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Local gun store owners react

January 17, 2013

By ASHLEY NEWMAN Tribune Chronicle Local gun store owners offered mixed reactions on Wednesday to the news of President Barack Obama’s signing of 23 executive actions to curb violence in America....

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Jan-18-13 8:59 AM

An armed society is a polite society...

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Jan-17-13 3:54 PM

jsabalo, read the comments below ours. Most have no argument what so ever. Just calling others names. It makes no sense.

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Jan-17-13 11:53 AM

Stronger family networks, more ethical teaching at home. Teaching the kids right from wrong, respect for life.

More attention to the Mental health field, banning the drugs that make crazy people crazier. More attention to the actual therapy and less to the drugs. True mental illness is easily spotted in most cases when the kids are quite young. Proper health care at that time will make a huge difference.

Fix the Justice Department so that murderers do not plea bargain or face less than life sentence. No more slaps on the wrist for crimes involving guns.

Yes, yes, yes I know the jails are already full! Build more. Make the prisoners work for their keep. Make the meals nutritious enough to sustain life but nasty tasting. There should be no more than one appeal before the death sentence is carried out.

Outlawing guns of any type will not make any kind of positive change in the crime rate. If criminals cared about the law they would not be criminals...duh!

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Jan-17-13 11:12 AM

@Bill......I don't think you hear any arguments from republicans because what you just posted goes along with 90% of what they believe. The funding cut was mostly for institutions. Can't do that anymore. That's baaaaaaad. Everyone deserves to be happeeeee.

Glad to agree with you today!

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Jan-17-13 10:01 AM

I always look for a valid argument. I have yet to see follow the party line RepubliTARD have one. Think before you speak. If your best argument is to call others names, that's not an argument, it's ignorance.

There are ways to do this that would cost the gooberment minimal. Allow those working in the schools, colleges, gooberment buildings to be trained and register with their boards that they have a CCW and training and allow them to carry at work. Let the public know your district/gooberment has allowed this. Then these places won't be targets. Currently they are targets because they are an easy target. Regulate all you wish, it won't change the criminals behavior.

The other issue is mental health counseling access. Funding for mental health has been cut over and over again since the early 80's. These are not servery mentally ill people. They are bipolar, depressed, and mild autism. Our sycophantic and delusional people are rarely the ones doing these horrible acts.

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Jan-17-13 7:45 AM

WARREN PROUD....seriously? the 60% are those like you who are too sissified :) to carry and those thugs who wanna see gun control so their arsenals can trump ours.... you holding tiny tims jock too?

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Jan-17-13 7:42 AM

Tim Ryan supports the "DICtator" is that a suprise ??? Good God if you could actually think on your own pal... doesnt take much to walk the party line.... just remember, if you think youre gonna run for Governor, the state isnt full of demosheep like this valley...we will get the word out on your stand cooncerning this. No amount of checks you write to the local sportsman clubs will change that. See Ya !!!!

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Jan-17-13 7:41 AM

The NRA wacko's will fight tooth and nail to stop will they fight the government without's.

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Jan-17-13 6:40 AM

True Americans? Honestly, are all of the others false?

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Jan-17-13 12:46 AM

Once again we wll see no action from the RepublicaNOs who are into the wallets of the NRA. With 60% of true Americans supporting Obama & Biden on this, it's a shame the country is so far widely divided that nothing will be done.

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