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Only work, humility will lead to happiness

April 16, 2014 Perhaps the key to human happiness is waiting for you in your heart of hearts. Let’s look all the way back to Adam and Eve’s boys Cain and Abel for a clue into our species’ weakness. more »»

Millennials are hard to understand

April 11, 2014 If you have someone in your life younger than 30, and you find them confusing, frustrating or just plain weird, I want to assure you that you are not alon. more »»

The new meaning of fracturing

April 8, 2014 Have we read enough about hydraulic fracturing? For most of my life, “fracturing” was a word only used in reference to anatomy, as in “compound fracturing” sidelining an athlet. more »»

Deja vu all over again — play ball!

April 4, 2014 It’s that time of year when those of us who have been waiting since October are gearing up, hoping for an exciting year of baseball. Who’s my team? It is and always has been, the Cleveland Indian. more »»

Reality imitating art imitating reality

April 1, 2014 A black gentleman from Akron purportedly claims to be more fearful of seeing several black teens walking toward him than if they were white teens. more »»

Listening goes a long way

March 28, 2014 There, I said it. I know that makes me a crazy person, or at least it makes me feel that way, because everyone I know is working out practically all the time. more »»

Christ can make one cleaner than ‘clean’

March 28, 2014 “I’ve been clean for six months!” These words are not uncommon among those who reside at our Rescue Mission in Youngstown. more »»

Southern fried opinions

March 25, 2014 Recently, my wife and I visited friends in Florida. We traversed the Sunshine State about half way down the peninsula from the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic Shore. more »»

Going to the dogs... for therapy

March 21, 2014 Up until five years ago, I had only heard about therapy dogs. I didn’t know anyone personally who had a dog involved in that that kind of work. more »»

Springtime means good fishing

March 18, 2014 It is with some reservation that I give away my best fishing advice. But then again sharing is caring. more »»

The American Dream is still alive

March 14, 2014 Since I started writing these columns over six months ago, a consistent theme has emerged: Calls to our Mahoning Valley to grow in the virtues of hard work, personal responsibility, collaboration an... more »»

Teen sues parents for 'child support' — What's next?

March 14, 2014 A teenager in New Jersey is suing her parents for "immediate support, current private school fees, and future college tuition. more »»

YSU Festival art astounds

March 11, 2014 One of the judges of the Youngstown State University English Festival Art Contest stared at the group of 22 entries from the grades 7-9 division. more »»

Real life and make-believe on screen

March 7, 2014 We’ve recently become bored with regular television programming. We only have the 63-channel extended basic service, not the uber-deluxe, 2. more »»

Frederick Douglass’ spirit returns

March 4, 2014 Today is 138 years to the day (March 1) since the great black American orator and abolitionist, Frederick Douglass, visited Warren in 1876. He had also made one pre-Civil War visit in 1847. more »»

End blame game, take responsibility

February 28, 2014 One of the most important lessons any child learns is this: We each have responsibility for our own selves. more »»

'Dream Job' clause needed at YSU

February 25, 2014 There are several elements of this news event that I want to believe. First, I want to believe that Dr. more »»

Traveling, snow and other things

February 21, 2014 I wish there was a way that the Youngstown Regional Airport, actually located in Vienna, could become a hub for some “regular” airline with flights to lots of place. more »»

Trying to enjoy a harsh winter

February 18, 2014 This cold winter weather has a way of wearing us down and making us all stir crazy. So we need to dig deep and find ways to appreciate Ohio’s most challenging season. more »»

This taxpayer would like roads cleared

February 14, 2014 Go absolutely anywhere in our county, and unless you’re talking to a mammal in total hibernation, you’ll start talking about the weather in about two seconds. more »»



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