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Youngstown church marks Kwanzaa

December 31, 2012

YOUNGSTOWN — The seven core principles of Kwanzaa did not start with Maulana Karenga some 46 years ago, explained Gladys C. Burnett....

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Jan-01-13 7:41 PM

mourningstarr4: Below you will see that there is a month for other nationality, there is nothing wrong with celebrating your heritage.

February is Black History Month

March Irish American Heritage month

May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage month

September 15th – October 15th Hispanic Heritage month

November is Native American Heritage month

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Jan-01-13 2:13 PM

How is a Kwanzaa celebration hurting anyone?

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Jan-01-13 11:40 AM

Daniel, what's going on here? I could NOT AGREE MORE with your post! Happy New Year to ALL!

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Jan-01-13 9:31 AM

"Some have more opportunity's because of their race" = quotas

couldn't agree more with your comment

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Jan-01-13 8:08 AM

I think everyone should stop the whoa me. No person alive today has ever been a slave. Ticks me off when I hear, "we were this and we were that" And, everyone alive today has the same opportunity as anyone else. As a matter of fact, Some have more opportunity's because of their race.

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Dec-31-12 8:42 PM


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Dec-31-12 8:41 PM

And as far as your stoopid comment, Ihateusblues, don't you remember 3 famous black quarterbacks were Irish? Dante Culpepper, Steve McNair, and Donovan Mcabb.

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Dec-31-12 8:31 PM

Everybody be pissin' on Crapper's Kwanzaa parade...

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Dec-31-12 7:21 PM

All I've read is provocateurs attempting to undermine Kwanzaa by labeling it's apostle & advocate a crook. What is your point? Why are'nt you happy to see black folks are worshiping instead of at your front door with a gun or at a motel with your daughter?

Some of you act threatened by black folks with something constructive or intellectual on their minds. Are you more content to view those making the news for crime & stupidity? Providing your only reason in life to feel exalted, is that it?

Decent human beings of any race are happy to know that others are in prayer and seeking wisdom of God & Universe. It should'nt matter from whence their beliefs came, or handed down by whom. Just be happy that these people are God conscious philanthropic and peaceful...

If some of you idiots (you know who you are) had your way the National Guard would have failed in delivering our ancestors into white only Schools to receive an education!

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Dec-31-12 6:58 PM

Instead of being decent folks focusing on the good in celebrating Kwanzaa, we have dumbasses focusing on anything negative that comes to mind. Most of you are'nt interested in learning anything, you only want a reason to be critical.

You should applaud any religion or cultural celebration even Islam if those practicing it promote peace, unity, and benevolence towards humanity. I detect more racist hatred in the name of Christianity than I do by those believing in Kwanzaa.

Why are'nt you idiots able to allow human beings to simply be & exist? Are these folks preaching an anti-white doctrine? They only want to celebrate & meditate upon the principles of their forefathers.

Absolutely correct Savj1c, exclusion-ism was forced upon us, and now that we've accepted it and are comfortable in our traditions, suddenly it's us who are the racists? I've seen whites celebrating Kwanzaa so this talk of exclusion is unfounded and ridiculous.

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Dec-31-12 6:26 PM

Wow folks,lighten up.The history of black people in the U.S.A. IS ONE OF EXCLUSION and SEPERATE.Let's think about it.I'll even leave the slavery issue out.Seperate but equal went until the mid-sixtys.They could only go to Black schools,drink from colored water fountains,play base ball in the ***** leagues,fight for their country in Black divisions.We had to send the National guard to places so they could attend WHITE high schools,and Universities.Now they want to celebrate their Black heritage,and you find that exclusionary?The vast majority of Black people STILL live in Black neighborhoods,attend Black churches.Instead of complaining about how they have been treated because of being Black,they are celebrating their black heritage.I wish them well..

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Dec-31-12 5:00 PM

Just checking in to see if the comments were removed yet. :)

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Dec-31-12 4:55 PM

I'd like to know why if ANY OTHER culture or nationality has anything for just them they are concidered racist? I mean we have Feb as Black history month but we don't have Chinese or Spanish or any other history month! WHY?

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Dec-31-12 3:59 PM

I didn't mention green or black because touchdown already had. I cannot add anything to his remarks, he says it all. Please read them.

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Dec-31-12 3:04 PM

I thought you were somewhat intelligent before reading your most recent remark! First off, you PURPOSELY omitted the other colors, Green and black. Yes, red signifies blood. The SAME thing that the american flag colors signify so what's your POINT? That comment was DUMB! And St. Patrick is an Irish holiday. Pretty exclusionary there.

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Dec-31-12 2:09 PM

A made up Holiday for people who walk the walk but dont talk the talk!

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Dec-31-12 1:54 PM

We better not say Merry Christmas, but we better say Happy Kwanzaa!!

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Dec-31-12 1:01 PM

Columbus Day celebrates Columbus coming to America, an accomplishment, in those days, roughly equal to going to the moon today. It is not about Italy or Italian-Americans, although Italian-Americans certainly take great pride in it because Columbus was Italian.

St Patrick's Day, actually, not sure what that's all about, short of a reason to party and drink green beer.

But neither of those are exclusionary as Kwanzaa is. Both of those are celebratory. Kwanzaa is creates a "victim" mindset (the red is for the blood of Africans).

One thing for sure--Kwanzaa is certainly politically correct.

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Dec-31-12 12:17 PM

I feel the same way about St. Patrick's and Columbus day thebear402.

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Dec-31-12 12:05 PM

Green is for the African land. Google it: Africa is mostly grasslands, which are brown and dry 10 months out of the year. 34% of Africa is desert. Not much green there. I've seen history re-written, first time I've seen geography re-written.

Also, black is for the African race. Yeah, I agree with Bear. You can't get much more exclusionary than that.

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Dec-31-12 12:00 PM

Kwanzaa has no business in a Christian church. It's revisionist claptrap made up of a mishmash of arbitrary principles, invented in 1966 by a leftist radical. Promoting these faux African principles as a substitute for Christian values is a disservice to the congregation.

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Dec-31-12 9:18 AM

I know I'll get called out for this, but it seems very exclusionary to me, and purposely so.

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Dec-31-12 7:34 AM

Time for the "After Kwanzaa" sales! This is usually the best time to pick up Kwanzaa decorations for next year.

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Dec-31-12 5:28 AM

Happy Kwanzaa everyone!

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