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Police chase juvenile thief

Boy, 16, being held after spotted with stolen truck

January 9, 2013

WARREN — A 16-year-old Youngstown boy was being held at the Juvenile Justice Center lockup after Warren police said they spotted the teen in a stolen pickup truck moments after the owner of the......

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Jan-11-13 4:50 PM

More/ACDC or should I address you both as just NMC. Fake stats, you two, obviously unemployed, PLEASE give us all YOUR STATS to dispute what I have said, you run your mouths but NEVER offer anything factual. The US prison population, murder stats, assault stats etc. etc. back up what I say to be ONE HUNDRED PERCENT ACCURATE, I don't believe the FBI stats would be called racist, but then again those stats are not generally read by two morons such as yourselves and subject to YOUR own interpertations.

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Jan-11-13 12:18 PM

Yes that is very interesting Realtalk, so much free time. Enough to sit down town counting prisoners. jonathan finally got a boyfriend or is it girlfriend to share hatred of African Americans. that's right truthmonger we're all guilty

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Jan-11-13 11:42 AM

Fake stats? Have you been indulging in mind altering substances? Tell you what, just go down town and sit on a bench paying close attention of the stream of prisoners being led into the courthouse. Now, tell me that what you're seeing is fake as well. Either you have the ability to understand truth or you have the ability to disregard for whatever reason what the facts are .........

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Jan-11-13 9:58 AM

Interesting to note all the sudden new names having the entire day free to make angry comments. Guess it suxs to be unemployed with nothing to do all day eh? Easier to join jonathan to vent your frustration against African Americans rather than work eh? A loser who already has the reputation for joblessness, racism, anger, jealousy and a constant crybaby over NMC. Welcome to your new normal!

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Jan-11-13 9:46 AM

Excellent post(s) Truthmonger, I like that you shut jonathon and his fake stats down. Can't imagine why his major goal in life is to trash black people here. A sure sign of a loser!

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Jan-10-13 10:03 PM

Simple facts truth: 58% of murders, blacks were charged, 67% of all robberies, 42% of all aggravated assaults, 43% of all auto thefts, and as for murder MORE than 90% of the time their VICTIMS were black, these stats are not racist views they are the FBI crime stats for 20ll. Pretty alarming numbers considering young black males between the ages of 14 and 30 years old ONLY represent 5 to 6% of the total US population.

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Jan-10-13 5:09 PM

Stupidity comes into play as well. That could be leveraged towards either side but ....... the facts tell the whole truth.

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Jan-10-13 4:31 PM

jonathan- racist stats don't tell the whole story "who is committing the vast majority of murders" Please compare low-income whites to low-income blacks, because I believe the crime rates are similar between poor whites and blacks. It's just that a much higher percentage of blacks are poor.

No excuses for poor folks, but race has less to do with it than poverty. Besides, there are whole black African nations with very little crime and low murder rates.

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Jan-10-13 4:20 PM


Add up all of the thefts from all the petty black theives and it wouldn't amount to one Bernie Madoff. The whites steal way more than the blacks in America and around the world, by a long shot, but it's not called common theft. They call it "ponzi schemes" or "white collar crime" and other nonsense.

As far as murder rates: many of the most heinous atrocities in history were initiated by whites. African Slave Trade. WWII. Stalin's Great Purge.

Ghetto thugs got a long way to go to catch up with any of these white guys.

As for these young thugs, white or black, stealing in Warren, I say they work off all of the court costs and damages to society they cause. Forced labor with one rule: you don't work--you don't eat.

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Jan-10-13 3:52 PM

Earl, I can't seem to recall what was that "murder" rates for Blacks vs Whites, maybe you could set us all straight as to WHO in America is committing the vast majority of murders. I'm sure we would all like to see the reality of "your" numbers

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Jan-10-13 8:38 AM

It's apparent these child killers don't watch their own HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO. LOL

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Jan-10-13 8:37 AM

@RNA,the ultimate white experiance is killing your mom & school kids. LOL

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Jan-09-13 10:59 PM

come on now-- He's just tryin' to make the family see he's grown-up! I'm sure they're PROUD!!!

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Jan-09-13 8:42 PM

Old Crap is a little overly sensitive today, what's the problem Crap, wife not paying enough attention to you lately??

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Jan-09-13 7:05 PM

How do you know he a dad to begin with? How do you know he has an autistic son? How do you know Henry's not black?

Just questions that I would ask myself before shedding abusive language .........

I think it would be wise to take the stance of doing a little damage control! LOL

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Jan-09-13 3:33 PM


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Jan-09-13 1:26 PM

With the many career choices out there I guess somebody has to pick STUPID. This young man is from Youngstown, in Warren stealing cars. I wonder were his parents are. 10:30 in the morning, most 16 year olds are in school. Another stellar citizen on the rise. God help us.

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Jan-09-13 12:03 PM

Jamestown plaza is the shadiest parking lot known to man. Didn't used to be so bad, but now whenever I'm in town, I don't go there after dark.

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Jan-09-13 10:40 AM

I don't know what I would do if one of my kids did this. I know they would sit in jail awhile. The thing about giving a kid the belt, it can backfire. My parents hit us with the belt (not very often for me more so for my brother). I look back now and it was over stupid stuff they hit us for. I ended up becoming sneaky and lied so I wouldn't get in trouble. You do have to pick your battles as a parent. Stealing is very serious though. They should make this kid return the car to the owner and look him in the face and apologize (for starters).

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Jan-09-13 8:48 AM

Maybe a bucket and sponge alone won't help but I bet a good "tanning of the hide" along with a bucket and sponge would do some good!

People really need to not be afraid to whoop their childs ass. There is a difference between a punishment and a beating. PUNISH your children!! My dads 1970s leather belt hurt like hell, I won't deny that! But all 6 of my parents children have all graduated HS, stayed sober, no teen pregnancies, have jobs and no criminal record. I attribute this to my parents rules and the whoopins we got when we broke the rules!

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Jan-09-13 8:46 AM

Well on his way to a great future???

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Jan-09-13 6:46 AM

Sixteen! Just got his license, or maybe not. What's next 14 year olds? Give him something in hope of opening his eyes. I don't think a bucket and sponge is going to help his cause.

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Jan-09-13 3:40 AM

Give him a sponge and bucket and advertise for a free car wash open to all. Put these kids to work, idle hands are the devil's tool

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Jan-09-13 3:15 AM

Another day in da hood

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