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Program designed to beautify Warren

January 23, 2013

By BOB COUPLAND Tribune Chronicle WARREN ä A local group will be continuing its efforts this year to take properties in the city where homes and buildings have been demolished and turn them into......

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Jan-24-13 11:45 AM

gregg's gardens is designed to return large quantities of derelict vacant lots to productive use through native plantings and wildflowers. It is part of a larger strategy for neighborhood revitalization and land reuse that includes, among other things, multiple food production garden sites currently run as a continuation of the GROW Program. Tonights program is specifically about gregg's gardens and I hope you all attend; this is an exciting project driven almost entirely by volunteers and supported by local grass roots fundraising. If you do, please pull me aside after to discuss other strategies including GROW. I hope anyone interested in seeing more veggie gardening in Warren will sign themselves up for a plot for this year. You can do that tonight. Meanwhile, kudos to Dennis and the gregg's garden group for all of their efforts, please come out and show support tonight! Matt Martin Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership

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Jan-24-13 10:07 AM

I invite everyone - regardless of how you feel - to come to the Wean Foundation (147 W. Market) tonight at 7:30 to hear our plans and judge for yourself whether they move the city forward.

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Jan-24-13 7:00 AM


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Jan-23-13 11:42 PM

Insider, I don't think anybody would disagree that Warren would look better with successful buisness everywhere! Reality is that isn't going to happen overnight REGARDLESS of who or what party is in office. Besides, city can't have buisness in residential areas, so an empty lot or worse a crack house looks better than maintained garden?

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Jan-23-13 11:36 PM

Nativio, there's just no use in debating with a few of these gloom infested pessimist, Bottom line is this program is something positive, maybe not the answer for all the city's problems but better than looking at run down empty shacks with garbage strewn about. I like how to some everything turns into a political debate. Bitter stupidity.

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Jan-23-13 10:45 PM

Well, "insider", you can repeat all you want. But...

You slammed the work of many people who have worked hard on this.


Again, these folks doing this does not exclude others from making the city a better place in the ways you brought up.

Grind that ax against "Timmy" and the democrats on an appropriate story. Better yet, bury that ax up your ass. Honest, I'm sick of you people urinating all over things that really have nothing to do with the issues you are banging a drum against.

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Jan-23-13 7:28 PM

I repeat. Nothing beautifies a community more than vibrant businesses, safe streets, and well kept, privately owned homes!

You want constructive criticism? Get the local Democrat power structure to lobby Timmy and Sherrod to get their buddies in Wahington to stop the job killing, family destroying big government social welfare programs that are ruining the inner cities! The safety net has turned into a hammock which stunts initiative and makes blight tolerable. The suburbanites, however, have voted with their feet, and have left the cities behind.

As Obama might say to those who keep voting the local Democrats back in power throughout the city's long decline, "Elections have consequences.".

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Jan-23-13 4:42 PM

Why anyone would bash these folks and their efforts to help clean their city up is beyond me. It's so easy to hide behind a screen name and spew hate while offering nothing.

I'd much rather have a garden nextdoor than a run down vacant home used by hookers and dope dealers Any effort to stem the blight and do something positive for the city should be encouraged.

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Jan-23-13 3:15 PM

Billdog, I agree. Gregg's Gardens is happening in the central city. The rest of the city and the vacant lots there are wide open for such a program.

Heck, I'm sure there are lots IN the central city that are wide open for that kind of program as well.

But again, this is not an either/or case. There is NOTHING to stop ANYONE from starting such a program in this city. The Gregg's Gardens program does nothing to preclude anything along those lines.

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Jan-23-13 2:44 PM

When people are involved in their community they tend to care about it more. As they care for their community those around them start to get the same mentality. It's contagious. Like giving some of these empty lots to the people that live next to them. Most would cut, maintain and use them. Instead of costing money for the same outcome. Then the city could also get property tax funds because they would belong to somebody. AS a community, city and county they cannot spend their way out of some of these problems. Make the residents that don't contribute, start contributing via their human services checks.

