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Movie sparks debate

January 9, 2013

WARREN — Opposing sides of the polarized hydraulic fracturing debate are clearly outlined in “Promised Land,’’ a motion picture starring Matt Damon and John Krasinski that opened last week in......

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Jan-21-13 10:16 PM

WaaaaAAAaaaaAAAhh says the moonbat.

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Jan-11-13 5:55 PM

"Marmel- You are the moon bat."


You're the queen of moonbats.

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Jan-10-13 4:08 PM

So if there are no pertinent (water)federal EPA laws regulating fracking and state EPA appointees are typically unqualified stooges for the pro-corporate governor, I would say YES, that pretty much gives the gas/oil companies unregulated freedom to pollute our common land and waterways.

And I personally do not call for all fracking to stop, let alone your insane characterization of me: "burn umm, buuurrrn!", but rather I would like to see an honest treatment of the fracking industry that upholds the constitution: our congress passed the Clean Water Act unanimously and Dick Cheney had no right to dismiss it.

If you are so smart marmel and fracking is completely safe and without serious risk, please explain to all the readers here why did Cheney have closed-door meetings to exclude the fracking industry from federal EPA Clean Water Act laws?

Keep on the subject and answer this point. I'll admit you win if you can answer this one point.

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Jan-10-13 3:58 PM

Let me rephrase that, you would rather line a few pockets with gold, than protect our environment?

That brushes up against the definition of sociopathic.

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Jan-10-13 3:54 PM

Marmel- You are the moon bat.

I have not seen the film, but as far as I have read, the film shows both sides. And as far as corporations are concerned; would you deny their bottom line (profits) is their God and environmental protections are "job-killers" because they eat into corporate profit-margins?

So you would rather pollute our land than line a few pockets with gold? That is sickening. Remeber, you will have to stand before God one day and asnwer for this.

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Jan-10-13 12:40 PM

Ever notice how liberal regions, union regions are dieing to "come back" but then when there is opportunity they don't want it because the believe the narrative that business is evil. Losers, start your own business/industries then. You guys have all the answers. Your guys are the best that never did it. The smartest bumper bolters in history. Greates business minds that never succeeded.

You know moon bat loons? The is a corp. that is directly responsible for murder, genocide, extermination of people worldwide. It is proven historical fact. It is called............ Compassionate government.

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Jan-10-13 12:35 PM

Truth: As far as the clean water and air act goes they're not exactly exempt. And state laws can still make their lives difficult if they mess up. They still have to protect the public health. They still have to observe certain environmental laws. So it's not lawless cowboys drilling on the range lawfully dumping acid in the rivers. Also, the EPA found fracking complete safe back then and so the benefits far outweighed the risks that were shown not to exist. Obama’s own head of the EPA found fracking to be safe. You are trying to paint a picture like this lame movie. Business men are evil devils, who want to destroy the communities that they and their workers live. “Burn em up, BURN UMM HAHAHAHAHAHAHA BURNNNNNNNN”

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Jan-10-13 12:11 PM

Numskull truth repeats lies he is fed by huff post and tree hunging nazi's. You morons throw around the word regulation like it is all or none. Which proves one thing. You don't formulate your own opinions. Your confirm the left wing talking points before you make up your mind. Thats why u all sound retarded.

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Jan-10-13 12:07 PM

THE EPA is not the government's only regulatory body. There is the constitution, bill of rights, Osha, labor laws, enviromental laws on the books. The EPA is a rogue left wing department that destroyes more jobs than protects the enviroment. Get rid of them.

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Jan-10-13 12:03 PM

Truth. You have no clue what u are talking about. First Brasco said business in General. Second provide proof that anyone advocates for complete deregulation. Second not even oil companies want to be deregulated because regulation promotes fair competition and an equal playing field. You have no idea what you are talking about. Yet another repeater, non thinker.

