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Wed., 10:12am: Coke seized at OH airport valued at $2 million

January 23, 2013

STOW -- Law enforcement officials say the cocaine seized at a small northeast Ohio university airport could have a street value of $2 million or more....

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Jan-23-13 5:08 PM

@Billdog,that was hilarious LOL

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Jan-23-13 4:10 PM

Earl, word around campus is it was Bobbie Brown's.

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Jan-23-13 3:42 PM

Maybe it was charlie sheen's,maybe lindsay lohan's,or maybe "W"s .LOL

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Jan-23-13 3:05 PM

Zenieth, most crime for marijuana is possession or distribution. Not theft, robbery, murder, B&E, assault, domestic violence, etc... Potheads have difficulty getting off the couch. There is a difference. The crime rate for potheads other than possession is lower than for alcohol. Go look on the ODADAS or the NORMAL websites. I'm not advocating for marijuana use, but to compare marijuana to cocaine or her.oin.e is like comparing uniformed to unwilling to learn.

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Jan-23-13 2:31 PM

Don't tell me that a high pot head doesn't commit a crime like a high other drug user. That's a totally ridiculous comment .........

Anything that alters your normal way of thinking will in fact aid in making a poor decision including criminal mischief ..........

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Jan-23-13 2:25 PM

insider, I'm guessing it wouldn't be the same argument should one of these dope dealers start your kid using it, or one of the junkies that use it kill one of your family members. Most crime revolves around the user, not the dealer. Theft, robbery, rape, murder, etc... The issue for marijuana is different than that for drugs like cocaine and When the crime element of these drugs starts to effect you, your spouse, your children, grandchildren, one tends to get more informed and so cut and dried with the issue. Like I've said before to others, use the internet for something other than propaganda and po.rn.

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Jan-23-13 12:50 PM

So some people possess a product that other people are WILLING to pay 2 million dollars for.

So what is the crime here? Entrepreneurship? Tax evasion? No vendors license? Oversize luggage?

This is a crime without a victim! Narcotics have been illegal for at least a century, but they are still in demand, and apparently users have no trouble acquiring them on the black market. Yet we still spend gobs of money trying to intercept some of the supply because someone may be making a profit? The insane war on drugs needs to stop.

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Jan-23-13 12:01 PM

Couple of Dopes bring dope on their plane to college. Now they can hangout with the other dopes in subsidized housing owned by the state. This may even get them some federally subsidized housing seeing that the stupidity includes more than one state. Is this what dope heads call moving up.

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Jan-23-13 11:46 AM

I wonder how many they got away with before getting caught? Drugs are destroying our people and many lives ...........

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