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Boom goes the dynamite! An ode to Independence Day

June 25, 2011 Ah, the Fourth of July. This holiday has always held a special significanc. more »»

The songs and sweat of summer marching band

June 12, 2011 One of the very, very, few things that make me nostalgic for high school is what thousands of kids are experiencing right now: The absolute euphoric joy when you wake up one morning and realize with... more »»

Meant to be: A classic story of girl meets Boyardee

May 13, 2011 OK, I think I have established that I have a hopeless case of Peter Pan syndrome. more »»

Comedy challenged: Laugh toward me, not at me, people

May 1, 2011 Comedy is something that I’ve thought about a lot lately. I’ve always enjoyed a good laugh. more »»

Breakfast: A meal almost worth getting out of bed

April 17, 2011 As you get older, some of the rituals of your youth begin to erode away. A kid’s day is oppressively routine: wake, brush, breakfast, school, lunch, brush, homework, dinner, wash, brush, bed, repea. more »»

Bee allows participants to relive spelling golden days

April 3, 2011 Don’t wanna grow up? Want to run as far and as fast as you can from a world of minivans, Icy Hot and socks with sandals? Would you rather dig out your old Wrestling Buddy than whittle? Does a game o... more »»

A pie for a pi – Pi Day, that is

March 23, 2011 In past Tribune Cooks articles, I have revealed that I enjoy torturing myself with Bon Appetit magazine. more »»

To have loved, then lost, then Bought It Now on eBay

March 20, 2011 I know it is supposed to be better to have loved and lost, yadda yadda yadda. But the possibility to have loved, lost, and have a second chance is pretty good, too. more »»

Maybe someday, they’ll ask you about my T-shirts

March 6, 2011 I just finished reading poet / rock 'n' roll icon Patti Smith's memoir, “Just Kids,” a reminiscence of her years in New York City in the 1970. more »»

These mussels pack a punch

January 12, 2011 If imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery, then there are some chefs out there who should be blushing. I am forever copying recipes — or at least attempting to. more »»

Tweaking some holiday favorites

November 24, 2010 Sometimes, during the holidays, cooks get the urge to try something new. more »»

Tapas tasty for bon voyage party

April 21, 2010 Whenever I have to think of something to cook, I try to think of an upcoming event that would benefit from some good food. more »»

The value of Pie

January 27, 2010 In the Mahoning Valley, pizza allegiances run deep. Pizzerias that have been open for decades claim loyal patrons, and they will always carry a fond memory of their favorite pizza. more »»

Seasons Greetings

December 13, 2009 One of the best parts of the holiday season is getting in touch with loved ones and letting them know they are in your thoughts. more »»

I’m With The Band

November 22, 2009 Jason Nelson has always been pretty rock ‘n’ roll. Usually sporting a heavy-metal hoodie and at least a half-dozen facial piercings, Nelson, of New Castle, Pa. more »»

Pulled pork perfect for pigskin party

October 28, 2009 Everyone has that one dish that they bring to a party. more »»

Tweet, tweet

July 5, 2009 Twitter has cemented itself in pop culture, from Ashton Kutcher gunning for one million followers, to gossip bloggers announcing Michael Jackson’s death to millions of followers before any other... more »»

Adventures in improvisation

June 24, 2009 WARREN — When cooking on a budget, or in a kitchen not as well stocked as Rachael Ray’s, improvisation is ke. more »»

This is how we roll

May 3, 2009 Walk through Youngstown State University’s Stambaugh Stadium on a Monday evening, and you’ll hear the rumble of skate wheels on hardwood, the sharp tweets of a whistle, and probably a few four-lette... more »»

A sweet stir-fry surprise

March 31, 2009 This time of year, many northeast Ohioans are in a similar situation. more »»



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