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$1.50 rate hike not necessary

March 13, 2012 On Wednesday, Warren City Council will be voting on a sanitation rate increase for the residents. In 2011, the Warren Environmental Services Department collected almost 24,000 tons of garbage. more »»

Malpractice premiums a problem

February 27, 2012 A group of Mahoning Valley physicians recently led a discussion with news media regarding the status of insurance premiums in Trumbull County. more »»

China, Japan and the U.S. dollar

January 15, 2012 Three related events were reported two weeks ago. At first they may seem unrelated. First, the U.. more »»

A busy year ahead for agriculture

January 12, 2012 As I write this column on the first business day of 2012 during the cold days of winter, I think back to my participation at the 161st Trumbull County Fair during some of the hottest days of 2011 an... more »»

Obama:?A president or a candidate?

December 18, 2011 That presidents are politicians is a truism and that most presidents are leaders of their political parties is equally true. more »»

Shop for success on Black Friday

November 20, 2011 In less than a week, families will be recovering from another great Thanksgiving meal while a large crowd of people will have congregated outside local stores for Black Friday — waiting to get their... more »»

FEMA:?Today it’s only a test

November 9, 2011 ‘‘This is a test of the Emergency Alert System. The message you are hearing is part of a live code test of the national Emergency Alert System capabilities . . . more »»

Help for Ohio’s homeowners

November 6, 2011 High unemployment and reduced home values have pushed mortgage foreclosure rates to unprecedented levels in Ohio with one in every 518 housing units in foreclosure, according to data from Realty Trac. more »»

Case of congressional myopia

October 30, 2011 The United States Senate recently passed a bill which would require the Treasury and the Commerce Departments to impose retaliatory tariffs on nations that have under valued currencies. more »»

Can you explain Solyndra?

October 9, 2011 Unless you are a confirmed cynic, you may find the following story hard to believe and more than a bit infuriating. more »»

Greece, U.S. and candy stores

September 25, 2011 The media treat the financial problems of Greece and the U.S. as unrelated. I submit that they really are similar, although they may differ in severity. Both countries are bankrupt. more »»

Perry’s health care perspective

September 21, 2011 With Texas Gov. more »»

Game of connecting the dots

September 20, 2011 When I was a kid, I used to like connecting the dots and seeing what picture showed up. You probably did that too. Sometimes the lines were long, and sometimes they were short. more »»

Auto industry on right track

September 14, 2011 Consumers are responding to the Chevy Cruze, which just celebrated its first year of production. more »»

Public education at the heart

September 11, 2011 Public education is a cornerstone in our democracy that we should not take for grante. more »»

Bernanke grabs new powers

September 6, 2011 While inflation hawks understandably keep a close watch on the Federal Reserve’s money-creation activities, an equally worrisome Fed activity is taking place right under their noses. more »»

Pay teachers for performance

September 4, 2011 According to a new survey released by the testing organization ACT, three out of four students are not prepared for college. more »»

Railroads and our region

August 30, 2011 “Full Speed Ahead: Creating Green Jobs Through Freight Rail Expansion,” was a joint report from the BlueGreen Alliance and the Economic Policy Institute, released in 201. more »»

Like it or not, school is back in session

August 26, 2011 Question: Other than ‘‘I love you,’’ what three little words can provoke powerful feelings of elation in some and despair in others? ‘‘Back to school. more »»

Learn how to handle a crisis

August 23, 2011 Today’s column is a little different, a little off the beaten trail if I can use that analogy. We have visited a different part of Trumbull County and enjoyed ourselves in the process. more »»



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