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BP makes neighborly effort here

January 25, 2013

In a very short amount of time, BP America has made its presence in Trumbull County meaningful through philanthropy....

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Jan-28-13 7:31 PM

Truthmonger...i agree with almost you entie post. this company cares nothing about our communities, our land, or the people here. they want that oil and natural gas. thats it. everyone here complains about these huge corporations, but if one em tosses a couple hundred bucks at one of em....BANG!!...corporation becomes the savior. Kinda sick.

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Jan-28-13 6:33 PM

" (gag orders written into lease contracts)"

How would you know?

Ohh.... that's right.... just like everything you post you don't.

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Jan-28-13 5:37 PM

They keep the details out of the media; all we get is rhetoric 24/7. You have to do your own research to find anything out these days.

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Jan-28-13 5:35 PM

BP's intentions aren't neighborly (golden rule). If they were neighborly, they would have purchased all of the acreage they want to drill and disclosed exactlty what they are pumping through our water table. And they would keep the land in their name and maintain responsibility for every well for posterity's sake.

Our B-ehemoth P-olluter "neighbors" have quietly (gag orders written into lease contracts) leased land from our neighbors so when the land is worn out like an old garment, they'll pack up and bolt, leaving us with whatever messes they've created over 30-50 years max of exploiting our land for shale play.

I don't want to be placated by meat and gifts. I want to see legal responsibilities on paper before the drilling starts. I don't want to hear "fracking is absolutely safe" from shale play advocates. I want to see laws protecting the water supply in our valley.

They've done a masterful job of keeping the details out of the debate; all we get is rhetori

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Jan-27-13 6:58 PM

you mean to tell me that giant company bought a steer and 2 whole pigs? L.mao!

god save the queen!

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Jan-25-13 10:50 AM

CompMan, what do you think BP will do with their wells once they have taken all they can get out of them?

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Jan-25-13 9:15 AM

BP is a better neighbor than D&L Energy focusing on Salt Water Injection Wells.

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Jan-25-13 7:49 AM

BP wants to be a good neighbor?

Here's how:

(1)We've had our share (and then some) of industrial messes left behind for communities to clean up. If BP truly wants to be a "good neighbor," they should publicly pledge, in writing, in this newspaper, to clean up after themselves. Contractually obligate yourself not to leave any messes behind. You make a mess, you clean it up. Simple concept -- but like recalcitrant children, big, fat full-of-themselves corporations need to be reminded.

(2) I'm sorry: $50K and a side 'a beef just ain't cuttin' it! Since nobody really gives a fig about penny-ante, chicken-feed charity of the kind described in this article (especially from a business that could, through malfeasance, ineptitude, or just plain selfish laziness, potentially render the region unfit for human habitation), BP should, in a show of good faith, post a $1 Billion bond, now, up front, to be held in escrow by a disinterested 3rd party -- just in case.

Now we're talking

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Jan-25-13 7:36 AM

Shut up.

You're like the girl that cried wolf except all you do is cry about EVERYTHING.

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Jan-25-13 5:55 AM

Beware BP. Aren't they the same Big Gas & Oil business folks that destroyed the gulf coast environment forever then lied and covered it up?

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