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Steubenville officials speak out

Rape case brings unwanted notoriety

January 11, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — National media flooded the city after a group referring to itself as “Anonymous” targeted the case of two Steubenville High School student-athletes charged with raping a 16-year-old......

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Jan-12-13 11:24 AM

seen the vid. why does the person degrading her grade his penis and rub it? to me it seems he did do something to her. also did not the vid show her on the floor in the corner? they all should be charged and castrated.

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Jan-11-13 3:25 PM

thetruth, I said, " the accusation is." I never it is or I believe it is.

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Jan-11-13 2:31 PM

Billdog, get your facts right. The girl and her parents reported the rape two days later. One week later two teenagers were arrested and charged with rape after the City police investigated. 2 special prosecutors from the Ohio Attorney Generals Office were appointed to the case. They attempted to have the case transferred out of juvenile court and a hearing was held in November. The juvenile court judge decided the teens should be tried as juveniles, not adults, and the case was set for trial in February. To say nothing has been done since August is just plain wrong. And to say the Stuebenville City Police have covered something up is wrong. They investigated and made arrests within a week. Now, the role of the coaches, the county prosecutor, the sheriff and other school employees may be at issue, but I don't see how the city police or the special prosecutors have done anything wrong.

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Jan-11-13 1:27 PM

sarc on/ Its not like this never happened in Warren or anything. /sarc off

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Jan-11-13 1:16 PM

How can you disagree with that?? She did in fact text the boy and told him she knows he did not rape her. Look it up yourself. It's evidence. In the 80s, there was a girl who went to a party at a football players house. She banged him in the back yard and her older brother came walking up and caught her so she claimed rape. The boy was reported and naturally was in a whole bunch of trouble. Ruined his life. Turns out the girl admits to willingly having sex with the kid in his back yard during the party when she turned 18 and admitted to lying because she didn't want to get into trouble with her dad. SO how about no matter how bad these children behaved, we wait for ALL the facts before we label these kids as rapists or tramps.

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Jan-11-13 12:38 PM

Oh yeah, I forgot to add cover-up!!

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Jan-11-13 12:38 PM

I do beleive I've seen this movie on LifeTime! Same thing, party, football team, rape!! They get convicted in the end!!!

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Jan-11-13 12:30 PM

Didn't that girl send a text to the rapist and tell him she is sorry that she knows he did not rape her?

If the victim is saying that she was not raped then what is the sheriff supposed to do?

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Jan-11-13 11:42 AM

No Triumph, the girl and her parents reported it two days after it happened in Aug and NOTHING has been done. The case stands stagnant and the county prosecutor has not pursued anything until it became a media circus. The accusation is that the county was going to quietly let it fade away. Had this group not made issue of it, how long would the county have waited to follow through in the courts. The people and media are questioning if this would have been put on the back-burner had it not been members of the football team?

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Jan-11-13 11:29 AM

Let me get this straight... a bunch of kids go to someones house and they are unsupervised with drugs and alcohol, right? Or perhaps they are supervised but the supervision just doesn't care?? Then a girl gets completely trashed and some trashed kids take advantage of her and rape her while some other trashed kids video and take pics, right? No one reports this to parents or authorities but it leaks to the web and an anonymous person/group turns it in and the Sheriff is scandalous and covering something up. Is that whats going on?

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Jan-11-13 11:09 AM

Solve a hundred crimes and they call you Sheriff, the Crime Solver.

But be complicit in just one cover up and they call you Sheriff the .... ......

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Jan-11-13 10:31 AM

Who's house did this party take place in? Who bought or supplied the alcohol? Who was supervising this group of young people? Ok, they were in their mid teens and are suppose to be old enough to have some privacy, but this groups behavior shows they are not mature enough to be giving much unsupervised attention. It appears some adults need to made accountable as well. I don't think any of these 14-18 year olds had the home this all took place in.

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Jan-11-13 10:12 AM

I wonder why only two are in trouble? Who took the picture of them carrying the victim? Obvisily they were there and knew it happened!

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Jan-11-13 9:19 AM

if any of this is true hang the culprits (everyone of them) HIGH

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Jan-11-13 9:11 AM

I find it hard to take seriously a person who hides behind a mask and makes accusations.

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Jan-11-13 8:43 AM

Things like this incident don't blossom out of nothing.

We're not talking about the supposed spontaneous "big bang", that formed matter and the universe billions f years ago.

No, these parties, as obvious out-of-hand, they've become, had evolved into what they have became with help of implicit support by the community.

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Jan-11-13 7:23 AM

Rape is rape. The Stupidville officials including the sheriff, police department, school administration, and coaches tried to cover this story up and let two 16 year olds take an easy fall. Underage drinking parties at the coaches' houses and players' parents homes as well. I hope a grand jury is convened to sort this mess out and find out who really did the wrongs or the coverups, not just the two juveniles. It's great to see a group like Anonymous standup for this victim and bring it to the attention of the national media.

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Jan-11-13 6:39 AM

Americans have a Constitution. We have due process. For people to don a mask and/or participate in alleged veiled vigilantism in person or in social media smacks of an era that most Americans are not proud. And to put up a web site to dissiminate information is groundbreaking legally,isn't it? Most attorneys prefer to have their cases tried in court. Perhaps some people think these kind of cases can be wrapped up quickly like we see on television crime shows. In reality, the legal process takes time, laws and due process must be respected for all involved, and victims treated with dignity. I fail to see how social media use in this or any other case accomplishes any of the above.

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Jan-11-13 1:23 AM

'Silence has proven an ineffective salve to ease the pain and suffering of social or familial wounds."

What an amazing admission. So, the community of Steubenville is at least admitting that silence was the first path to take. On the SAME DAY the school system finally asks students to come forward, we hear from a leader at Steubenville that "silence" was the preferred path to go.

I don't think there was a cover up by the authorities. I think the people of that odd little town thought it was best to shuffle off to the dark when things got a little tight for their "boys."

I wonder where these molesters learned their ways. I wonder -- parents of Steubenville. Coaches. Teachers. Administrators.

The cops seem like the only people that are honest and courageous in that slimy place.

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