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JFK alum: ‘I’ll get there’

Former student says someday he will forgive

January 19, 2013

WARREN — Michael Munno says someday he’ll be able to forgive the Franciscan brother he claims sexually abused him in high school....

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Jan-21-13 4:01 PM

Handala- There are adults who are victimized every day. They "don't allow" it, but abuse can occur none the less for a variety of reasons. Just because a person is not a young child and is strong physically doesn't mean there aren't emotional issues that can make a person suseptible to abuse and victimization.

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Jan-21-13 11:04 AM

A wimpy dude raised in a shoe box perhaps but a HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETE being " abused " !? It's no wonder he has felt shamed and he should for allowing it and thinking it was funny but should be even more ashamed of looking for cash to ease his guilt! Just sayin'

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Jan-21-13 9:34 AM

What kind of 'solid proof' are you looking for Pauly? 11 Men coming forward in thier 40's, suffering the embarrassment letting an entire town know they were molested by a MAN in High School isn't enough to tell you that this actually happened? Thank God your not the parent of one of them because they would have to suffer all over again knowing that you didn't believe them. Wake up. Realize that there are sick people out there that are very good at manipulating children so they can get thier sickness satisfied.

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Jan-20-13 9:55 PM

I stand to be corrected, they did not send him to a public school, they simply told him if he would quietly leave and go to a public school it would be better for all concerned.The school would rather pass a pervert over to another school district than have that kind of negative publicity.

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Jan-20-13 9:40 PM

CSB is no different then thousands of other government agencies around this country. The main purpose of the agency is to create pay checks for friends, family and neighbors of politicians.

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Jan-20-13 8:23 PM

"...they sent him to a public school." Please tell me exactly how a Catholic school "sends" a teacher to a public school.

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Jan-20-13 9:11 AM

JFK had another pervert who liked to be too friendly with the girls and when they got brave enough to come forward nothing was done except they sent him to a public school.He is still working with kids to this very day.His pattern was to pick the girls who did not come from money and he was very intimidating to them.The school was very dismissing of the girls accusations. He never targeted a Covelli kid or D'Amico or any kid that had parents with the means to take him down.

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Jan-19-13 7:29 PM

evidence = a stain on his collar?

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Jan-19-13 6:21 PM

Folks this happened in the 80's. Few people came forward back then. Things like this were not talked about. Until the late 80's and the emergence of the AIDS virus the word 'homosexual' wasn't even mentioned.

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Jan-19-13 6:18 PM

The Catholic Church has a history of moving these predators from one parish to the next. In truth, I am making an assumption based on that history. 20 years ago the Church could get away with that. Because of courageous men like Mr. Munno, it's no longer so easy. The point is, don't blame the victim.

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Jan-19-13 6:18 PM

Paulydel, I have to believe that there had to be some very solid evidence in order for the victims to be given a "high five figure" payout each.

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Jan-19-13 5:42 PM

All these years went by no one came forward. Now money is on the table and they are coming out of the woodwork. Where is the solid proof? Not word of mouth.

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Jan-19-13 5:10 PM

American- Maybe they were old enough chronologically, but not emotionally....

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Jan-19-13 5:10 PM

There should never be forgiveness for pedophiles, molestation or rapes of any kind. Catholics are crazy to even consider forgiving Bro. Steve. Furthermore why are these crimes so easily tolerated and forgotten by this community? Maybe the proper outrage could deter these pervs? Apparently Priests are emboldened by so much forgiveness and Catholic tolerance. Death, prison & public scorn is the only answer for these types

Correct Imback2u, only a fellow pervert wants to minimize the horror and control our discussions on this board. You have to ask yourself what motivates Afret for wanting nothing more said. Along with being a pedophile sympathizer he believes blacks are the only sinners & criminals in America, how dumb is that? So it bothers him to read about Bro. Steve and all the chatter about a criminal from his community & Religious affiliation. Or perhaps a man he once played wrestling, sword fighting games & twister with...

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Jan-19-13 2:25 PM

I repeat, how this any different than Penn State? It's not. You can't tell me administrators didn't know. Why was it funny??? They never told their parents? A lot of unanswered questions.

