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Local eateries created many mealtime memories

March 24, 2013 Last week, we Valley-ites learned about the closing of one of the area's mainstay eateries, Alberini's in Niles. more »»

The do’s, don’ts and whatevers of St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2013 I’ve had some memorable St. Patrick’s Days. more »»

Groundhogs and raccoons and deer, oh my! It’s a jungle out there

March 10, 2013 Last weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Yeah, I know, going to the zoo in the winter doesn’t really seem like a fun time, but it was actually pretty special. more »»

Anybody got some good hounds and a shotgun for trade?

March 3, 2013 I can be pretty gullible. In fact, if “gullible” were actually even in the dictionary, you would find a picture of me next to i. more »»

Local commercials jingle loose some memories

February 24, 2013 On the way to work last week, I was taking in the scenery on Route 422, as I have done countless times, when I noticed something was missing. more »»

Hot Dog Shoppe serves up a bun full of memories

February 17, 2013 I was all set to write a column about the unabashedly adorable topic of Internet animals, inspired by the story about famous cat superstars, seen above. more »»

Eight simple rules for dating fellow flawed humans

February 10, 2013 Dating is hard. Not quite trying to give a cat a bath hard, but difficult to say the least. There are no clear-cut instructions. more »»

Is there any good in ‘so bad it’s good?’

February 3, 2013 Last weekend, I decided to take in a movie. I should have known right away since I was going with a bunch of immature guys that it wasn’t exactly going to be Oscar bait. more »»

"Portlandia" Syndrome: How to be hip, but not a hipster

January 27, 2013 The Mahoning Valley isn't exactly Portland. Or Brooklyn. Or any other trendy big city. We don't have bike lanes, artisan food trucks, organic soda fountains or brew cinemas. more »»

Rock Off gets teens ready to rock toward freedom

January 20, 2013 As I was digging through my now-legendary mountain of T-shirts, I stumbled upon one that made me stop and go, “Shut the front door.” Now, I have many T-shirts from my yout. more »»

Candy is dandy in the Valley, but pizza is pizza

January 13, 2013 The other day, I was talking to my mom on the phone, and she told me my dad was beginning one of his favorite annual traditions: combing the city for Brach’s cinnamon hearts. more »»

With great car ownership comes great responsibility

December 30, 2012 Your car is an extension of yourself, like a tattoo, or a dog, or a giant novelty foam finger. more »»

It’s an old-fashioned Mahoning Valley Christmas

December 16, 2012 Like a birthday or a class reunion or all those ’80s cartoons on Netflix, Christmas makes you feel like a little kid again. more »»

Savoring the little pleasures and small moments in life

December 2, 2012 Life is not without its small pleasures. That’s for sure. Even the most mundane, annoying task may include a small perk or pleasure that detracts from its soul-suckin. more »»

Surprise package has brain doing double doody

November 18, 2012 Working at the newspaper, we have a lot of interesting stuff come through our office. When you are in “the media,” everyone is always trying to get you to talk about them. more »»

Everybody’s analyzing, but age ain’t nothing but a demographic

November 4, 2012 The past few months have been kind of special for us Ohioans. We have been fussed over, courted, wined, dined and pampered by all of those hopeful candidates who want our much-coveted votes. more »»

What Halloween costume? Some mental tidbits

October 21, 2012 I am in the exact same predicament as I was last year. The clock is ticking down to the most spooky and potentially fun night of the year, and I am yet again left without a brilliant costume idea. more »»

Comforter wishes and pillow-top mattress dreams

October 7, 2012 Life takes its toll on you. As Dolly Parton said in “Steel Magnolias,” “Time marches on, and eventually you realize it is marching across your face. more »»

The truth about cats and dogs and hedgehogs

September 23, 2012 I’m not a cat person. Well, of course I’m not a half-cat half-human monster of the David Bowie / late-night horror movie variety. But I am also not one of those people who are “into” cats. more »»



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