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Update: Sunset agrees to close

January 3, 2013

WARREN - City officials have given the downtown club where a man was shot to death early New Year's Day five days to remove its business signs....

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Jan-06-13 5:24 PM

More rambling rhetoric as usual. I like the way you threaten people. Keep up the good work standing up for the less than desirable crowd that has hurt our city.

I wouldn't want to be you as your screen name let alone you in the real world. It's folks like you that need to learn a lesson the hard way.

You can keep deleting the comments under your usual multiple users but you can't stop everyone from playing your same game. I am sorry that you feel as if you are winning or won something too. You make me laugh even more with you childish behavior! LOL

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Jan-06-13 1:55 PM

One last thing. This is my last time giving either of you girls a minute of my time unless of course you make good on your tough talk and post your whereabouts. Otherwise you get no more attention, and probably few readers of your dumb comments since the editorial staff will be watching closely for inappropriate stupidity, both you morons need to grow up, there is NO AUDIENCE WHO GIVES A CHIT ABOUT WHO WRITES WHAT ON A MESSAGE BOARD... BYE BYE, LOL!!!!!

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Jan-06-13 1:48 PM

Neither of you idiots are tough enough to post your whereabouts. Both are dumb enough to believe your words of sissy anger mean anything to anybody. You two girls gonna hit me with your purse when you see me? Oh right, that won't happen since both of you are too cowardly to post your whereabouts or hang outs. Keep living in fear girls, the black plague of violence will eventually seep it's way into your lives. Meanwhile keep posting bullcrap on line if you believe that does any damage to folks who could really care less.

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Jan-05-13 11:22 AM

My question is "where will all these fine upstanding bar patrons go now"?Come to Cortland, or Mecca or Howland and see how long your crap continues.

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Jan-04-13 11:22 PM

@pahootaman amen to that,lol

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Jan-04-13 11:20 PM

really??? nomorecrap,,,sorry it sounds like crap! poor bar owner,, if a person is going into business with someone they should make sure who and what that person is??,,,Ziegler?? come on!! every where that man goes trouble follows, even the owner of the sunrise said he has been there 31 or some odd years and NEVER had any trouble till that bar opened,, and he seems to be a accomplished business man****e on!! someone got shot on the dance floor in the bar and you don't think the business should have been shut down??, I don't think it should have never been opened.just do to the fact of the people that was attached to the bar!

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Jan-04-13 5:53 PM

If they can't run a desirable business, or can't find another job, then get out of town! We don't need these kind of people in our town!

Next, they should close Summit News, another perverted business!

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Jan-04-13 2:29 PM

I don't know about sympathy anniemae but I have a problem with the State or City of Warren denying citizens the right to earn a living. I held the same position when the City victimized the Asian Spas. Sure they can find other jobs, or can they?

Probably not decent paying jobs for sure, I'll just say (being careful since a few consider it bragging) I understand how difficult it is to build a business, get it running and eventually prosperous. Seeing Joe's done all that, leaped every City stumbling block only to have the City return and tell you to close your doors.

What does Joe tell his creditors now when the bills arrive? A moron entered my club, got mad and murdered a guy now I can't pay? That my friend is what I find wrong here... What should happen is now Joe should be forced to hire security, not join the ranks of unemployment, poverty & debt!

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Jan-04-13 12:25 PM not aruing that he didnt receive his inheritance from his mother. he was the only child . just dont understand why you would think he forged any signatures

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Jan-04-13 11:33 AM

I would like to think that the City would be very selective on establishments that are approved to operate in the downtown district. We have several successful businesses that deserve much better than what we just got rid of ........

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Jan-04-13 7:39 AM

Cause and effect. Simple as that! Warren can't have a decent establishment when you do not have strict laws in which thugs or hoodlums have to adhere to. I'm glad that this place shut down. An example had to be made and this is the first step.

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Jan-04-13 3:43 AM

I would most certainly hope it is shut down Mustache Hicky! It's funny other drinking establishments downtown and nearby Sunset don't have near the problems this place does.

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Jan-04-13 12:08 AM

NMC....your sympathy is misplaced. Have you read all these postings? And not one from me!!!!! That oughta tell you something!!!!

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Jan-03-13 10:40 PM

@ NMC, Sounds like Joe Sankey is an irresponsible landord. I find it odd that Joe holds a liquor license for a tenant. Maybe the ATF should confiscate the building for a War Prize and auction it off. Split up the proceeds locally and with the state.

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Jan-03-13 9:54 PM

The closing of this dump hole is a good thing!

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Jan-03-13 8:47 PM

originaltroubler......I am curious how you would know or assume Joe Sankey stole his money from his mother on her deathbed. That is a pretty disturbing thing to say about someone. I know Joe Sankey, he may not be a saint but he did not do what you say.

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Jan-03-13 7:30 PM

where you been at pahoot ?

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Jan-03-13 5:05 PM

This Ziegler guy is 3-for-3 with bar closures due to shootings, right?

He should open a target range.

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Jan-03-13 4:48 PM

i would like to give credit where credit is do and that you, for the people who comment on here with real facts about some of the behind the scene things that some of us just dont no. i personally was completely unawre of all the connections that these thugs were connected to. it paints a clear picture of whats really going on, and i believe that ur info caused a lot more people to look at the big picture. thx.

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Jan-03-13 3:31 PM

The crime will just move somewhere else. You have to remove the undesirables from society. Sorry to say, but we are going to have to go back to the days of public hanging and then leave them there for 24 hours for all to see as an example of what can happen to them.

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Jan-03-13 2:50 PM

Come on, Nomore, you've read the stories in this paper a few sundays ago. You know something is going on beyond this just being a hard working fella' trying to run a bar.

You should read the report by the state authorities who investigated this bar back in August. It was part of the Warren Council hearing on this matter. IF you read that, you would know the convicted felon had a contract found in the bar that denoted how profits were to be split with him.

Don't be naive. You also know if as a business owner (or a landlord) if you allow certain elements in, you are responsible at the end of the day.

People use the example of the Warren bar "Too Hype". The owner does not let the thugs in. He has a doorman. He has a buzzer to get it. He does not have these problems, even though he has a "black" "rap" bar.

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Jan-03-13 2:20 PM

Being a non reputable business owner has its disadvantages. Lets just be thankful that we didn't have multiple deaths as the conditions were very favorable.

Sorry that the owners inability to surround himself by reputable law abiding clientele will result in the loss of money. Maybe he should look into another business sector as his success in this one has been very poor. Keeping the Sunset doors closed is the best thing we could have hoped for........

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Jan-03-13 2:17 PM

"I think it's wrong to deny a man the right to operate a business when it's random hoodlums committing the crimes."

When you use the term 'hoodlums' you are talking about Ziegler, correct?

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Jan-03-13 2:10 PM

this is just till the dust settles,,the same owners will try again in another hole in the wall!!!!

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Jan-03-13 1:38 PM

Mr. Crap, I do understand the down side this from more than the owners personal loss. The city actually looses money, the state looses money and the fed looses money. The reality is these individuals own this establishment allowed rowdy behavior to be a regular occurrence in their establishment. The owner has proven to not be responsible enough to possess this type of business. I would hope the city would do the same to any liquor license holder that runs a bar. Like many have pointed out in other articles, there are many bars in Warren that don't have these on going issues. If a message parlor that never had any police calls, complaints, or other city involvement can be shut down, a place that is a real problem should be instantly shut down.

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