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Police probe bomb threat

School: Procedure went smoothly

January 18, 2013

WARREN — Warren police may have some leads in the bomb threat that was posted to a school’s internal messaging system. “The detectives are talking to juveniles as we speak,” Lt....

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Jan-20-13 11:44 AM

You know I really have to laugh because in spite of the horrible scary thing that just happened at our children's school I can see where the bullies get it. I am in no way defending this child but the whole reason he posted it was because of the way he was being treated by other kids... but here we are ADULTS and calling each other names REALLY and we wonder why kids act the way they do. People should grow up and worry more about the safety and sanity of our children and less about "Bullying" others

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Jan-20-13 7:27 AM

Sorry david1 but I just saw your reply myself and lotta other grown ups have discussed this and we would have no problem paying higher property taxes to ensure our children's safety at school some of us have even talked about how it would create more jobs and considered writing up a proposal to the school board to consider a levy for the funds. See the answer isn't arming everyone but utilizing the people trained in these areas I hope you understand what I am saying I know I used some pretty big words!!!

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Jan-19-13 12:32 PM

such a mature group on here, calling names like school children. grow up and then make your opinions be known!

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Jan-18-13 8:54 PM

Your rite wondertard...doesnt have to be teachers...and how do u want to pay for the cop...

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Jan-18-13 8:01 PM

I will gladly be called whatever names you people se fit head village idiot sounds great since that's how you guys seem to wanna operate because I personally don't want an armed anyone at my child's school unless its a police officer teachers shouldn't be armed. I really am so tired of this gun debate crap. how about some metal detectors and police officers and allow our teachers to reach they have enough roles to fulfill daily sniper doesn't need to be one of them.

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Jan-18-13 4:22 PM

Poopbear is has now passed up proud as head retard.

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Jan-18-13 1:28 PM

A bomb threat brings the thought of all the school killing and we as a group are talking about making our children safe thats all.

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Jan-18-13 1:21 PM

Arming the teachers will protect the students from a bomb?

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Jan-18-13 12:48 PM

I also agree Billdog it is a sad day that this has to happen but I have no problem knowing that a trained person is at the school to protect our children. We as a nation need to let all know that we are not tolerating anyone harming our children and we will do whatever possible to make sure that our children can go to school and not worry about some idiot killing, molesting or otherwise harming our children. We need to do what ever it takes. I also think that we need to do mental health evaluations yearly on all that are carrying weapons in our schools and they need to be trained yearly on how to handle a attack. I also think that our teachers and students need trained on emergency attack situations just like a fire drill. I know that this sounds overboard but it could save a life and anything that gives our children a better chance of surviving is worth it.

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Jan-18-13 12:40 PM

People are specialized and trained for a reason. Leave the policing to the police, and leave the teaching to the teachers. How bout there is levy strictly for a full time police officer in each school. That would be worthwhile money spent to me.

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Jan-18-13 10:47 AM


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Jan-18-13 9:48 AM

It isn't school violence in the case of Sandy Hook. It was a person that didn't go to the school. It was a terrorist act by an individual. Columbine on the other had was students of the school. We need to allow regular employees of the district to be trained to carry weapons to work. We do not need to announce who they are or make them a media circus. The only people that need to know who they are, are the administration and the police. Just let the community know that these schools are not open season for violence and the there are people ready to protect the people in those buildings. Training and stealth being the important part of this action. If everybody knows who they are they will be ridiculed and harassed. Allow people to protect our schools, stop the open season on victimization.

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Jan-18-13 5:24 AM

In this day of school violence like Columbine and Sandy Hook, whoever posted this threat should be arrested, given a fair trial, and sentenced to the maximum sentence available for this act by law.

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Jan-18-13 5:18 AM

Ah, those little darlings.

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