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Fri., 12:52pm: Ohio school will arm employees with handguns

January 11, 2013

TOLEDO -- A school district in Ohio says it plans to arm a few of its non-teaching employees with handguns....

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Jan-12-13 5:01 PM

SeaNoball you fool. If an employee wants to smuggle in a gun they could who checks them. Are you really serious about your statement. lets take guns off the cops too just in case they have a bad day.

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Jan-12-13 10:42 AM

To the earlier comment: Guns are not just for hunting. Guns are also for protection. Yes, sometimes that means killing bad guys. Do police carry guns to KILL people? No, they carry them to protect themselves and others...sometimes they have to kill someone in that process.

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Jan-12-13 9:51 AM

Let us return now to those thrilling days or yester-year!

The Lone Custodian rides again!

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Jan-12-13 9:32 AM

GREAT idea. If it gives us a bit more hope that we will see our kids again aftrer they leave our homes in the morning, I am for it. And Nile, yea guns for people is correct..When it comes to a crazy idiot killing innocent people cause they are out of control, YEA guns for people is right.

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Jan-12-13 9:21 AM

How do they protect themselves from a non-teaching employee that suddenly goes berserk? After all most people that have a bad day usually can control their emotions. Yup, more and bigger guns are the answer.

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Jan-12-13 8:19 AM

Say goodbye to "Gun-Free Zones", say goodbye to cowardly, wannabe badasses...'Come on in d_ckhead, we're waiting for you'...

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Jan-12-13 2:54 AM

Arming with a gun... Big responsibility to decide to pull that trigger. Guns for hunting animals one thing...guns for killling people, another

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Jan-11-13 5:49 PM

Good for them. That's a great decision, more schools should follow in their footsteps. Agree 100% with American Patriot regarding training and choosing which employees should be armed.

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Jan-11-13 3:57 PM

Both door security enhancements as well as inside security enhancements are positive steps to protect against an unknown and unpredictable assault.

Listening to a Sandy Hook substitute teacher, who was actually on site at work the day of the attack, reinforced the position that properly trained personnel could have reduced - or maybe even prevented - the carnage that sad day as the attacker blasted his way into the building.

He also expressed his frustration and his fear that he would not be able to defend the kids in his class room if it were to be selected for invasion.

His words, not mine.

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Jan-11-13 3:32 PM

Sounds good. How about locks on the doors too that can actually keep out, say, a guy with a gun. That's where Newtown failed. They trained their staff for a shooting emergency, just didn't do anything about building security. I'd much rather have a deranged gunman frustrated OUTSIDE of the building that he can't get in.

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Jan-11-13 2:41 PM

I can't believe this!! Good for them. Chose the employees carefully and train them extensively. Just knowing employees are armed is a big deterrent.

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Jan-11-13 2:12 PM

Yeah, well ........ this is not the best thing in light of our problem.

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