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New Year's Day shooting at Sunset Lounge

January 1, 2013

WARREN - Police were called to the Sunset Lounge following a shooting early New Year's Day. According to scanner traffic, shots were fired about 2:10 a.m. inside the bar, 480 E. Market St. S.E....

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Jan-01-13 4:21 AM

By definition the person shot is a "victim", but are they really. I'm a victim by having this place in business. Time to shut it down.

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Jan-01-13 5:31 AM

close down all the sauna's but this place is still open!!!! i just dont get it!!!

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Jan-01-13 5:55 AM

Naturally this is the way Warren brings in the New Year...more of the same for another year.

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Jan-01-13 6:01 AM

Well, there you go. It will be the temporary end to all the nonsense about who owns the building, who runs the business, who has the food license, who has the liquor license, who actually works there, and the other nonsense associated with this business. It is a shame this same scenerio has continued throughout the last couple a years with a slight variation of circumstances. It is time to end the charade and pull the liquor license.

We thought about going to a nearby restaurant last night for dinner and decided not to do it because of this place. Not worth the possible trouble. I can't see the owner of that nearby restaurant or other business owners in the area being real happy with this situation either.

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Jan-01-13 7:20 AM

It's hard to be proud of Warren when you have dump holes like the Sunset Lounge in this city. The city should chain the doors and announce it as a crime scene never to be reopened.

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Jan-01-13 8:02 AM

That's a shame...not even a good 2 hours into the new year and someone is shot. SMH

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Jan-01-13 8:03 AM

According to WKBN the victim is dead. This nuisance pretty much shut itself down from the quality of people it catered to. Good riddance, I can now enjoy great food across the street after the streetlights go on and not have to worry.

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Jan-01-13 8:06 AM

Now this is a real shame.... Are we gonna have to be like the court houses and have to install metal detectors everywhere??? Everyone in warren keep it up and you will end up without anywhere to go for a good time. You all are ruining it for yourselves and everyone else who is out to have a good time. Too bad no one knows how to mix liquor and a good time anymore. What can I say except I guess you just can't stop stupid.

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Jan-01-13 8:22 AM

Typical night in Warren..and nothing will get done about it because of who owns it .. My family has stopped patronizing the Sunrise because who wants to be in Warren after 5 .... What a shame that the same retreaded politicians have sat back collected a pay check and now most are collecting two while the City and County deteriorates more..

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Jan-01-13 8:23 AM

I truly feel embarrassed for all of the good black people in our community and I for one know many of them are also embarrassed.

I could sit here and write a negative rant about this shooting but it does nothing to resolve the situation.

I think it is time for some serious proactive measures from the city of Warren and it's police chief. I don't know what actions should be taken but somebody who has to step up. Maybe it's time to ask the State Attorneys General for help and bring in the State Patrol.

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Jan-01-13 8:49 AM

Now, I have to be a butt head this morning. Ok, why all the calls to shut it down, INSTEAD of gun control laws? When the five year old found a gun in a car, certain folks yelled we need gun control. Adults shoot each other in a bar, and your gun control voices are silent. You know who you are, the people who only support a cause when it involves a political or moral agenda. So Warrenproud, why no calls for gun bans?

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Jan-01-13 8:51 AM

you live by the gun you die by the gun.

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Jan-01-13 8:56 AM

At least they got to watch the giant 40 ounce bottle drop before all the fun started.

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Jan-01-13 9:23 AM

This place is a RAT HOLE that caters to rats. Shut it down before you get more of the same. What is it going take before something is done?

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Jan-01-13 9:30 AM

@usb,i see your relative adam lanza could'nt wait til the new year.

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Jan-01-13 10:25 AM

Someone took out the crack dealer...karma

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Jan-01-13 10:28 AM

All you gun totten, tough guy John Waynes out there. Why, oughta ride up to the Sunset (in your mustangs), saunter in, and tell all the pilgrims they have till 5 o'clock to ride off into the sunset. Most of you must be in your teens. Warren used to have real tough bars. The Warren cops cleaned up the blight then and they will take care of the Sunset.

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Jan-01-13 10:35 AM

Good Riddance, Sunset Lounge, and all the scumballs that patronized it...

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Jan-01-13 10:57 AM

Maybe the owners of the respectable establishments in Warren will see to it that this scumhole is shut down for good!

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Jan-01-13 11:23 AM

To justhinkin u r ingrant this has nothing to do about what he was he was someones brother father regardless of what he dd he did not deserve to die and just because it happened at a bar don't make the bar a bad place the bar didn't shoot the gun some bumb ass did that should've faught wit his hhands and not a tirger this could've happened anywhere like a loundry mat do that mean we shut down them too. Instead aof all the negative how bout respect for the family na

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Jan-01-13 12:01 PM

Yea, right. It's called taking responsibility. Responsibility for their behavior, actions, and lives. Quit with the excuses, because that's all they are.

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Jan-01-13 12:58 PM

Gun control? Give me a break! When will people realize you will NEVER control guns owned by the crooks and thuggs.

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Jan-01-13 1:07 PM

The only way to exterminate rats is to eliminate their breeding grounds. Our city has a history of problems with these type of establishments. All it takes is an upset, crazed, mind altered in one way or the other, RAT and you have problems. They're killing each with a vengeance and innocent people are not safe. The only answer is to close down the breeding grounds then we can all sleep a little better until the next one pops up ......... that's also a given.

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Jan-01-13 1:40 PM

@diffrence. Do you really think that the "guns in bars law" had anything to do with this? Well, I guess you have to blame someone, and why blame the shooter when you can blame "the Republicans".

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Jan-01-13 1:42 PM

You all can cry about warren city and its violence all day from your cpu's and pads but it does nothing!!!! Close sunset its goin down somewhere else, an if people out here wanna be bout that life, well this is that life. Yall dont want no parts of it so stop crying, read ya papers enjoy staying in your own lane. Old judgemental racists- R.I.P. C-Black

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