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It’s the individual and not the weapon

December 30, 2012

DEAR EDITOR: The root cause of school violence needs to be addressed. Not including the Sandy Hook tragedy, consider what has happened in the last two years. ¯ Dec....

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Jan-02-13 9:25 PM

Just look at the mentality here with the off the comments not even related to topic!

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Jan-02-13 9:22 PM

In most instances people were only wounded. Not a mass of murders. Still shows you that it should be impossible for people outside of the military or police to have guns. It appears there rule works. Course the NRA probably doesn't a say in those rules and people crying that people kill not guns. Their mentality is obviously a bit higher than the people of the United States in a lot of areas!

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Jan-01-13 8:55 AM

Feel sorry for the poor girl.

No friends.

Sitting at home by herself on New Years.

Posting her drivel on the internet.

Desperately searching.

Probably not unlike Lanza.

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Dec-31-12 2:42 PM

md4life what make you think the valley is any different than anyplace else?

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Dec-31-12 8:47 AM

i would like to give you a true insight on how our valley deals with our mentally challenged. crazy person goes to dr. and get sedatives, mood stabalizers,free insurance and social security check (which thier caregiver spends)usually they have other addictive behaviors with drugs n alcohol. crazy drunk person gets in trouble goes to jail acts crazy goes to hospital for three day stay get sent to local nursing home to terrorize staff and residents, hospital refuses to take them back, dr. wont call back cus psych dr.s dont get no $ for house calls so u have to wait till a home in cleveland has a bed available then the whole thing starts all over again every six months or so. we need another woodside.we need a place in our valley to send and house people.

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Dec-31-12 7:43 AM

senator: Nobodies hiding we are just practical. People kill not guns. Maybe we should address the issues in our culture before we have knee jerk reactions and start taking away rights. Our right to bear arms was established for protection from threats such as the government. Wonder why big government liberals socialists want to ban them?

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Dec-31-12 7:16 AM

Yes, more guns more assault weapons to pass around. Makes alot of sense to me. How many more of our innocent kids should die to enforce this WARPED view of the 2nd Amendment? Hiding behind the Founding Fathers again...Yes THIS is what Washington, Jefferson and company envisioned!

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Dec-31-12 5:33 AM

"So then you think that machine guns should be allowed without a license LIEMONGER."

Where do you see that, stupid?

You don't.

Stay on target.

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