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End-of-summer checklist makes the most of a good thing

August 26, 2012 I can feel it in the air that is beginning to get a chill at night. I can see it in the dusk that comes before 9 p.m., and even hear it in the sound of marching bands practicing. more »»

Every Valley summer cultural festival is the best-ival

August 12, 2012 Identity is interesting. If you are asked “Who / what are you?” what would you say? I’m a girl, a boy, a fireman, a parent, a friend, a great breakdancer .. more »»

I’m the hostess with the mostess — at least I try to be

July 29, 2012 Everybody knows that it’s nice to share. They drill it into your head the second you are left alone with some scary tall person who isn’t your mom in a brightly colored room somewhere — a.k.a. more »»

Happy birthday! Now take a detailed inventory of your life so far

July 15, 2012 Tomorrow is my birthday. I’ve never been very fazed about age — mine is well within the proper parameters to be addressing the Zone demographic, I assure you — so much as concerned with time. more »»

Here’s the weather, whether you want it or not

July 1, 2012 Over the years, I have compiled a list of things I absolutely hate. more »»

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but so can growing up

June 10, 2012 It’s just about impossible to make it through childhood unscathed. Quite the contrary, your life is full of all manner of scathing, both physical and mental. more »»

Stepping out into the summer air, one shoe at a time

May 27, 2012 Though it’s technically spring, summer is in the air. more »»

Warren renaissance makes me a proud native

May 13, 2012 Like most early twenty-somethings, the urge to flee the nest increasingly starts to set i. more »»

Time to clean out the clutter, cobwebs and memories

April 29, 2012 There’s no place like home. There’s definitely no place like my home. more »»

Real life has been getting in the way of my Netflix fix

April 15, 2012 Netflix, I owe you a debt of thanks. Because of you, and your countless hours of time-wasting fodder, I now know that I am, in fact, not boring, lame or without anything to do. more »»

The scents of the past — thanks for the smellories

April 1, 2012 They say when you lose one sense, another gets stronger to make up for it. more »»

That other kind of March Madness — cabin fever

March 18, 2012 I’ve never been one to complain much. I can usually roll with things pretty well. Life gets you down, sure, but you gotta do what you gotta do. more »»

Twenty-eight statistics and a temperature of 101.3

March 4, 2012 They say pride comes before the fall. They ain’t kidding. I’ve written before about my supposed imperviousness to getting sic. more »»

I talk too much — and there’s a great story about that ...

February 19, 2012 I’m Sarah Sepanek, and I’m a talkaholic. Phew. That was tough. more »»

My reputation precedes me — don’t believe a word of it

February 5, 2012 David Bowie said, “Fame, it’s not your brain, it’s just the flame / That burns your change to keep you insane. more »»

In the war against illness, I wave the white Kleenex

January 22, 2012 I’ve got it. Everybody’s got it. You probably have it. The plague. The black death. The germ that cannot be name. more »»

Dessert has chocolate cake ‘beet’

January 11, 2012 As a movie buff, I make many a pilgrimage to the Cedar Lee theater in Cleveland to take in a new movie, or enjoy a cult classic. more »»

Forget the Jersey Shore, bring back Pauly Shore

January 8, 2012 For Christmas this year, I received a book from my brother (thanks, bro) about the history of MTV. more »»

Forget the Jersey Shore, bring back Pauly Shore

January 8, 2012 For Christmas this year, I received a book from my brother (thanks, bro) about the history of MTV. more »»

A look back at some classic Christmas gifts

December 25, 2011 The one element of the Christmas season that never fades with age is the excitement about gift-giving and gift-getting. Well, mostly the getting. more »»



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