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Mon., 1:27pm: Boehner says GOP will pass `responsible’ debt bill

January 14, 2013

WASHINGTON -- Speaker John Boehner says the GOP-controlled House will ``do its job’’ and pass legislation to lift the nation’s borrowing cap and keep the government running, but will insist that......

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Jan-15-13 4:47 PM

I posted this a few days ago but here is a refreshers. Debt Ceiling Raised.......

Obama - 3 times in 4 years (add 1 this spring)

George W Bush - 7 times in 8 years

Clinton - 4 times in 8 years

George H.W. Bush - 4 times in 4 years

Reagan - 17 times in 8 Years

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Jan-15-13 12:28 PM

meanwhile earl, the prisons are packed with democrat politicians and their constintuents. LOL. Peaple really are idiots I see. Just make sheet up right earl?

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Jan-15-13 12:25 PM

The republican party is full of corrupt bigots that have taken pledges not to work with this president,people who can actually think for themselves know who caused this republican induced crisis & the 2 bush wars....clinton left the cowboy a surplus,the cowboy dropped the ball on 9/11,lied about wmd,starts two wars,says wall street got drunk and leaves office with a record deficit,but obama caused all this right. They don't dare admit that on fox news. LOL

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Jan-15-13 10:44 AM

The black president hasn't done a thing for the black race in this country. If you can provide me with a few stats that show how the black guy in the white house has been better for the black community than the white guy he replaced, I'd be happy to debate them with you.

The black guy has been no different than the white guy when it comes to them taking the green guys out of your pocket and giving it to their banker and corporate friends.

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Jan-15-13 10:34 AM

ProudWarrenite...The man who is currently in the white house, who took the baton from George Bush and has kept on doing the exact same thing, he is a black man. So, yea, the black politician is now taking his turn running our country into the ground. The excess spending, the multiple wars still going on, the massive bond bubble that has now been formed, the increased govt surveillance and interference into our lives....mostly the fault of the black guy now.

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Jan-15-13 10:12 AM

When clinton became president: the Debt 4 trillion,when clinton left office the debt was 6 trillion.. Clinton and Bush are both gone.

Obama has increased the debt to a point that our Debt is now larger than our GDP.

How to confuse Obama?? Ask him 'What is a Budget'

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Jan-15-13 9:39 AM

Once again, they blame it all on the black guy. Any good Republican knows that a white man should never be held responsible for something he's done when there's a black man to blame it on.

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Jan-15-13 8:05 AM

We can't help but put the burden on ol' G-Dubbya! What president do you know of inherited a SURPLUS and turned our country around into the most broke, debt riddled nation around? I highly doubt that Obama would have ran up our debt at a record place if he inherited a surplus. GOP makes me SICK!

Colin Powell is fed up with his own party.

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Jan-15-13 7:56 AM

Thanks Boehner for once again using code to actually say you're caving....AGAIN!!!

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Jan-15-13 7:28 AM

Quit buying planes for the Air Force that they don't even want. The corporate welfare also has to stop.

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Jan-15-13 5:41 AM

Maybe we need Mr. Clinton back in there so we can have our surplus back .Oh! I forgot the next president used all of that and started the decline in the economy!

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Jan-15-13 5:36 AM

I wish the GOP felt this way when they ran up the debt. One quick little google search shows that every Republican president has spent way much more and added way more to the debt than Democratic presidents. Republicans have, with their media outlet Fox News, spread propaganda that the nation’s current economic problems are founded in excessive spending by the Obama Administration, and traditionally, they have labeled all Democrats as big-spenders for the past thirty years.

Under President Obama’s leadership, government spending is at its lowest levels since (and is fact), spending is the lowest since the Eisenhower Administration. However, those are easily verified facts and if there is one thing Republicans avoid like plague, it is easily verified facts.

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Jan-15-13 2:01 AM

sammie...oh yea!

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Jan-14-13 10:51 PM

The fact that we are even debating raising the Debt ceiling or Debt limit is a sign of failed Leadership.

It is a sign the the USA cannot pay its bills, We need financial assistance from foreign governments.

Increasing the Debt weakens American, People need to know. Our Leader from Chicago,(actually we are Leaderless from an American perspective) is shifting the burden of payment to young Americans.

In future years Americans of all kinds will regard Obama as the worst President possible.

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Jan-14-13 10:42 PM

I was sure happy to know they gave money to a turtle farm...,,.& lots of ity, too. What? Are they nuts? This administration will cause the next depression. Just wait!!!!

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Jan-14-13 10:02 PM

Billdog...its too late for all that jazz. We are in for just as much pain if they cut spendimg or if they dont. There is no rock and a hard place anymore. Its just a rock.

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Jan-14-13 9:59 PM

Yea fellas, ummm, nobody is stopping. That include the criminals from the republican side of the aisle. Nobody!

Why? If they do, we go into a depression.

They are goimg to spemd forever....well, forever is until about march april area. Lol

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Jan-14-13 8:23 PM

Senator Reid follows the orders of the Generalissimo, good luck getting the corrupt dems and the General to cut Government spending.

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Jan-14-13 4:37 PM

As a nation the people AND OUR LEGISLATORS need to make some sacrifices. We are the only country on the planet with fat poor people, people claiming to be poor walking around with smart phones, people claiming to poor living in 3, 4, and 5 bedroom homes. A government that gives themselves raises every year while crying poor. A government that gives money to other countries while our own country is drowning in a mountain of debt. Time for Obammy, Reed and Boner to pull their heads out of their rears. Or each others if that would the case, and fix our nation. Quit worrying about all those countries that just dump on us and then tell us how we should help them. Take care of home first. Quit giving money to business' that make money, quit acting like the people of this country are stupid, or are we?

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Jan-14-13 3:11 PM

"Hold obama's feet to the fire" <-----Familyguy.

Is that remark a threat?

I'm reporting this either way.

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