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2:30 pm Tues: Bill to avert fiscal cliff heads to House

January 1, 2013

WASHINGTON - Squarely in the spotlight, House Republicans are deciding their next move after the Senate early this morning overwhelmingly approved compromise legislation negating a fiscal cliff of......

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Jan-02-13 10:42 AM

MrR--your statements are correct, the Bush tax cuts were overwhelming passed by both parties..Nothing wrong the Bush tax cuts.

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Jan-02-13 4:06 AM

The bottom line is - the "Makers" made a HUGE BET and they LOST!!

Now they'll start to use that capital they've been saving, and they'll expand their businesses and hire new people.

You'll see this economy start to take off again, because you see. .they LOST - Obama retained the White House, we held the Senate and come 2014 we'll take back the House.

The Middle Class isn't going to let the "Makers" control us any more, nor will we allow them to siphon off our life blood for their own insufferable greed.

You can just stand on the sidelines and moan and groan, and you'll still benefit from the work the rest of us have been doing. Too bad, but at least we'll take care of you.

I guarantee the "Makers" don't even know you exist.

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Jan-02-13 4:00 AM

Get your priorities straight.

The only way for America to regain it's financial stability is to strengthen the middle class and eliminate the income inequality that has stagnated us for the past 30 years.

Not once, Not even ONCE in recorded history has a civilization allowed a small percentage of it's citizens to control the vast majority of it's wealth, along with it's political machinery, and survived the experiment.

A strong middle class has always meant a strong America, and a strong America is a very good thing for planet Earth.

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Jan-02-13 3:56 AM

Now that we've talked about the people you label as "takers", let's talk a bit about these "wonderful" people you call the "makers".

These are the corporate owners who are sitting on 2 TRILLION in cash. People like the Koch Brothers and their 400 BFF's who made a pact not to create new jobs,or expand their businesses, etc., but to let the economy stagnate so that they could get control of the White House again.

"Makers" who spent billions of dollars trying to take back control of the government so they could continue to*****our economy dry.

And these "Makers" could afford to do this, because their average incomes rose by 650% between 1992 and 2007, and then they saw an additional 16% increase during and after the 2008 recession.

You call them "Makers" - I call them TRAITORS. Their only God is money.

They don't care about America - they'll sell us and split us up if they can make a profit doing it.

This is who you wor

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Jan-02-13 3:03 AM

While you worry about the little guy, who sweeps floors and empties trash and washes dishes so that their family can live a barely subsistance life, I worry about the rich tax evaders.

Those folks have, according to multiple international sources, stashed between 20 - 30 TRILLION dollars, none if it taxed, in off shore accouts.

Tax losses are valued at over 3 TRILLION annually.

Why aren't you worried about these people instead of your constant barrage of nonsense about the working poor?

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Jan-02-13 2:53 AM

But it's not just low-income people who get out of paying income taxes. About 1 percent of the top 1 percent of income earners, those making about $533,000 or more, did not pay income taxes. That's roughly 13,000 tax filers. And 4,000 millionaires are also escaping that burden, according to a Tax Policy Center analysis.

Last year 99% of people earning less than $10,000 per year paid no income tax. Roughly 78% of the households that did not pay income tax were below the poverty line.

You're going to castigate them for working for minimum wage? Rail against them for trying to keep their heads above water?

How Christian of you!!

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Jan-02-13 2:51 AM

All Americans pay some tax, at the minimum, sales tax, and gas tax.

Any working American pays taxes.

They pay Social Security Tax, they pay State and Local Tax. Depending on their income, they may or may not pay Federal INCOME tax, but they pay Federal payroll taxes.

I pay Federal taxes, including income tax & State Taxes, Property Tax, Sales Taxes, Gas Taxes, etc.

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Jan-01-13 8:26 PM

karen...hows bout we get sum mer of yer blah blah blah blah's.

maybe y'all can tel how great and beautiful and pure obammy is and how his deal alone would have saved our souls?

god bless obammy and even america alittle bit too!!!

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Jan-01-13 8:25 PM

Karen, Isn't it funny that the majority of the 56% you speak actually pay ZERO FEDERAL TAXES. For your info these are the "takers" and not the makers, tell us Karen, what catagory do you fit in?

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Jan-01-13 8:08 PM

karen...blah blah, blah, blah-blah-blah.

that pretty much sums up your propaganda.

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Jan-01-13 7:37 PM

For those of you who have forgotten, our President has put forth budgets, which have not been passed by the Republican led House.

We had a "grand bargain" that would have cut 4 Trillion from the debt, but again, the Republicans have refused to allow taxes to go up on the wealthiest 2% of Americans, preferring instead to let taxes go up on 98% of Americans and 97% of small businesses, the exact group that would not have been affected if we'd done what President Obama wanted to do.

This is NOT democracy in action, as every current poll shows over 56% of Americans want taxes to go up on the upper 2%.

Even major businesses agreed with President Obama's budget.

It's just the Republicans who keep this from passing, because it doesn't work for their Big Business owners, the guys who finance their campaigns and provide them with all the perks.

Shame on Speaker Boehner, and Eric Cantor and all the tea party legislators who are holding our country hostage.

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Jan-01-13 6:21 PM

or, even better yet...."CBO Estimates "Obama Tax Cut" To Add $4 Trillion To Deficit Over Next Decade...."---zerohedge

absolutely awesome! BWAHAHAHA

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Jan-01-13 6:20 PM

"The "fiscal cliff" deal that was designed to save money actually includes $330.3 billion in new spending over the next decade, according to the official estimate the Congressional Budget Office released Tuesday afternoon. CBO said the bill contains about $25.1 billion in new cuts, but those are swamped by the new spending on extended unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless and other new refundable tax credits that President Obama fought for. Of those cuts, only $2 billion are scheduled to take effect in 2013."---washingtontimes


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