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Student charged in threats

Police: LaBrae student said she was ‘frustrated’

January 14, 2013

WARREN TOWNSHIP — A LaBrae High School student charged Sunday with inducing panic following an online threat made at school is expected to be arraigned today in Warren Municipal Court....

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Jan-17-13 2:17 PM

Adan Lanza was f*cked up in the head and they have proof of that. And everyone else involved in school shootings all either had mental problems, or were being bullies or something. This girl has no mental problems and has never had bullying issues. And you never know when anyone will snap, child, teen adult, or anybody. This girl has never had issues with anything. It was an over dramatic joke that she didnt see as a serious threat because shes 16. She doesnt think about these things seriously.

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Jan-16-13 12:23 PM

Yeah Kaybabaay, you could have made the same comment about Adam Lanza the day before he went into that School to kill 26 human beings.

Every teenager who has gone into their School killing students was a great kid the day before they went berserk.

So what you're saying about her could easily be true, just like the others before they decided to go nuts. In today's world you never actually know who or when a teenager will snap, do you?

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Jan-15-13 10:46 PM

I love hillbillies from the Burg....dont judge her dont know her.....blah blah blah. Please comment more guys.....I need the entertainment.

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Jan-15-13 10:42 PM

All their off...Kay is gaining onProud as the biggest wait Proud is coming up on the outside....its neck and neck...its a tie! Its a tard tie...we have a tard tie! Rematch on another issue soon. ****.

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Jan-15-13 7:22 PM

What gets me is how people are saying stuff like she needs mental help, its the parents fault, she was bullied, she gets in trouble in school, or shes on drugs. Unless you know her personally, there is no reason to be saying stuff about her family or personal life. You shouldn't just make assumptions. Some of you act like you have never said you were gonna kill someone. Its a phrase, and the way she said it was really no threat to the school or to the teacher. If someone really was going to kill their teacher, would they really put it on Facebook? To me it sounds like Shes a harmless 16 year old girl who had no intentions of hurting anybody, just being smart on a Facebook status. Yea, it was a stupid mistake but it doesn't sound like much of a threat to me.

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Jan-15-13 7:15 PM

Also, this child is not bullied, she is not a bad kid, she was making an over dramatic status on facebook. How many people say something like "oh im going to kill someone" on a DAILY basis without meaning it, or thinking twice? Thats what her status was. She didnt mean anything by it. Shes the kind of person who feels bad is she accidently hurts a friend or someone. To any person that has commented, or will comment. Keep your judgemental thought to yourself about how she needs mental help and all your other BS. You dont know her, i do. How would you feel if this was your child and you read the things people are saying? You wouldnt like it would you? I dont think so. So i suggest unless you know her personally, dont talk about how she needs mental help because the news makes it look worse than it is. Shes an innocent child, she doesnt deserve ANY of this.

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Jan-15-13 7:11 PM

To everyone saying that this girl is a "problem child" or that her parents arent around enough, or that she needs mental help, she is on drugs, and anything else you are saying, you should NEVER jump to conclusions. You dont know her, and i can tell from reading your comments. I myself, know her personally. She is one of the most respectful people i have ever met. She is not on any drugs, her parents are amazing people. She has never done anything wrong in her life, she is not a problem child at school, she just made a mistake and dindt realize that saying something like that could be taken in the way it was. She is one of the most innocent people i have ever met, and she does NOT deserve people and their BS about how she is such a horrible person. And she is not a spoiled brat, she goes through heck and back and puts others before herself. She innocently made the status that morning and i have talked to her about it. She didnt mean any harm by it. So anyone who doesnt know

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Jan-15-13 6:53 PM

it has nothing to do with the parents. It was a stupid mistake, but its a shame that a figure of speech can not be said because of all that is going on in society. I am sure the girl is not troubled, and is a normal highschooler. What the schools need to worry about is helping the troubled children, and stopping bullying.

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Jan-15-13 2:14 AM

this is happening more and more.

that makes me woonder if we can cop out by always blaming the parents? maybe.

however, this speaks to me as a problem with our society as a whole. if that is the case, wouldn't we all be responsible for the increase in these actions and/or threats?

john1...i agree that we allow these children to be drugged stupid. what are we doing about it?

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Jan-15-13 12:25 AM

I am with MoonPie. LaBrae has always had a bullying conflict and really nothing has been done since I got out of there. The girl had done something wrong and therefore paying the consequences for her actions. LaBrae staff has to look at the underlining cause of most of the trouble that happens there. I know the geometry teacher and she is the most caring teacher ever. She is awesome with her students. What is this world coming to? Violence in schools, bomb threats, and etc. Really if you had a math problem or even a problem with the way the teacher is teaching there are guidance counselors that are available and they will help you solve the issue with the teacher. Get help don't induce panic or threaten anyone. Plus I love you Mrs. K your an awesome geometry teacher!!