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Jan-23-13 2:40 PM

nativio, I understand your point and realize that gardening requires real work. That is why I suggest that the recipients of Human Services funds maintain them. Heck they can even sleep in. Most do nothing else so get out there and feed the community that continues to feed you. Some of the gardens in Y'town sell their veggies at the local sells and flea markets. It isn't against the law yet. Time for those that are making human services funds a way of life to contribute. If they don't do their part, their funds should be cut. I do realize that there are those that receive help that would prefer a job, but not all have transportation, and face other obstacles. If the garden is with in walking distance transportation isn't an issue. We need to start making some of these people do something, if they had to work to get what little they get, most would find a job. Many things that can be done in their own neighborhoods that contribute to the community. When people are involved in their com

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Jan-23-13 2:38 PM

I have nothing to add but my applause for this program. See you gentlemen at the meeting tomorrow.

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Jan-23-13 2:09 PM

Billdog- G.R.O.W. tried vegetable gardens about four years ago. At the end of that program, it was down to one man maintaining those gardens.

Until more people in Warren want to have ownership and be responsible for food gardens that need real attention, we'll have to settle for flowers.

And that's not really that bad.

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Jan-23-13 2:01 PM

dblank, they have no solution either. All they have is vile and spew to keep their hate filled lives with something. If they took the time to look at themselves for one minute they would never speak (or type) again.

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Jan-23-13 2:01 PM

Of course he has a point. He is absolutely correct in his summation of what would bring back this city.

I just don't get why on the road to making that point, he feels the need to dismiss and discount this program. Just more of the aggressive, negative garbage that these people spew while hidden behind their cute, little board nicknames.

But, this program can do what it does and others can work on that stuff. This is the same kind of retarded thinking the anti-HJ parlor legislation people have... As if this is the be all and end all of efforts to revitalize this city and by doing this, no other efforts can and will be started. It is not an either/or scenario. Yes, Virginia, you can stop brothels AND go after the cornerboys and street walkers.

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Jan-23-13 1:39 PM

Insider has a point. In fact, if I knew how to get google to relocate to Warren I would stop working on the gardens immediately and focus on that. But I don't know how to do that. More to the point, we clearly need to clean up the city if we are going to attract even the smallest google-wannabe.

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Jan-23-13 1:19 PM

No ****, insider. Thanks for the big ideas.

Tell you what. You work on getting the mayor and CD and WRAP and council to do all that and these folks will work on putting making some lots look pretty.

Why not come to this meeting, raise your hand and tell everyone what you think of their efforts and hard work in person? Sick of this coward BS you people pull on here.

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Jan-23-13 1:11 PM

Could someone explain to me why trying to make the city more attractive with the express purpose of trying to attract more investment is a "liberal" or a "Democrat" activity?

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Jan-23-13 12:49 PM

Insider, well said.

They don't get it.

Democrats need to stay in power to continue thier plush life styles. So they will promise the world again and these people will fall for it again, for the 50th straight time.

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Jan-23-13 12:45 PM

Careful NMC you will get kicked out of the democrat party and labeled a bigot and uncompassionate for that. You keep sounding like a conservative and they will stone (not the fun type) you in your neighborhood.

You know why things like that don't happen Hate?? LIBERALS

Please pay attention

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Jan-23-13 12:41 PM

liberal success story, leting plants grow in your demolished city. One step closer to Utopia.

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Jan-23-13 12:30 PM

The Warren Muni Courts are already assigning non-felons to maintain the lots. There are also already plentiful numbers of food gardens, and Warren has no shortage of vacant lots so if more are wanted they will appear. "Lipstick on a pig" refers to a temporary and false dressing up of something ugly. Gregg's Gardens make an actual change in the neighborhoods in which they exist. By making these neighborhoods more attractive they make it more likely that others will invest in them.

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Jan-23-13 12:24 PM

I agree 100% Bill, mandate those able bodied folks receiving public assistance responsible for making these gardens productive, or else...

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Jan-23-13 12:02 PM

Turning vacant lots into "wildflower" gardens is like putting lipstick on a pig. It's still a vacant lot. It won't do anything to revitalize the city. These good intentions are treating the symptoms instead of the causes.

Warren needs to reverse its pessimism and come up with some real world solutions to attract private sector entrepreneurs, investors, and yes, homesteaders to the city to begin revitalizing it. The current liberal/big government/entitlement/victim-hood political mentality is not working!

In my opinion, nothing beautifies a community more than vibrant businesses, safe streets, and well kept, privately owned homes.

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Jan-23-13 11:29 AM

I think that these vacant lots could better serve as veggie gardens. Make those that are on public assistance maintain them. I'm sure there are plenty in the neighborhoods that do nothing else all day. Community veggie gardens are working out to be a great contribution in Y'town. The people that work and maintain them get more involved every year and bring others that like having the veggies involved.

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