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Possible changes make local dairy farmers nervous

January 1, 2013

CORTLAND — News that a deal had been reached on extending the 2008 farm bill did little to ease nerves of a local producer and consumers....

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Jan-02-13 12:41 AM

Milk prices will make everything else go up because milk is in most products.

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Jan-01-13 7:11 PM

BWT Waterman, we do subsidize the oil industry. We tried to end this 4 Billion a year subsidy this year, but the Republicans in the Senate didn't let the bill come to the floor.

Reference the CBS News report, late March of this year, Senate Bill was introduced by Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J.

The bill would have ended oil subsidies to large companies such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Conoco Phillips and Royal Dutch Shell.

The New York Times had an article dated July 3, 2010, in the middle of the Gulf oil spill. Deepwater Horizon rented the sunken rig to BP. The company used an oil industry subsidy to write off 70 percent of the cost of the rent for the rig which amounted to a deduction of $225,000 per day.

Big Business owns the Republican party, and we do provide corporate welfare to Big Business on a daily basis, thanks to Republican Legislators.

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Jan-01-13 6:55 PM

Before you go much further with this discussion, you might want to read the New York Times article called "In Dairy Industry Consolidation, Lush Paydays", dated October 27, 2012.

It gives you an eye-opening account of the cartels who run the big milk industry. These "businessmen" have made millions at the top, while the average local dairy farmer has seen their revenues drop.

While some of the antitrust lawsuits have been settled, many have not. Research some facts before you make a decision.

In the meantime, don't expect the Republican led House to do anything that disturbs the moneymaking machine running the dairy industry.

Someplace, some wall street mogel is making a bundle because the House of Rep. has held this bill up for 6 months.

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Jan-01-13 3:34 PM

Welfare is welfare. If the government does not subsidize those industries necessary for national economic survival, i.e., gasoline, then why should they subsidize the dairy industry? By the way, more and more people are eliminating any form of dairy products from their diet because we're learning more and more about the link between dairy and inflammation, along with other things.

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Jan-01-13 12:59 PM

eyesonyou2...I agree with you, take away the subsidies and let the market work. Here is a good WSJ article.that supports us.I cringe when I hear subsidy because I know that some politician got taken care of to get a subsidy. That and tax credits.

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Jan-01-13 12:49 PM

Where do the rest of us get our free welfare checks? Or is this just for business? Again......

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Jan-01-13 11:58 AM

Yep. Our expert lawmakers in Washington D.C. know exactly what the price of milk should be. The millions of daily decisions made by suppliers and purchasers of dairy products, that would set the free market price, aren't relevant. Americans have ceded their economic freedom to the whims of our overlords in the federal bureaucracy, and then whine when their puppet strings are pulled. Fait accompli.

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Jan-01-13 9:28 AM

eyesonyou2 - try the WSJ

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Jan-01-13 8:34 AM

I for one do not consume milk and personally think it is disgusting. With that being said, Why should I or anybody for that fact have to, with my tax dollars, subsidize the dairy industry?

We let gasoline float on the open market and the sheeple remain silent, both individually and collectively.

I say let dairy and their industry float on the open market and if milk goes to $7 a gallon then so be it.

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Jan-01-13 8:33 AM

the government just seems to be working their way through everything so nobody can make any money anymore. Ok for the Banksters to throw away all of our money though ... for that they get a bail out!!!!!! Crazy country.

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Jan-01-13 8:31 AM

Isn't that what government is for? To really screw you up???? Look what they did to the trucking industry back in the 80's. They deregulated it saying the competition would drive shipping prices..... did it??? No, all they did was save big business a bundle of money all the while cleaning all of us owner operators off of the road. Then in the 90's they deregulated gas suppliers and electric companies. Did their prices go down??? NO! If anything everything is higher. Are they gonna take farming an make it so you can't make any money????? Probably. Why is it when this government touches anything under the guise of fixing it the prices run rampantly higher???? Wages keep going lower. Something has got to give. Government needs to keep the fraud out of everything and that should be the extent of their governing. I guess they wouldn't be able to get filthy rich that way. I worked in the automotive industry for 16 years 11 of that was without any raises.

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Jan-01-13 8:28 AM

Laughable WarrenP Where do you come up with these statements that you parade as fact?

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Jan-01-13 7:26 AM

The issue is very simple, the RepublicaNOs want to allow the importation of cheap foreign milk to drive our small business dairy farmers out of business. Shame shame shame on them! Again we see that they don't care about our middle class or small dairy farm business men. They only care about the large agricultural importation businesses who are paying big lobby bucks to get that provision in the new law.

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