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Police may have car from hit-skip

Man on bike was severely injured

January 5, 2013

WARREN — Police found a car Friday they believe was involved in a hit-skip accident early New Year’s Day that severely injured a ma....

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Jan-07-13 11:39 AM

Chances are that the missing suspect had a lot to loose if they stuck around. We are talking ethics and morals to have a person stop and aid the victim. The problem is that the suspect most likely doesn't have either of the two. Par for the coarse at 3:00 am in the morning in this area of town anyway .........

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Jan-07-13 11:00 AM

I hope they hang the POS. Hit somebody and leave? WTF is the matter with this person? Again another example of how so many value life. Just plane sad.

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Jan-07-13 10:21 AM

the F word for gay male!

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Jan-07-13 10:21 AM

Man you act like a scorned *** with your constant ranting against other posters and their comments.

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Jan-07-13 9:53 AM

Thirteen year old adult? That's really stupid. Girls that will hit you with their purse then, go punch your fat obese wife in the stomach. That's even more stupid than the first one. Great wisdom there and not to mention wonderful intelligence! lol

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Jan-06-13 9:42 PM

lol @ Crap

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Jan-06-13 7:08 PM

I hope the man that was injured heals quickly. I just have noticed a lot of people walking or riding bikes after dark and wearing dark clothing with no reflective gear on. Thankfully, I saw them in enough time to swerve. Also, the people riding bikes are riding against traffic not following basic traffic laws.

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Jan-06-13 6:24 PM

Hey I gotta run out to Walmart, you gonna run out there and hit me with your purse?

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Jan-06-13 6:21 PM

Now go punch your morbidly obese wife in the stomach because you're angry at a stranger on line who peed on your valuable respect...

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Jan-06-13 6:19 PM

Good thing I'm gonna continue living just fine without the respect of a 13yr old adult with a psychotic belief that he effects the lives of strangers on a message board. This NMC must be one heck of a guy to leave comments on a message board so powerful a moron wakes up out of his sleep just to wonder if NMC will come to some guys "rescue" or sit in high anticipation of what he'll say next.

Oddly enough I have no idea what that feels like. I go about my daily routine never wondering about some bozo's words on a web site. And certainly not so emotionally invested as to generate feelings of contempt, respect, lack thereof, etc... I wonder how those feelings are working out for ya, probably not very well. You people are funny, and anyone reading here long enough already knows I'm here for laughs at the expense of idiots so stupid to allow themselves an emotional attachment to words on a message board... You're just a dumbass who got caught in NMC's trap!

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Jan-06-13 5:27 PM

Did you people ever think that maybe just maybe he was going to work or something similar?!?!? no you people just assume!! do you know this man?!?! probably not so stop assuming!!

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Jan-06-13 1:35 PM

Are you 13yrs old Zenith and really think "fellow posters" do more than read these comments, shake their heads and keep moving? There is no audience, names are made up, there is no contest to win. I would hope any good citizen would come to this mans rescue, glad you recognize me as such.

This site has suddenly become less about comments & opinions and more about childish taunts, bad humor and bigoted commentary since several new screen names have appeared over the last few months. I can only imagine the disarray in your households if this is what you have time for and use your internet connection to do. Try being of use to your society rather than a hindrance to those who are!

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Jan-05-13 8:20 PM

Right, do the math .......... negative reuslts. Free country? Wake up .........

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Jan-05-13 8:16 PM

How does anyone know what the bike rider was doing. He most likely doesn't have a car and could have been coming from work. It's still a free country for a little while longer and he has every right to ride if he wants to.

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Jan-05-13 6:06 PM

stones to smoke?

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Jan-05-13 6:05 PM

He was heading to Roberts street to buy ************* of course.

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Jan-05-13 2:32 PM

Exactly correct in your assumption however, we have a few that are missing a card or two in their own deck. I wonder why this guy was out on a bicycle at 3am in the morning in Winter conditions to begin with .....

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Jan-05-13 2:04 PM

Let me understand you annimae, your waiting for some guy to post something negative about others opinions and comments? Aren't you doing to him exactly what you criticise him for even before he's posted anything at all?

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Jan-05-13 12:35 PM

They did run the plate. The not going to be released until the person is caught.

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Jan-05-13 11:00 AM

No one should be a father of 9 at 25 yrs old! How irresponsible is that!

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Jan-05-13 9:27 AM

How interesting, reader's can comment on this story but not the stories related the the 25 year old father of 9 murdered New Years day.

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Jan-05-13 8:47 AM

I certainly hope they find the one responsible for his injuries. Who in their right mind rides a bike at three am in the Winter weather conditions let alone in this part of town? I'm sure the driver fled due to having other warrants and or criminal issues. Sad story ..........

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Jan-05-13 8:31 AM

Any one check BMV records for a name connected to the license plate?

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