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Jan-19-13 1:13 PM

It took a lot of guts to come forward and let yourself be identified. This should negate a lot of the opinion that people are claiming to be victims just for the money--at least for this one, anyway.

Lotus, "sudden transfer?" Do you have any proof of that? Could it be that the man just transferred to another job, in a more desirable area? Do you have any proof the diocese made him go? (especially when he was not even a diocesan employee?)

Finally, AmericanPatriot, you ask why the victims would allow this to be done to them. All arguments aside about the psychological effects of molestation, it was a different time. I can't imagine reporting anything negative about a teacher to an administrator when I was in school. I felt that the teachers were so far above us, we had no right at all to go over their heads. This was part of the reason Mr Bevington got away with what he did at Salem High School, the kids were afraid to talk, who would believe them?

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Jan-19-13 12:02 PM

It saddens me to see people criticize the victims and accuse them of being motivated by money. Would you care to walk a mile in their shoes? Only they know what they've endured. No one else can understand. Fourteen and fifteen year-olds are children. Think back to when you were that age. Rather than asking why these men, victims, are accepting pay outs, some one should ask why the Diocese is so willing to cut the checks. They were quick to point out Brother Stephen Baker was not their employee and that they were unaware of any allegations until relatively recently. Yet there was a sudden transfer in 1991 to Bishop McCort. And now it sounds as though Baker is locked away somewhere, unable to minister. Why? Could it be because they know he is a serial pedophile? I believe so. The least the diocese can do is pay for the counseling these men need and deserve. The least the rest of us can do is let them live in peace. They've been through enough.

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Jan-19-13 10:35 AM

Michael Munno is very brave for speaking up about being abused. Hopefully others who have knowledge or may have been harmed by Brother Stephen Baker, will have the courage to come forward and contact the "police", not the church officials. They are not the proper officials to be investigating child sex crimes..

For information about our monthly SNAP Support meetings in Youngstown, please contact our Youngstown Area SNAP Leader - Jerry Arnal, ph- 330-718-6226; jerryarnal@yahoo**** Victims and supporters are welcome to attend these confidential self help group support meetings.

Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, 636-433-2511 ***********youngstowntruth****/ SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)

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Jan-19-13 10:27 AM

...and what the heck, they all laughed about it??? Probably had high school circle jerk sleepovers with one another after each game...

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Jan-19-13 10:25 AM

I'm sure the settlement is helping to get him there...nothing seems to move someone toward forgiveness like money.

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Jan-19-13 10:22 AM

why is it that the people in the positions whom should and could have come forward at the time of the crime,never do,because do not tell me that NOT one teacher/coach,administrator,was not aware of this sick b**tard

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Jan-19-13 10:18 AM

If you have not been abused, do not be so arrogant and disrespectful to question victims.Have you been living under a rock ? Obviously if you can type, you can take the time to research the psychology of abuse before spouting off and blaming the victims. This is not something new, it has been long talked about and studied as to how and why kids who are molested do not come forward even as adults. Especially males. It's not rocket science, they don't come forward because of judgmental people in denial like's called enabling abuse

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Jan-19-13 9:41 AM

This is such a heinous crime. It twists the victims minds, destroys something wonderful inside a person that never comes back. The shame, the guilt overwhelm the victims for decades sometimes a life time. We don't expect people to understand that did not go through anything like sexual abuse but would the ignorant please keep your F***ed up opinions to yourself. It is taking great courage for the victims to come out with the truth. May God be with Munno and the others as they go forward to put this perp, a rabid animal,down. DEATH TO ALL PEDOPHILES! Why you say; because they leave behind the walking dead. They steal lives not just sex. For 15 seconds of a little tingle in the old genitals and the perp may have completely destroyed a life. Put these MOTHERS to death and you would have less sexual abuse. IT DESTROYS LIVES!!!!!Laughing is a response to pain & fear in such horrific situations because you don't know what else to do. FEAR engulfs the victims giving power to the perps.

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Jan-19-13 8:17 AM

CSB can't locate the letter sent in 2010. Nice job of updating the records in this agency. Schaffner was supposed to get this agency up to state standards. I hope it's not going to be like before. Here we go again???

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Jan-19-13 8:15 AM

Sensational, never-ending reporting. These articles are right up there with Lance Armstrong, TE'O and Jodie Arias. Give it a break.

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