers.

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Feb-01-13 5:41 PM

I attend ECOT. I am in 3rd grade. I did go to H.C. Mines, before that I went to Howland Glen Primary and I also went to Howland United Methodist Preschool. I use to love going to Howland schools. I have had some of the very best teachers. Kindergarten Mrs. France, 1st grade Mrs. Green and 2nd grade Mrs. Massaro. I am good student and love going to school. These three teachers are absolutely amazing! If I could have them again, I would and if a parent were to ask me my experience that I had with them, I would tell them awesome! Then I attended H.C. Mines and I just want to cry. My 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Peters was very mean to me from the very first day of school, everyday she picked on me and I did nothing to deserve it. She even made me take two tests over again that I got 100s on. She even said to the class if you get a 100 you won't have to take it again. What I want to know is why my two 100's were not in here grade book and why did she discriminate and make me take them again?

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Feb-01-13 5:44 PM

I learned nothing by her doing this to me and nothing was to be gained by retaking these two tests. I think the question people need to be asking is why did our parents pull us from the public school system? It looks like to me that the Superintendents and the LWVTC are more concerned about losing money than fixing real problems. Every year that I attended the Howland school system they had me sign the Student/Parent handbook that states (see policy 5517.01) Harassment and Bullying, It says: The school believes that every individual deserves to come to school without fear of demeaning remarks or actions. The harassment of other students or members of staff, or any other individuals is not permitted. This includes any speech or action that creates a hostile, intimidating , discriminatory, or offensive learning environment. The BOE is committed to providing safe, positive, and nurturing educational environment for all of its students.

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Feb-01-13 5:45 PM

The Board encourages the promotion of positive interpersonal relations between members of the school community. Harassment, intimidation, or bullying toward a student, whether by other students, staff or third parties is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. I am a little girl and I was bullied by my third grade teacher Mrs. Peters. My mother went to Principal Mrs. Karen Colman about the issues. I was present for all of the meetings. It is really sad when a Principal says she has no control over the teachers in her own school.

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Feb-01-13 5:46 PM

My mother repeatedly asked for me to be moved to another classroom and the response Principal Colman gave is she does not have the power to move me to another class that my mother would have to have the permission from the Superintendent which is John Sheets. My mother spoke with Superintendent John Sheets and his response was we don't move children because their not getting along with their teacher but it was much more than not getting along. This teacher bullied me and harassed me and made it to where I was afraid to go to school. When my mother told Principal Colman that she was enrolling me into the ECOT progam, at that point things changed Principal Colman all of a sudden had the authority to move me to another classroom.

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Feb-01-13 5:47 PM

By that time it was too late... But I as a child, I get it now... Hmm when I read that you lose $7398. per year for a Howland student not so smart on Superintendent John Sheets part and Principal Karen Colman to not make their wrong a right! It seems to me if you care so much about losing money shouldn't you care about losing the child (like me)? I am angry and even more angry that the community I love, cares very little about fixing the real problems and why you don't care about why we left. I may be a kid, but I am a smart kid and I know what is right and what is wrong! I am glad that ECOT was there for me because the system that I once believed in, failed to work for me. My teacher that I had at H.C. Mines should not be teaching kids.

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Feb-01-13 5:48 PM

I hope more parents wise up and move their kids into ECOT and maybe then and only then when they start losing their jobs because they are not enforcing their own policy will things change. I can go on and on about this topic. It is important to support these charter schools they are not in it to make money. It is an alternative education to keep us safe, free of harassment, free of harm, free of being bullied. I like ECOT a lot because I am in the safety of my home, learning in a positive, nurturing and caring environment. I am also looking into reporting Mrs. Peters to someone that is above the school board to make sure a proper investigation is done on how the school handle my issue with her and other past students.

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Feb-01-13 5:58 PM

Don't listen to me, I am just a third grader and I know nothing about nothing of what the real issues are and the adults just keep messing up out future. Thank you to anyone that really cares and by the way you need to read all of this from the beginning not the end;/ Thanks for your support

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Feb-01-13 8:20 PM

Thank you, Columbo for sharing your story. Ohio's school Superintendents should LISTEN to WHY parents leave their districts. 50% of eschool students left their district because the district IGNORED their requests for help with bullying. Most every charter student from Howland and Lakeview attend an eschool, a special needs school (serving kids with Autism and Aspergers) or a Dropout Recovery school. The people commented in the article don't tell you that 87 of Ohio's charters are Dropout Recovery schools and 30 serve students with special needs, and yet they include these schools when they compare the performance of charters against districts. They don't tell you that many charters can't attain an Excellent with Distinction rating because they don't get value added scores. They don't tell you that charter schools are PUBLIC schools and that charter school parents pay taxes as well. They have a political agenda and don't respect parent wishes.

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Feb-04-13 8:38 AM

Columbo, has some great writing skills for a third grader. Perfect punctuation and grammar. Better than most on here that claim to be college grads. I personally believe this to be a bitter parent.

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Mar-20-13 3:58 PM

Billdog, I am glad you think I am a bitter parent, but I am not. I am a third grader who lived through a horrible experience at H.C. Mines from a teacher.

If I had used language that was improper, would I seem more like a child? I would not get my point across properly if I had. Because I am a child and you think I am an adult I suppose I should be flattered. Unfortunately, I am not flattered. I am angry that I do not have a voice!

I should be able to write about my own personal experience that happened to me and adults should listen. I am just one of many students that have gone through bullying in school.

I recently for ECOT entered into a writing contest for African American history month. I wrote about Shirley Chisholm. Because your comments are ignorant, you probably know nothing about her. She is not in our learning books in school. She was an amazing woman. If she were still alive today, I am sure she would be disappointed in the way our schools are going down hill.

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Mar-20-13 4:02 PM

Billdog, this is what I recently entered into the writing contest. Shirley Chisholm was born in New York City on November 30th, in 1924. She spent part of her childhood with her grandmother in Barbados and she graduated from Brooklyn College in 1946. She began her career as a teacher and earned a Master's degree in elementary education from Columbia University. Shirley Chisholm was an amazing woman. She was a true trailblazer. Shirley Chisholm accomplished many great firsts. She was the first African American female elected to Congress. She was also the first African American woman to run for president of the United States, and she even had a 152 delegates at the 1972 Democratic National Convention. Shirley Chisholm was also founding member of the Black Congressional Caucus. Even though Shirley Chisholm served in Congress many years ago, she is still probably the greatest African American female politician. She is not just great because of her many firsts.

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Mar-20-13 4:04 PM

She is great for what she actually did, too. One of her biggest accomplishments was to help pass a law so that domestic workers had the right to minimum wage. Shirley Chisholm was an educator before she went to Congress and she served many years on the Education and Labor Committee to try to improve education in the United States. Because she was an African American woman, she faced discrimination. She said that as a politician she faced more discrimination for being a woman than for being an African American. Fortunately, because many women liked what she was doing many women supported her. Shirley Chisholm retired from Congress in 1983. In 1983, she was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame. This makes sense because she was a great woman who accomplished many great things. She is still a great role model for both women and African Americans.

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Mar-20-13 4:10 PM

Billdog, I understand what Shirley Chisholm went through. She wasn't just discriminated because she was black, she was also discriminated because she was female. I feel her pain because you are discriminating against me because I am a child.

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