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‘Year of The ...’ choices for 2012

October 31, 2011 The National Garden Bureau, a non-profit organization made up of people, corporations or firms who are in the business of plants for home gardeners, likes to select a special group of flowers and... more »»

Sometimes what’s old is new

October 24, 2011 A few weeks ago, someone asked me about peanut pumpkins. more »»

Take care of leaves in October

October 17, 2011 I suppose the main garden chore in October is taking care of the leaves. Some people leave them where they are, expecting nature to decompose them and return them to the soil. more »»

Gardeners, birds go together

October 10, 2011 Ask any gardener if they feed birds and chances are you will get a resounding yes. No garden is really complete without birdson. more »»

More than just red delicious

October 3, 2011 Remember when the Red Delicious apple was the greatest apple to have? When I was a child, we had a huge apple tree in our back yard that produced the best apples. more »»

Getting to know your weeds

September 19, 2011 There is no doubt that weeds are the nastiest thing to deal with in our gardens, so it might be a bit of shock when people find out I sort of like weeds. more »»

Chrysanthemums are good luck

September 12, 2011 What can I say about chrysanthemums?” I asked my daughter. “It’s my birth flower,” she said. “You can write about me. more »»

Never-ending battle with weeds

September 5, 2011 The weeds have won. One weed in particular is taxing all of my energy — my nemisis and the bane of my existence, Hairy Galinsoga. more »»

Two area women create outstanding gardens

September 4, 2011 When Marcena Dilley was raising her two children while working as a first-grade teacher in Ashtabula County, it was her late husband who planted and maintained their garden. more »»

The best way to kill your fuchsia

August 22, 2011 Some plants thrive when you smother them with love and kindness and others live to be neglected. Take, for example, my least favorite hanging basket plant, the fuchsia. more »»

Think season’s over? Think again

August 17, 2011 It’s the middle of August and already the temperatures are starting to drop. Just this morning, instead of keeping the air conditioner going, I put on a sweater and held tightly to my cup of tea. more »»

Garden rebirth

August 14, 2011 All it took for Cortland gardener Kathleen Ferris to completely renovate her more than 15-year-old iris garden was a wet spring. “This is all because I got mad at the iris,’’ Ferris said. more »»

Temps make gardening difficult

July 25, 2011 Air conditioners have been getting more of a workout lately than Olympic athletes in training thanks to higher than normal daytime temperatures. more »»

There’s more life in a garden than plants

July 18, 2011 I f you’re a gardener, you’re probably a wildlife watcher because wherever there are plants, there are insects, reptiles, amphibians, birds and who knows what else. more »»

Remember to do what you want

July 11, 2011 Sometimes I forget and then something comes along to help me remember. I get caught up with work, both at my job and at my hous. more »»

Give yard taste of the tropics

July 4, 2011 My husband loves tropical-looking plants, such as caladium, elephant ears and canna lilies, but it wasn’t surprising to me when he proclaimed his disdain for one of the easiest to grow and most... more »»

Change up your garden with variegation

June 27, 2011 I’ve actually heard some people say they hate variegated plants, and when I hear it, it never ceases to shock me. more »»

Planting ensures a long season

June 20, 2011 When I began planting my own vegetables practically the moment I left my parents’ house and moved into my own, I subscribed to the common practice of planting my garden Memorial Day weekend and... more »»

Finally getting started in garden

June 13, 2011 It look about a month longer than it should have, but the garden is finally up and running. Chores that were neglected in April due to cold temperatures and lots of wet weather are finally caught up. more »»

When Miss Kim blooms, you notice

June 6, 2011 It’s been nearly a month since the lilacs bloomed. The fragrance of lilacs is so intoxicating that most people pick up on it even when there are no plants in sight. more »»



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