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Tue., 8:45am: Ohio may require replacement of old license plates

January 29, 2013

COLUMBUS -- Ohio may force motorists to replace their license plates after seven years. Currently, drivers are required to replace plates only when the numbers and letters become unreadable....

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Apr-06-13 10:51 PM


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Jan-31-13 7:25 PM


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Jan-30-13 11:37 AM

Liemonger is SISSY-69

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Jan-30-13 11:34 AM

Marmels is LIL-DUCE. (As in Mussolini)

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Jan-30-13 11:29 AM

Blues, do you have vanity plates on your 82 dodge caravan that read.. SCHIZO-1, .or is it LOON-666 ?

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Jan-30-13 10:56 AM

$10 fee for a sliver of tin that cost cents, I like the recent plates. Will the new ones have Special K's face on them? Bunch of dung.

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Jan-30-13 2:10 AM

We wouldn't mind paying $10 for a new plate if Ohio would go to just one plate in the back of cars and do away with the front plate like Pa, West Va, Georgia, South Carolina and many other states! Are you listening Thomas Charles!

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Jan-30-13 1:13 AM

You're all getting lost in the minutiae of having to purchase a new license plate for 10 dollars on top of the regular license plate fees.

You're missing the big picture - read it and weep - the 2012-2013 Kasich Budget cuts for local communities:

•Public Library Fund -$489.0 thousand •Trumbull Cty Schools -$27.0 million •County operations -$9.3million(includes LGF for townships and parks) •Howland Township. -$530.0 thousand •Liberty Township -$389.0 thousand •Cortland -$265.0 thousand •Girard -$363.0 thousand •Niles -$512.0 thousand •Warren -$1.4 million •Hubbard -$142.0 thousand •Warren Trumbull Public Library -$201.0 thousand •Weatherfield Twp -$307.0 thousand

How do local governments make up these losses? They eliminate services and increase taxes.

It's a SHELL GAME - not a solution.

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Jan-30-13 1:00 AM

We consistantly see local individuals complaining about school levies, and local city government levies, asking "WHY do they need more money?"

Well the answer is simple - it is because they're getting much less money via the state income tax.

38.6% was cut from local budgets across the board last year with one swoop of Kasich's pen. That amounted to $167.1 million the first year.

In 2013, that increases to 50% cuts from what local governments got from state tax collections, or a whopping $388.2 million.

In addition funds for K-12, decreased 11.5 percent in 2012 and another 4.9 percent in 2013. Basic aid would drop by about $1.3 billion over two years: 12.2 percent the first year, 7.6 percent in the second.

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Jan-30-13 12:50 AM

FamilyGuy - the point is it's another "tax" but not called a tax by Ohio's current Gov.

Gov. Romney did the same in Mass. He touted his tax reductions, then raised the fees on over a thousand items.

How many families in Ohio will benefit from the end of the estate tax?

How many families will be affected by the loss 250 million for local governments that came from esate taxes, on top of last year's 38% decrease in funding to local governments.

That hurts everyone, either by increased local taxes or loss of services.

So the POINT is the license plate issue is just one of many in Kasich's shell game.

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Jan-29-13 4:08 PM

Really. I am no Kasich fan but this amounts to $1.43 a year and you get a set of bright shiny new plates. People in other states pay hundreds of dollars a year for plates.

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Jan-29-13 2:36 PM

I can see it now. A brand new plate to distinguish our new found fame of Shale and fracking for gas. It's only ten bucks and you can hold your head high when displaying the wonderful turn of events.

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Jan-29-13 2:29 PM


in your haste to get your multiple anti-Ohio rants posted, did you loose sight of the fact that the topic was the un-necessary, wasteful replacement of functional Ohio license plates and the associated $10 fee?

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Jan-29-13 1:18 PM

My My the negativity of the local Dems, How about the wear and tear of old plates, the lack of visability, simple things like safety issues, Other state are even stricter than , Ohio I do agree the current plates designed by our previous Democratic Govs. wife are hard to read and rather ugly.

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Jan-29-13 1:16 PM

It is only 10 bucks but I believe the goverment gets enough of my money !!!!

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Jan-29-13 12:23 PM

Thieving bastards.

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Jan-29-13 11:42 AM

Big deal its only $10

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Jan-29-13 10:59 AM

His new budget is even worse. Yes, you'll see your state taxes cut, but local taxes and property taxes will increase.

There won't be any more money for our schools coming from the state, but they'll add a new burden, allowing our tax money to be used in non-public schools.

The majority of people in our state don't make enough money to put their kids in private schools. Now those who do will get a voucher from the state, moving some of our taxes for funding schools to these private institutions.

This is supposed to make our state a better place to live? This will make Ohio a place people want to move to?

We'll be an education desert, where only the rich kids can get a decent education, while our public schools continue to decline. We're already looking at class sizes of 40+ students, and no teachers aides, no money for books or equipment, and pay for sports programs, no music, no arts classes. By the time Kasich is done, we'll be the laughing stock of America.

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Jan-29-13 10:42 AM

Yes, this is another Kasich "non-tax" - this fool is going to ruin Ohio.

The Kasich-signed 2012-13 state budget cut Local Government Funds by 25 percent ($1 billion), with those cuts escalating to 50 percent in July 2012. The loss of hundreds of millions of dollars more due to repeal of the estate tax represents a further blow to local government.

It's a typical switch and bait, touting his incredible handling of Ohio's finances while pushing the burden back to local governments.

All he's done is cause the loss of thousands of jobs; teachers, police, fire, EMS. In doing so, he's passed the buck to local government and people aren't smart enough to put 2+2 together, instead they blame their local governments, who've had the financial rug pulled out from under them.

In the meantime, Kasich has turned some of our state agencies into private entities, funded by tax dollars with no accountability.

Those of you who voted this fool into office should be ashamed!

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Jan-29-13 10:38 AM

Sounds to me it's all about the 10 bucks. what do they make the plates in china to!!!!!!

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Jan-29-13 9:49 AM

Of course Governor Kasich will claim that this is not a tax. The way I read this bill the $10.00 fee would be on TOP of all the other fees for plate renewals.

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Jan-29-13 9:30 AM


I am proud of my red, white, and blue centennial plates which are perfectly legible.

I take offense to the new meaningless colorful flowery designs which are harder to read even when new.

This smacks of yet another money grab and just another case of the rulers telling the serfs what to do just because they have the power.

Back off Gov.K.

You are acting like "that person" in DC.

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Jan-29-13 9:23 AM

Just what is the real and truthful reason for this decision!? Hasn't the local, state and federal governments delved deep enough into our pockets already?

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Jan-29-13 9:13 AM

Looking just like another money grab by the state of ohio. I still have the blue plate on my car does that mean I have to replace it now it has been on my car since high school. I thought the fee for new plates was $8.00, now it is going up to 10??? State government sure is good at getting our money to flow right out of our pockets!!!!! Oh, but don't worry it's not about the money.

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