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Sat. 5:10pm: Hostess in talks to sell bread brands

January 5, 2013

NEW YORK (AP) — The makers of Thomas' English muffins and Tastykake snacks are emerging as the two of the bidders for Wonder Bread and other Hostess bread brands as the company tries to sell off its......

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Jan-07-13 8:19 AM

how can these avg pay union members expect to hold out longer than multi millionaire greedy owners?

unions need a different plan now. your old strategy of walking out is failing everytime now.

wise up abit.

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Jan-07-13 8:15 AM

i agree with the corporate greed explanation. myself, i think a big problem in our country is corporate greed. however, how is this union now benefitting from walking off their job?

thats the dumbest plan i have ever heard of.....especially in this wreck of an economy where people cannot find work.

so, someone explain to me how the brilliance of walking off the job is helping this particular union?

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Jan-06-13 3:19 PM

In the 2012 Bankrupcy the Teamsters already accepted another pay cut and cut in benefits, they already radified their contract prior to the strike by the Bakers Union. The Bakers went on strike. The Bakers Union boss Frank Hurt retired recently with a 6 figure salary and his children in jobs with the Bakers Union. The CEO and executives are getting millions for "closing the company"

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Jan-06-13 2:50 PM

In the last Bankrupcy (not the one in 2012) the Teamsters took a wage reduction while the CEO and other top executives gave themselves million dollar bonuses. Google's been all over the news. Now the "executives" are asking the Bankrupcy judge for millions to "stay on and close" Wonder/Hostess. That has also been in the news. Corporate greed is the problem here.

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Jan-06-13 10:40 AM

You're right, swelter...the union sure did show them who's boss...LM.AO

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Jan-06-13 10:15 AM

This is great news. Those bakeries and distribution facilities will get a fresh start with new workers and new management. They can hire former employees and can weed out the slackers without a union butting in. A win win.

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Jan-06-13 10:09 AM

i agree joe, the union cut off their nose to spite their face.

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Jan-06-13 7:44 AM

Joe, never attempt to discuss truths and facts with a liberal, it just makes their head spin.

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Jan-05-13 8:23 PM

Grupo Bimbo is a Mexican company who has already been prevented from buying US bakeries due to anti-trust concerns.

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Jan-05-13 7:57 PM

Your Ass joe you think its ok the company triples the top peoples pay,while they want the UNION WORKERS who do the work to take cut,after cut,YOUR THE PROBLEM WITH AMERICA

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Jan-05-13 7:20 PM

Union greed...

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