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Jan-10-13 11:41 AM

Fools. I don't hear of Hollywood employing anyone in THIS valley! Y does everyone put so much stock in the garbage that comes from the theater? Actors and actresses are no better than you or I...and often times no more educated. Unfortunately, our lazy populace has given them their platform. Educate yourself people.

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Jan-10-13 11:39 AM

Daniel's statement was one of the best ones on here yet!

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Jan-10-13 9:50 AM

Besides, a lot of people don't know that state and federal EPA chiefs are political appointees who do not need to have any scientific background whatsoever and may even hate the EPA and want to see it abolished themselves.

Don't you dare let them think for you.

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Jan-10-13 9:47 AM


marmel said, "Who the @#$%^& is advocating we leave the (gas/oil) industry unregulated?"

I make the case that Dick Cheney wants to see these industries unregulated. That was why his national energy policy meetings after 911 were closed door "top secret" meetings. This was every bit as evil as Obamacare getting rammed down our throats and is barely ever mentioned in our media.

Also, Mitt Romney suggested the first thing he would have done as president is abolish the EPA. So who is advocating leaving industries unregulated> pretty much anyone who voted for Mitt.

If there is no EPA who will hold them accountable? That is absolutely undemocratic and evil.

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Jan-10-13 9:40 AM

bear- I agree with you. I just want the facts and anyone who thinks I was defending democrats doesn't know me.

I was suggesting we seriously need some balance in our national debates. If Obama gets brutally assailed for ramming his "pet" laws that affects us all down our throats, and he should have been and he was/is, then why is the media and the whole nation silent about Dick Cheney's "pet" fracking laws that he rammed down our throats in closed-door meetings???? How can we say there is a two-sided debate if nobody is arguing about these laws that also affect us all?

This is a big red flag!

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Jan-09-13 11:17 PM

BOtto, you just can't resist the urge can you? The urge to make yourself look like an angry, immature child. Is that the best you can do? Maybe you should try to stay on topic instead of trying to degrade me at every opportunity...oh, maybe you don't have the mental capacity to add to the conversation; your previous posts have substantiated that. Anyway, I don't have the time or inclination to respond to your childish comments anymore, so knock yourself out if it makes you feel better.

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Jan-09-13 9:12 PM

"please explain why Dick Cheney had to have dozens of closed-door energy policy meetings "

Because of left wing loon-bot like you.

"Losen your tinfoil hats"

Says the baggee.

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Jan-09-13 9:03 PM

Have you ever known any of the promises to have ever come true? Exactly, me too

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Jan-09-13 8:47 PM

This is going to happen whether any of us approve or disprove. The question is, Will it inject the massive amount of jobs and cash into the economy like they promised? I have not seen it at all as of yet. Still waiting.

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Jan-09-13 8:42 PM

If anyone thinks this movie sparked a debate, you have NOT been paying attention."And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter."

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Jan-09-13 8:05 PM

zipcityboy, you can find the same phenomena in N Jackson, where some people complained of this happening after GM drilled those gas wells years ago. Has technology improved since then? I would hope so. Is the drilling company putting up insurance against this, putting up some guarantee that it won't happen? I have not heard that they are.

I don't know the facts, I am looking for real, truthful information. My point was that many people blindly take either side in a controversial subject like this without having any knowledge of the true facts, and whose opinion is only based upon a prejudice of some kind ("all big businesses are evil, the government is evil, etc."). Just as bad is the other side, who think "big business is more concerned with my well-being than with their own profits." Both are equally dumb.

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Jan-09-13 6:49 PM

There should be a sequel to the Promised Lands featuring the Kline family in Portage County. Thanks to a rig the fracking outfit Keystone Oil and Gas placed near their house, their tap water now catches on fire.

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Jan-09-13 6:48 PM

Can't resist a good strong whiff while brown nosing eh Afret?

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Jan-09-13 5:57 PM

Well said Resistance & Marmel.

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Jan-09-13 3:15 PM

This film is brought to you by the same industry that brought us movies that glorify violence and then the whining, snivelling actors from those movies telling us all to give up our guns to stop gun violence.

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