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Sheriff fires deputy after shooting

Was working security at Sunset on New Year’s Eve

January 16, 2013

WARREN — Even though a Trumbull County sheriff’s deputy, who has since been fired, was among numerous witnesses present during an early-morning fatal shooting in a downtown nightclub New Year’s Day......

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Jan-18-13 9:24 AM

It was a honest mistake as noted in the article. ..he regrets it.

I bet he does now that he has on going experience to allow him to keep his certification. I'm sure that not following policy will effect his ability to get another position as well. I'd be sorry for getting caught too.

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Jan-17-13 6:32 PM

No uniform. It was a honest mistake as noted in the article. ..he regrets it.

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Jan-17-13 11:56 AM

@common.......Isn't your sheriff the one who inserted himself in a civil matter in order to bring charges against a whistle-blower at the health department? Isn't your sheriff the one who got preferential treatment for his son with a wink and a nod?

Not questioning his skills......just his morals.

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Jan-17-13 10:35 AM

Congratulations and thanks Sheriff Altier. You continue to show us superior management decisions and honesty in operating our Sheriff Department. Now if we can just get a new Chief of Police like you Warren would be a much better place.

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Jan-17-13 8:59 AM

jonathon, local officers did not bust Franklin's son. Refer to yesterdays article.

I think what everybody is missing here is the Sheriff's department has a policy. They have a policy for reasons that non of us know. If this young man was wearing his uniform (no word as to whether he was or not) he was representing that department. I'm sure he was aware of the policy and thought, "Who will ever know?" Chief Bowers explained himself. The club owner didn't want to pay the salary rate and didn't have the proper insurance for an officer to work their club.

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Jan-16-13 8:59 PM

Thank you featherstone.

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Jan-16-13 8:44 PM

Very good points reader.

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Jan-16-13 8:20 PM

Actually I've learned a lot more than I knew to begin with. I had no clue of the departments policy or the compensation involved with reserve officers. In the day I remember when officers used to work the bars on off time. I guess much has changed from the Left End days ........ lol

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Jan-16-13 8:13 PM

Everyone has an opinion. Were the deputy’s intensions ill at all? I doubt it and now he is terminated from a job he was not even getting paid for in the first place. I highly doubt that he spent all of the time he did in school to make an error in judgment that would cost him his livelihood. Now notice...his error was not the cause of this man’s life being taken. That is the real issue...Another murder …that is the real news here. Another murder for which the Warren Police have made no arrest...another murderer running the streets invisible to the naked eye of his victims. It seems to me this article was to conceal the real one to blame for the loss of life that night. So, why not blame the young man trying to make something of his life...God forgive him for trying to make a living. Is there no other form of discipline/corrective action/probation that could have been enforced???

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Jan-16-13 8:03 PM

Maybe the cops have been busy recently "busting" Franklin's son for drugs, OR did I get some wrong information?

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Jan-16-13 7:05 PM

Years ago Warren cops were aloud to work bar details until a cop by name of, we'll just call him BoBo decided to act like a cocky arrogant A-hole to a couple patrons while working the door, and the two insulted men gave BoBo a shalacking he'd never forget, and thus earned nickname BoBo, speach was impaired as well as cognitive thinking, BoBo had his departmental issued gun by the way Gun freaks. Lessons learned 1. Don't treat others like CrAp, even IF U R A COP. 2. Cops in bars seem to create tension(especially when they act like wanna be tough guy idiots). 3. When 1 and 2 happen, nothing good happens. True story, the two rufkins went to prison. THE END.

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Jan-16-13 6:34 PM

How do you fire a guy you weren t paying altiere and why did you give him a commission what a tough sheriff you are how s things at the ITAM ?

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Jan-16-13 3:40 PM

This bar could have hired armed security officers from a reputable company. But went the cheap route instead. To their shame. They also could have a metal detector at the doors to keep guns out of the club...lots of answers to this issue. But the club chose to go illegal; so not a surprise there.

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Jan-16-13 3:28 PM

@ Zenieth it always been like that you know .po=pos always be putting in wife name

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Jan-16-13 2:48 PM

I'm with Solong, Some of you with conspiracy theories need to reread the article.

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Jan-16-13 2:36 PM

It sure does reek of conspiracy jsabalo. When any place is known to be a trouble spot it seems like the city should welcome efforts to have a real cop patrolling the grounds. No amount of red tape should endanger innocent lives. If the murder victim's family has proof that the club owners request for off duty security went unanswered or Capt. Bowers "sat on it" according to the Trib, they should sue the city and Warren police! It's pretty clear the city had no regard for the safety of this club and might have blocked efforts by the owners to get security and operate a safe club. Maybe because Bowers wanted an incident so they could shut it down?

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Jan-16-13 1:54 PM

I think some of you need to re-read the article and know what you are reading.

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Jan-16-13 1:27 PM

The reality is reserve officers aren't paid anyhow. The do this to keep their certification when they can't get a real job as a police officer, so firing him from his duties isn't like he lost income. Policy is policy regardless if you like it or not. This man agreed to it when he signed on to be a reserve officer.

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Jan-16-13 1:26 PM

No More is the only one that picked up on the little conspiracy here.

Everyone says this is a tough place and something needs to be done. The owner asks for off-duty officers and gets the run-a-round? Really? Sounds like Mr. Bar Owner scoffed at the idea of paying the insurance fee. Bet that didn't make the Bosses happy! Hmmmmmmmm............

Oh yeah.....I forgot......

This is Trumbull County. Where the politicians ran the mob out of town and took over the biz! Way to go boys! Let that be a lesson to the rest of yous! Just put the cash in the envelope and we'll leave you alone!

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Jan-16-13 11:47 AM

There needed to be more "good guys" with guns that night.

Would of solved everything.


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Jan-16-13 11:45 AM

I thought the latest and greatest law made it legal to carry a gun in an establishment that served alcohol. I agree about security guards with out guns in thug bars. You pretty much know what's going on in these establishments and you can't win with an angry intoxicated individual with a gun. Something needs to change so at least the security playing field is level. I don't agree with the officer being relieved from his duties either.

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Jan-16-13 11:40 AM

Read the sign on the front of the bar. LOL @ Friday.

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Jan-16-13 11:33 AM

A few things bother me here beginning with security guards without a gun. Exactly what sort of security works a thug bar unarmed? Next I'm opposed to both Sheriff & Police depts. mandating their officers off duty employment notification. I'm also opposed to their being restricted from club work.

It almost appears like the City & County want these businesses to fail by prohibiting off duty officers accepting jobs guarding potential trouble spots. Knowing problems occur in liquor clubs should encourage the City & County to recommend their officers apply for jobs there.

And why should this officer lose his job for simply working elsewhere part time when other officers keep their jobs for DUI's, sexual assaults and worse? And yes, an officer owns a club in Warren but another can't work in one? Where is the PPA or union when they're needed? Clubs are being set up for failure by City & County prohibitions against officer protection!

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Jan-16-13 8:52 AM

You would suspect a reputable business person computerwhiz

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Jan-16-13 8:44 AM

zenieth who owns a bar

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