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Thu. 1:45pm Update 1: Five more claim they were abused

January 17, 2013

WARREN - Five more men have come forward claiming they were sexually abused by a former teacher and coach at Warren John F. Kennedy High School. According to Robert M....

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Jan-18-13 4:44 PM

Billdog, no need to explain anything, I completed understood. I was only referring to all of those that agreed money would verses those on the correction of would not. Maybe it just went over your head, it's all good .........

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Jan-18-13 12:34 PM

Sure does Enigma, it's as if he's a proud pedophile and I can only shudder at the thought of what goes on in his mom's household. It's disgusting how he uses a "tit 4 tat" or "look at them" philosophy to justify all the immoral, unGodly, reprehensible behavior in his world. And if you notice it's always racial. Yesterday he compared Pedophile Steve to President Obama, Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson. & Al Sharpton. Today he compares the Catholic Church to the inner City, both in a racist effort to point a finger of blame at the black community while the focus is on the behavior of his own community Church. I believe that's how he justifies the debauchery within his own family. Simply point out a crime committed by a black person and that makes him feel better about being a degenerate creep & pedophile! Yes, along with every other derogatory trait we can now add pedophile supporter to USB's portfolio...

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Jan-18-13 11:47 AM

NoMoreCrap said: "It's almost like the Catholic Church breeds pedophiles."

USBlues Response: "And the inner city breeds criminals! "

This shows that Blues still defends these people and doesn't think that pedophiles that molest kids are criminals.

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Jan-18-13 11:39 AM

Zenieth, yes in the first comment I left a word out is why I corrected it in the next. I guess if I have to explain that to you, I'd have to consider the source of the ridacul. Anyway as more people supposedly come forward it proves my statement. As people get wind of the money, their shame takes a back seat and their hand is front and center. "As if the money will change what has happened. As if they are entitled and no investigation will take place. I went to some basketball games while the prev was there, can I get a check? Those that wanted to hear from Timmy Ryan, he has spoke concerning the issue.

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Jan-17-13 8:34 PM

WarrenSteel, I stand by what I said. I sat in the classroom, I had the massages in class during tests, AND I AVOIDED THE TRAINING ROOM AT ALL COSTS. I bet this next tidbit sounds familiar to some. He used to come over to the shower when we were all showering after practice and yell at us to hurry. Funny thing was, he would just stand there and watch us until we all got out.

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Jan-17-13 7:34 PM

Billdog, Looks like your comment on money changing then money not changing has a completely different understanding to that of your own. Who would have thought!

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Jan-17-13 6:26 PM

It's not a crime if it's a member of the clergy acting under the authority of god.

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Jan-17-13 5:25 PM

Does anybody know if the victims were over 18 and consented to his advances? Until that fact is revealed,we cannot suppose he is guilty of anything except having a consentual relationship with an adult who happens to be a student.

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Jan-17-13 5:10 PM

I would also like to add that during these years of his tenure at JFK. A current U.S Representative and a very credible Trumbull County Sheriff's Detective attended there and also played sports. I'd like to know there comment to all this. Tony22 , Dont you think a Sheriffs Detective would have said something long ago, if this occurred. Still staying with my opinion.

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Jan-17-13 4:44 PM

#Tony22... Then if this is the case, lets see who steps forward in the coming days. Til then I stand by my opinion.

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Jan-17-13 4:37 PM

Bulldog, ironically The Catholic Church sees money as a priority and is the reason along with arrogant denial that these perverted acts get swept under the rug. The Catholic Church NEVER brings out sexual abuse accusations on their own, its always brought out by reluctant victims and usually years after. I feel for the good catholic people but have been discusted by the Church for years.

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Jan-17-13 4:23 PM

Warren Steel, you are dead wrong. I went to Bishop McCort, the school he worked at after this school, and he did the same stuff. I have been talking to friends for the last day, and it is eerie how exactly similar everything is. This is going to get HUGE in the coming weeks. I can count on two hands who I think he did this to at my school, and he was there for over 10 years. We used to call going to the training room "getting Bro-raped".

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Jan-17-13 3:46 PM

Sorry, money will NOT change what happened.

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Jan-17-13 3:45 PM

I guess my point is as soon as money became a factor the victims come running from all corners of the country. It's sad if this happened, however, money will change what has happened.

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Jan-17-13 3:28 PM

Very well stated "WarrenSteel" -- Well said, Well done.

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Jan-17-13 3:17 PM

No one is blaming any victims. If there is any court action over this, evidence will have to be presented and heard. But I will say this that it does not make sense that a victim would open up a can of worms like this 20+ years later, hold their hands out, talk on TV and to the newspapers, and they expect secrecy. I was there but did not receive nor see any of this abuse, that does not mean that it could not or did not happen but we simply do not know all of the facts.

What I can see clearly is that this story has become a forum for everyone to air their opinions about a wide range of things many of which have no bearing on the story.

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Jan-17-13 2:55 PM

yes Billdog, those dasterly victims and their "want" of a pay day from all this.

You know, I came on here expecting to see a comment where someone blames the victim and I wasn't disappointed.

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Jan-17-13 2:53 PM

I would have like to have seen a court trial with evidence and witnesses. Nothing against the victims, but this is going to be like a new york city bus crash, people claiming to be injured that weren't even on the bus. I feel bad for the innocent victims and also the innocent people who are paying the price: the parishioners in the youngstown churches who in good conscience put money in the collection baskets every week, and also the people who teach at jfk and the kids who go there, whose reputations are getting hurt by a horrible act they had nothing to do with, and happened 27 years ago.

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Jan-17-13 2:42 PM

Bill Dog, your sick. I hope to heaven no one in YOUR family has EVER experienced sexual abuse. You mock these events as Limbaugh mocked the dead school children in CT yesterday. To mock the victims of abuse approaches the vulgarity of the pedophiliac act itself.

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Jan-17-13 2:40 PM

When a settlement is made and undisclosed then you "open the door" for events like we have now. No disrespect for the actual victims. Any one of these claimants who turn out to be liars should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This is now turning out to be more ridiculous by the day .......

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Jan-17-13 2:37 PM

I attended this school. This is a group of ppl that got together for the $$. Brother Steve was a Good Man and A Good Teacher. Was he overly friendly, Yes... Was he what he's accused of, I think not. He was the sports trainer and I believe he handled himself appropriately back then. As a student athlete, I used the whirlpool and his actions never warranted anything to me that these others claim. This is a small town and if this really happened, these boys would have told on him in 90 or 91 when it supposedly occured. This is a group capitalizing on the Catholic Diocese paying them off. Funny how the Statute of Limitations ran out before this ever came to light.

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Jan-17-13 2:33 PM

This makes me sick, how one man, one sick, twisted man, can do so much damage to these young people AND to the fine institutions that JFK High School and the Youngstown Diocese are. He's sitting a couple hundred miles away, safe from prosecution because the statutes of limitations have run out, fat, dumb and happy. He should be the one paying the price. He should go to jail. He should work to come up with the money to pay off these claims, not the people who drop money in the collection baskets each week.

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Jan-17-13 2:27 PM

Looks like a payday for more and more. Oh the humiliation these poor souls must have experienced. Don't worry that high five figures check will make all the pain go away.

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Jan-17-13 2:23 PM

Marmel is FINALLY identified.

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Jan-17-13 2:08 PM

And the floodgates have opend-eth!

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