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Jan-14-13 11:12 PM

Zenieth, I would not say that in my case anyway. I never got " tanned " for a C or less. I will admit, i was NOT the best student. Getting an A was rare. BUT, my parents told me, TRY as hard as I can. Accept help, and ask for help. Just do not expect to fail. Now I might have had a swat or two if I was goofing off, but as long as I attempted to do my best, that was all they asked. And they KNEW when I was trying, and when I was screwing around, because they watched, asked me questions, and paid attention to what I was doing. Too many parents now have no clue.

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Jan-14-13 6:09 PM

I agree with that. If you came home with anything less than a "C" your hide was tanned along with the elimination of TV time, Play time and your allowance. The key word used is "GOAL" simply doesn't exist today and if does its very minimal minded.

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Jan-14-13 4:49 PM

You must also consider in your day & mine children were more goal oriented, parent pleasing, and worried about the wrath of bad grades & failure...

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Jan-14-13 4:47 PM

Yes Wolf, where are the parents? This child obviously has some issues that have not been addressed. My guess is the teachers she has daily contact with would tell you there is something wrong with her, yet somehow the parents can't see it.

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Jan-14-13 4:40 PM

Something bugs me here, she says I am going to school to FAIL some test. That right there tells me she needs more parental guidance. I was told, do your best in school, never accept failure, if you get a bad grade, try harder, ask for help. This kids sounds like some whiny brat to me. I am not saying not take it serious, but cmon folks, where are the parents here?

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Jan-14-13 4:08 PM

She actually matches the stereotype of every School shooter from the last 20yrs. in every way accept gender. So they're correct in taking this seriously and punishing her severely & accordingly.

Had she made good on her threat the conversation would be: Why did'nt LeBrae & Levittsburg police save lives by moving more swiftly to arrest & detain her after reading her Facebook threat...

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Jan-14-13 2:54 PM

This student needs to be dealt with as sternly as the law permits.

There should be severe consequences for disrupting the school and the other students.

No such student "vents" can be ignored.

Enough of this treating the perp as a victim.

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Jan-14-13 2:53 PM

Seriously guys most of us posting here would be doing life without parole if we were punished for every threat we made as kids.

Of course in our day we weren't medicated with powerful mind altering drugs from age 6 and if we got to far out of line mom and dad were there to discipline and correct us.

Want to end the violence,mass shootings and crazy behavior ? Stop pumping kids full of medication the minute they act up. These are strong powerful mind altering drugs that are proven to make kids depressed and suicdial The worst part is most of this medication doesn't work the first time so it's changed and the child is medicated again.

By the time the kid is in h.s.he/she has been medicated for years and the part of the brain that teaches reason and rational thought has long ago shut down because the drugs have done the brains natural function.

Medication,social media,t.v.and video games have replaced sound parenting. Small wonder our kids are so screwed up !!

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Jan-14-13 2:35 PM

Probably a simple teenage vent on her part.

However......parents need to wise up and teach their children that in this day and age, you can no longer make idle threats without facing dire consequences.

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Jan-14-13 11:56 AM

It's total consumption of your brain. Pretty hard and sad since it's taken over as top priority. Restricting age for usage could help but you'll never see that happen. Companies are making mega bucks on the usage of these devices and its driven primarily by the younger crowd. Parents are the only help we have ..........

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Jan-14-13 11:19 AM

It is electronic slavery. Just watch these kids, always and constantly on their phones. They won't or can't even take a dump without them. I don't think most people realize the amount of teenage BS that takes place with this social media crap.

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Jan-14-13 10:56 AM

What too many of the kids are NOT learning is how to deal...with life, with frustration, with conflict. They are not taught respect; respect for life, for themselves, for authority, for patience and for consequences for rash actions and rash words.

This is a familial failure. Too much luxury cannot replace love, respect and the self pride that comes from learning the value of hard work and giving and serving rather than receiving and being served.

PS: This kid does just sound like she is spouting off and not threatening; to me at least.

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Jan-14-13 10:44 AM

Lots of people making assumptions today, as usual. I'd withhold judgement until all facts are in. You don't know whether it's a psychotic individual who needs mental treatment or some innocent victim who was driven to harmless threats, with no intent of carrying them out, because of constantly being bullied, or if the truth is somewhere in between.

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Jan-14-13 10:42 AM

Maybe instead of making them learn the Periodic Table of Elements, Trigonometry, how to dissect a cat or other useless tactics, teach them how to use technology. Social media isn't bad, it is how it is used. Smart phones do have practical use. Instead we tell them how bad it is because we don't teach them how to use it productively. Social media can be used to find products, research colleges and potential employers, it can be used to check on others behavior and history. I'm not one that utilizes it all the time but there are practical uses for it. Demonizing won't change what kids are doing, teaching them how to use technology will.

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Jan-14-13 10:11 AM

I'm trying really hard to feel outraged by this....

Nope, failing. It reads like the venting of some teenage kid online rather than someone ready to blow up a school.

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